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Putin for Russia or Russia for Putin? When ways and the purposes coincide.

, Are how important understanding of the mission for governors of the states, not only historians know. As the international experience testifies if at turning points of history of the country the real patriot, the real strong personality with mission of service to the people comes to the power, then these people win. About a role of the personality in the history many can judge by recent history of the countries. The most famous governors in the 20th century who literally saved the countries during the most difficult periods it is possible to call the U.S. President Roosevelt, the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Churchill, the president of France de Gaulle. As the fates decree the authorities which appeared at top at the most critical moments in the history of the countries, they accomplished the mission which fell to their lot with credit.

It is hard to say, as if there was a destiny of Russia today if after collapse of the USSR and the subsequent destructive government of Boris Yeltsin in the Russian President there was no Vladimir Putin - the person who apprehended the appointment as performance of a debt, the mission for the real rescue of Russia from disorder and chaos.

It is known that even not all monarchs who are trained from the cradle for understanding of the mission manage to like special feeling of mission that unconditional service to interests of the state and the people when these interests always for them above personal interests and ambitions means to the governor and the politician.

As many remember, first the Russian people watchfully concerned to the “appointed“ successor, but, without seeing a real alternative figure on the president`s post, were compelled “creaking heart“, with advance payment of trust to accept Boris Yeltsin`s choice. There were real fears that “successor“ will be only a puppet in hands of all-powerful “family“ and will continue an inefficient Yeltsin course. Were such which hoped that Vladimir Putin will play only a role of a transitional figure, for the period of searches of a suitable candidacy on the power of the president.

The fact that Vladimir Putin - too “dark horse“ guarded almost all: he was not either the famous politician, or the strong business executive, or the skilled economist, had no necessary experience in public affairs. Besides both on character, and owing to specifics of a profession of the intelligence agent was rather closed person. The country after Yeltsin who left behind the ruined Russia as after a battlefield, was almost uncontrollable. It was hardly believed that the new president will manage to cope with a situation without introduction of state of emergency. However at the price of incredible efforts of GDP it was succeeded to make almost impossible. He managed to break a situation and to improve situation in the country, having done without emergency measures, despite the terrifying forecasts of solid economists, politicians, analysts both within the country, and abroad. It became clear even to sceptics and foes that with the president this time Russia was lucky.

Vladimir Putin finished the end of the first term of presidency as the mature, self-assured and recognized by the people and around the world leader of the state. And anybody had even no doubt shadow that it will be chosen for the second term. In the person of GDP the people of Russia felt a powerful political and human potentiality, and for the first time for many years Russians could be quiet for the near future.

Of course, arrival of the strong and worthy president who began to lift Russia from knees, as usual, had not on temper to the countries - competitors and all that who anticipated to receive tidbits recently ready to collapse the countries. And as Russia, contrary to many expectations and forecasts, to West legs finally did not fall, to the Russian people began to throw propaganda tricks not to allow for the third term of presidency of Vladimir Putin (What country needs the strong leader in Russia restoring the forces?) .

Already by the end of the first term of government of Vladimir Putin world and some Russian mass media imposed to the Russian people discussion: Whether “Putin will go to the third term?“. That is, the first term of presidency of Putin did not end yet, and already began to frighten by the third. And this question was exaggerated every day nearly 5 years and actually became the main issue resolved by the western and our press.

The press - conferences of the president appeared the main issue of everyone this question too. In any way inquisitive and annoying journalists tried “to pull out“ the promise at the president that it will not go to the third term that there was an opportunity to manipulate: promised - try not to keep words.

Manipulation with this word is the known cunning which is applied to force to keep the politician in the necessary framework, to defame as the unreliable politician, ignoring that this word usually is valid in a certain context and under certain conditions and circumstances.

Whether it is necessary to remind that all second term of the president passed under the known, well directed chorus: “There will be an irreparable tragedy if GDP goes to the third term!“, “If GDP goes for violation or change of the constitution, then it is return to Stalinism, this crime against Russia!“, “If Putin goes to the third term, then dictatorship is inevitable, the president will remain in power is termless!“, “If we violate the Constitution, then from us the West will turn away!“.

Understanding, already highly experienced and authoritative president for Russia is how necessary for the third term, friends of Russia referred to experience of America. In the years of unknown crisis 30 - x years, and then from - for the beginnings of World War II last century in this country twice in defiance of the Constitution was elected to a post of the president Franklin Roosevelt. The example of democracy - the USA - without fluctuation made it because those difficult transformations and laws which were provided by the permanent president and his team demanded time. And Roosevelt governed 4 terms in a row, yet did not bring the country out of crisis and did not lead it to a victory because the question price was too big: to be or not to be to strong America. Really, if on mind, the Constitution can be never higher than destiny of the country and never has to interfere with rescue of the country.

Actually, our country after revolution and chaos 90 - x years not less than America in 30 - 40 - e years, needed the effective crisis management not less than 3 - 4 terms in a row finally to bring the country out of a collapse. And the people Russian, lulled by speeches that we rather democratic country to violate the constitution what we are obliged (to whom?!) not to allow the third term of presidency of Vladimir Putin, silently swallowed these baits. And it in spite of the fact that many clearly understood that more and more powerful human and political potential of the Russian leader scoring points is very necessary to Russia. What is called, coincided: Putin is full of strength and ready to presidency, more than ever, and Russia needs such governor who wants and can continue the begun work on restoration of power of the country.

GDP, however, does not decide to change the Constitution and does not remain for the third term. It does it not only as the lawyer respecting laws but also as the officer and the person of sport who got used to discipline, submission to rules, concepts of honor, and just as the decent person. On the other hand, it remains in the power of the prime minister - the minister that for the Russian people was an important point as in this case he saw in Vladimir Putin some kind of guarantor of stability in the country and continuity of the power when the undisputed leader of the country is succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev unknown to the people.

All complexity of a situation with elections of the new president was that, giving the votes to Dmitry Medvedev, the people actually voted for Putin, perceiving him already as the tested leader of the people responsible for destiny of the general homeland. Now, when powerful propaganda against Vladimir Putin when provocative headings in the Internet are published began - “ editions Putin eats children“, “Putin organized acts of terrorism to come to the power“, understand that this beginning of two years` race for power financially - political groups.

Considering that the incumbent president Dmitry Medvedev, certainly, is a strong personality and quickly enough together with experience scores points, financially - political groups, trying to solve the interests, will try to pit him against Vladimir Putin very much. Whether there will be enough tranquility, suspension and confidence for Dmitry Medvedev inadvertently not to break fragile borders of a difficult tandem for the good of the common cause deciding destiny of Russia?