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Why the ethnic question is still actual?

In present period when mixture of nationalities becomes so natural process as change of day and night, the concept of a nationality changed. Perhaps, sometime belonging to any ethnic community of people will stop being object for speculation, the nationality will not specify superiority of one over others, and the desire to humiliate someone on a national sign will become a bad form in decent society. But today this subject remains still actual.

Before the ethnic question was usually raised as a question of acceptance or rejection of this or that nationality. In this article I would like to consider the philosophical party of this problem and to expand borders of its understanding.

Sense of superiority of one people over others brought hostility, provoked wars. What the collective neurosis forcing to suffer people is? Why comes to the person to mind to determine another by a national sign? Why instead of seeking for progress, to love, to think, be independent and creative, part of people are involved in disputes and open actions against other part of mankind?

In each nationality there are characteristics. Among all people there are wise men and Saints, villains and murderers, examples it is possible to find a set. But not this main thing.

All remember splash in national consciousness in the USSR from the beginning of reorganization. For many years many people of the huge country were in the family way of the victims, endured persecutions, repressions, death of relatives. And here they were given freedom. At once it became fashionable to speak about an exclusive role in progress, evolution etc. of this or that nationality. Still some beat the breast and declare not own advantages, and achievements of ancestors, and not on direct consanguinity.

But why intelligent, self-assured representatives of these “unique“ nationalities modestly are silent and do not shout of the uniqueness? I will hit question with a question. And why to the adequate normal person to prove the normality and adequacy? I will not speak about those who are more or shouted most less and shouts still. People know or guess own delusions, and it is not necessary to point to anybody to mistakes. “Let the first will throw a stone the one who is innocent!“ Having destroyed by

the Soviet state separated by contradictions society did not manage to offer a new form of relationship in the multinational social environment. The countries of the former Union returned to from what, appear, left in 1917.

But the ethnic question concerns also other countries. Today I live in China and I meet people of different nationalities. Here it seems to me that nationalism about which blow around, just illusion. The changing mystical image which goes into change to other image in the Chinese new year … It can have an appearance of a dragon, predatory tiger, loud rooster or harmless mouse … Notice, one animal has no nationality! And Chinese are anxious not with it at all.

The economic recovery of China made it a superstate. In what the phenomenon of policy of Celestial Empire is shown? Contrary to world crisis the country could achieve during this period of growth of national GDP, difficult for all countries. Decrease in taxes and liberalization of economy, a measure of encouragement of producers, improvement of terms for crediting, development of rural infrastructure are milestones of domestic policy of the authorities.

External economic activity not less bright. Having pressed great world powers in economic zones of influence, China buys in property lands abroad and uses them especially for agricultural activity. On the lands of Africa, Central Asia, South America, Hugo - East Asia, Burma and Russia it is already planned to receive a harvest for providing the population of the country with products and development of export. China resolutely changes a world economic order.

So in what the reason of rise of Celestial Empire? Whether only in competent economic policy?

In China in big cities there are a lot of foreigners and therefore you do not feel alien. In small provincial towns the European appearance draws attention at once. Chinese are proud of the country. They do not ask who you are on a nationality. They ask: how you like to live in China? And when they hear a praise, words of admiration, their eyes shine with happiness. The ethnic question replaced patriotism, sincere, without shadow of snobbery, aggression and narcissism. The one who visited at least once any city of China feels this patriotism. It is shown continually: when people queue and a harmonous row wait for a taxi, get on a bus or stand at cash desk of stations, in a humble smile of sellers, in purity of streets, benevolent service.

The Western world passed to positivism psychology at the end of the last century while these postulates were created by Chinese a millennium ago. Spiritual gains of the western civilization, at last, became available also in the former Soviet Union. Did not pass decade as we learned that it is possible to achieve success if to fall in love with itself. New teachers care for our education including about sexual, about our soul and our body. We are convinced to learn to exert impact on people and to make friends.

The humanistic philosophy, as well as positivism psychology, was created in China also since ancient times. The global questions explaining the nature, a world extremity eternity of the Universe caused furious disputes in Europe, in China were discussed with humour and irony. For example, Buddha when he was asked about it, answered: “I do not know and I do not want to know because whatever was the answer, it will not alleviate human suffering“.

If to get acquainted with fundamentals of philosophy of the Buddhism, then it is possible to see it anti-authoritativeness that it promotes development of the greatest forces. The basic concepts lead to understanding and development of love to themselves and to others, relationship of the person with world around, to experience of unity, pleasure and truth. Perhaps, there are also sources of patriotism and pride (not arrogance!) Chinese?

One of Buddha`s stories is indicative in this plan.

Once the rabbit fell asleep under a mango tree. Having heard terrible noise, took to the heels, having decided that there came the doomsday. Other rabbits saw it and asked it: “Why you run?“ “It is a doomsday!“, - the rabbit shouted and directed further. Having given in to panic, other rabbits and other animals followed after it. And it is possible, everything would come to an end is deplorable if this alarm was not seen by Buddha. He stopped the last running and asked why they run. “Because there comes the doomsday“, - animals told. “A lie, the world did not come to end yet“, - Buddha told.

He found out what rabbit told about a doomsday, and asked it: “Where you were also what you did when you decided that there came the doomsday?“. The rabbit answered: “I slept under a mango tree“. “Most likely, you noise of the falling fruit woke, you were frightened and thought that there came the doomsday. Let`s go to a tree, we will look whether it is right.“ They approached a tree and found out what quite so and occurred. So Buddha rescued an animal kingdom from death.

Let`s listen to a reason voice. If someone has a desire to run and shout of a doomsday, accusing an objectionable nationality whether it is better to remember that all our fears and delusions - from falling of a fruit of mango …