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Uzbek flat cake: in what its main secret?

“Bread to all head!“ - the Russian proverb says. And it is right, to bread we note respect and honor in traditions of all people of the different countries. Each people have the favourite bread and the secrets of its preparation.

The very famous Minsk vitushka and the Belarusian kalatch, the Zakarpatye croissants and Kiev arnnut, the Armenian unleavened wheat cake, Azerbaijani churek and the Jewish matzo.

If you were in Uzbekistan, then, of course, tasted flat cake and, of course, fell in love with this unusual bread. You will not forget its taste and a smell! The Uzbek flat cake, thanks to the rounded shape and bright yellow color, is similar to the sun. And this comparison is not casual. The sun - the ideal star which not only shines, but also heats, bears fruits for all people. Only the few usually pay attention to stars. About the sun compose songs, write verses, writers and wise men speak about the sun. “All of us in one bog, but some of us look at stars“ (O. Wilde). “Why stars shine? Probably, everyone could find the...“ (Ekzyuperi).

We will return to the Uzbek bread. Mekhmon - non, Ob - non, sutl - non, patyr - so are called these grain treasures. Dough for them is cooked differently: for holidays bake on butter and sour cream, add mutton cracklings and crude onions to other flat cakes.

And there is everything, as in east fairy tale.

To baking of bread start as sacrament. Yeast dough is kneaded at dawn after a morning prayer. Ferment for the test is stored in the pure place hidden from others eyes. When dough approaches, it is undressed hands on the holshchevy cloth which is taken away only for bread. Dough is divided into spheres, form flat cakes, pin core, strewed with caraway seeds, sesame or poppy and sent to the special furnace - the tandoor.

The tandoor is east miracle which is done by masters of special clay, a horsehair and quartz sand. For a kindling of the tandoor use wood of fruit trees.

Flat cake is concerned about 8 minutes, and then it is taken from the furnace a scoop. If the baked flat cake falls in ashes, it is given to the closest people. Such bread is considered sacred.

The flat cake taken from hands of the kind person bears heat, lightens mood. People so lack love, there is not enough tolerance to each other and simplicity.

A smell of the smoking bread - unforgettable, inexpressible! The only desire even of the full person - by all means to break off a piece and to enjoy taste!

Any meal, a feast begins with ritual of distribution of bread. The most senior takes flat cake in hand, breaks on pieces and gives everyone who sits at a table. Flat cake cannot be knifed, it is necessary to break hands, it is necessary to put on a table “person“ up.

And in the road always take flat cake not only as an entertainment... It is considered that with flat cake any way will be easy and successful.

In the east the special part is assigned to bread in creation of cordial relations between people. By tradition those who together tasted bread become friends. In it there is also the main secret the Uzbek flat cake - appetizing, beautiful, fragrant, uniting and reconciling!

Try - and you will understand everything!