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What language is spoken by cats?

Are considered to be that women have a tender affection for cats generally. However, contrary to the occurring opinion, cats can become favourites of men also. If, of course, appear nearby and will be able to show the mind, devotion, bright identity and tenderness.

True fans of cats see in the pets the personality, worthy love and respect. Communicating and playing with cats, we feel like children. Together with them we can plunge into the childhood and feel rest.

The trust of cats is boundless. The surprising fact, as they could keep favor to the person, and sometimes treat us as to the mother. Researchers noted that cats perceive us as part of the group. On the other hand, cats are perceived by people as an element of homeliness and comfort. Cats are capable to lighten mood to the people inclined to depressions. They help to remove a nervous tension, relieve of a stress. Stroking of a cat stabilizes pressure, kills a headache.

Different cat breeds make impact on a human body differently depending on specific features. For example, the Angora, Persian, Persian, forest cats with long wool great psychotherapists and neuropathologists. They rescue the owners from sleeplessness, irritability, a depression.

The Persian cats kill joint pains and to improve a state at osteochondrosis. Short-haired or nonhairy cats, Siamese, as a rule, cope with the illnesses zheludochno - an intestinal path and urinogenital system: gastritises, colitis, hepatic and renal illnesses, gynecologic diseases. The real “cardiologists“, capable to kill cardiac pains - British, exotic short-haired, Scottish lop-eared, Russian blue. At so-called domestic cats as experts consider, medicinal properties are stronger, than at thoroughbred thoroughbred pets.

Not less surprising fact that for the millennia of domestication of a cat, the person could not change her nature, her independent temper. As well as in ancient times, it can be tender creation, in pleasure to purr at us on a lap. And can become wild, having hardly stepped over a house threshold. You find out how easily she jumps on trees, hunts, starts fights with neighbour`s cats.

Cats are similar to us. They are the same different. One - vigorous, self-assured, others - timid, indecisive. Most likely, owing to the fact that as well as we, they perceive the world owing to hereditary qualities and personal experience.

A cat - a peculiar barometer in the house. On her behavior it is possible to feel the atmosphere reigning in a family where she lives. People independent in essence allow a cat to be free. Release it out of house limits, understanding that it needs the same independence. Cats are delicate and respect personal space of owners. If the cat is brought correctly up, she does not rustle, does not disturb anybody in the house. She is clean, is not exacting and can sit alone. Pay attention with what advantage the cat approaches the person!

Not incidentally recently there was fashionable an image of the Catwoman. Cat`s lines are appropriated to it. Grace, plasticity of a body, grace, sensitivity, independence, love of freedom, courage - here the short list of advantages which allocated representatives of this category.

If to glance in history, in Ancient Egypt the cat was a sacred animal, the embodiment of the goddess of a home and motherhood of Bastet. And now are very important for the Catwoman a family and the family. It seems, it is weaved from contradictions. It can combine opposite qualities, for example, activity and sluggishness, mysteriousness and naturalness. The same as the cat, can be the fearless hunter and careful mother. Such woman attracts to herself not only external data. She is able to create the harmonious relations with men, skillfully influences them. In it there is something from an angel and something devil …

At the Catwoman a soft voice, the bright emotional speech. Same, as at the man - a cat! Though, of course, in its voice the man`s timbre dominates. And in all its shape male qualities prevail. This image is not so colourfully described in literature as female. But it exists and is allocated with courageous qualities. For example, restraint, persistence and flexibility.

When the cat purrs, we understand that everything is good. Like the human speech, purring of cats can express the whole range of emotions. These vibrations wonderfully influence cats and people.

Researchers claim that we are made related with cats by existence of similar pheromones. Pacification pheromones. What is represented by pheromones? These are the chemicals influencing behavior, growth and development of individuals of one look. They act as transmitters of biological information and as the sexual irritants attracting individuals of an opposite sex. Pheromones stimulate sexual behavior.

Perhaps, presence of similar pheromones at cats and people the special love to these surprising and mysterious creations speaks. Not for nothing cats became our friends and partners, and often and family members. Let`s provide to scientists to continue search of truth. Unfortunately, they only slightly opened a veil of mysterious interrelation of a cat and the person. In this area there are a lot more secrets which wait for opening. And we will just love our dear pets.

And still, it is interesting to know what language is spoken by cats? Let`s consider that it is language of a pacification and harmony. This language reduces aggression and calms the raged passions. And still it is capable to wake up romantic feelings. It is thought, once you listen to this language, and it is possible, then opposition between the man and the woman as will seem strange, our ordinary domestic cat will be able to resolve.