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Girudoterapiya. How bloodsuckers help people to treat diseases?

Treatment by bloodsuckers appeared in an extreme antiquity. In millennia B.C. in the Chinese medicine treatment techniques by bloodsuckers of various diseases, including oncological were already developed. Many outstanding doctors considered treatment by bloodsuckers highly effective what wrote in the works about. For example, Avicenna in detail covers methods of application of bloodsuckers at treatment of various diseases in the book “Canon of Medical Science“.

It is curious that in Russia monarchs cared for cultivation of medical bloodsuckers even. So, under the decree of the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich in Izmailovo the big pond intended for cultivation of bloodsuckers it was dug and “Piyavochny“ was called. By the way, cultivation of bloodsuckers was in Russia profitable business. Curative bloodsuckers were actively used by territorial doctors, prescribing them to patients from many diseases. Bloodsuckers were almost panacea, them treated all and all. The most surprising that this treatment often happened effective though obviously abused bloodsuckers, literally exsanguinating some patients.

Now it is difficult to believe in it, but hundred more with small back from Russia of bloodsuckers in millions of pieces exported years to Europe. In sources met different figures of export of medical bloodsuckers, but all of them are huge: from 40 - 50 million to 120. It how many liters of “bad“ blood sucked away the Russian piyavochka from Europeans? It is not difficult to count if to consider that on average one bloodsucker “exempts“ the patient from 10 - 15 milliliters of blood.

Natural doctors are not all bloodsuckers whom in the world there is an enormous quantity (about 500 types), and only several species of a medical bloodsucker. In Russia, as well as on the most part of the territory of Europe, it is an ordinary medical bloodsucker who is subdivided into two main subspecies: medical medical bloodsucker (lives in habitat, and also it is grown up in special farms) and pharmaceutical medical bloodsucker (it is removed by the person). Between these subspecies of distinction are small, and curative properties almost coincide.

For what diseases bloodsuckers treat? If to trust Duremar from the movie about Buratino`s adventures, then “from bronchitis, tonsillitis, from a liver, spleens, from a polyp and from flu will help these kozyavochka. My dear, my dear, very expensive piyavochka“. The list of diseases made by the chief fantastic specialist on bloodsuckers very is not full. In reality the girudoterapiya is applied at treatment of many tens of diseases, including hematologic, cardiological, gynecologic, urological, gastroenterologichesky, ophthalmologic, otolaryngologic, neurologic, skin etc. As it is simply impossible to list all concrete diseases in article, it is necessary to these and to be limited. You should not forget that bloodsuckers not only treat concrete diseases, but also make the strengthening impact on an organism in general, increasing immunity, normalizing a metabolism and a blood-groove, improving a dream and appetite. Use them and in cosmetology for smoothing of wrinkles, increase of elasticity of skin, fight against cellulitis.

Medical influence of bloodsuckers is connected not with the fact that they suck away from an organism “bad“ blood (as considered earlier), and with curative properties of the substances emitted by salivary glands of a bloodsucker in blood of “patient“ to whom she sticks. One of the first enzymes which scientists found in salivary glands of a bloodsucker became girudin - the substance influencing coagulability of blood. This substance gave the name and all technique of use of bloodsuckers in the medical purposes - girudoterapiya. Subsequently also other substances produced by bloodsuckers who render action antibacterial, immunostrengthening, anti-inflammatory, antiischemic, anti-atherosclerotic, limfogonny, hypotensive etc. were discovered.

How treatment is carried out? For a start we will note that times Durimarov passed long ago and now in bogs nobody catches bloodsuckers. Medical bloodsuckers specially are grown up and on sale in drugstores. They in principle cannot be carriers of infections as are used “disposable“ - after the first application of bloodsuckers destroy. It is natural that behind them strict medical control is exercised. By the way, in drugstores of a bloodsucker are not cheap - several tens rubles everyone, but effect which renders treatment with their help, is worth it.

Those who decided to be treated by bloodsuckers should consider that at an initial stage procedure is not painless. When the bloodsucker jaws bites through to the person skin, he feels short-term insignificant pain which quickly passes as the anesthetizing substance and other enzymes (they - that “is injected“ into blood and are the main medicine). Process of saturation of a bloodsucker for her “patient“ is painless. But it is necessary to be ready to the fact that after falling away of a bloodsucker the wound will bleed for a long time a little as the substance interfering fibrillation is entered into it.

Treatment is, as a rule, carried out under control of the hirudotherapist which defines quantity of bloodsuckers and their sizes (the amount of the “drunk“ blood depends on the sizes), and also points of their statement. For one session use usually no more than 10 bloodsuckers (it is possible to be limited also 1 - 2). Bloodsuckers are disconnected after get drunk“, but this process can be accelerated by means of salt, alcohol or vinegar. To apply force to tear off a bloodsucker, is not necessary as it can leave the jaws in a wound.

There are no special contraindications to a girudoterapiya. It is not recommended to apply at the lowered coagulability of blood, hypotonia, an anemia, exhaustion of an organism, pregnancy, and also at individual intolerance of bloodsuckers.

Recently popularity of a girudoterapiya grows. More and more people use the medicine methods checked by the millennia of medical practice including healing from diseases by means of ordinary medical bloodsuckers.