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You try to leave off smoking? - Council the first

For the same money that you spend usually, pass three advice to beginners of


to the use better a product, thereby having several times reduced quantity smoked due to natural increase in its cost. And the with higher quality (and so more expensively) a product - the better. For example, your favourite Marlboro brand. Means, it is necessary to find such seller or the distributor who offer really those real “Marlboro“, but not some gutted “Prima“ (and that at best) who is brought together by the unregistered guest workers from Near Asia where - nibud in Moscow area. Besides desired reduction of consumption of nicotine here still on - a smaller measure three “caught a hare“: pleasure from smoking of the “real“ tobacco, undoubted benefit for health (the quantity of harmful components are less), respectability of your image (“expensive“ cigarettes).

Council of the second

Surely clean far away from yourself a lighter (or any other device for a prikurivaniye), especially if it (it) very much is pleasant to you and the more so especially if darling(s). What will it give you? First of all impossibility once again to light as it is necessary to strain in search of the place of sale of the device or the person who will give you the chance to light.

Council the third

I, at last, the most drastic remedy which can be applied together with the above is have no own cigarettes at all . In this case, you need only - to be interrupted one by “firing“. And if at everything at the same time to remain also the adherent of any one grade - brands of cigarettes, then “aim firing“, with all that it implies from here plus-minus (depends on the specific person).

And in the conclusion, as a bonus so to speak, it is necessary only to advise beginners insistently: it is obligatory for in all ways strengthen will power . Without it at you hardly something it to turn out because on only one motivation against this most harmful human habit not to last long.

of P. S.

All above is thought up and checked personally on itself already by more non-smoking author of this text.