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How to decipher the dream?

often dream the Friend the same dream: as if she jumps in the glass filled with water and pieces of ice. Normal dream quite adequate! Many people dream something similar: that they from where - that fall, come up somewhere, and is frequent at the same time golenky … It is interesting that it means?

From a position of classical psychoanalysis all our dreams are generation of extramental instincts (in most cases, sexual). In other words, what we most of all in life are eager for, but from - for public a taboo we are even afraid to think of it, - in the distorted look allowed by censorship of consciousness appears on our internal screen.

Allegories are simple: putting on of a wide-brimmed hat - aspiration to intimate proximity; innocent game with a pencil - of the house it is necessary to think, of the house; driving of the car - desire to control a situation; firing from the gun - the size everything is matters, and other subtleties. Generally, as treat, all the same it will turn out (not that you thought, but it is close to it).

We will open one more secret on all our big company: psychoanalysts treat any overindulgence with water as a sexual entertainment of mankind. There is even one test , not absolutely, however, scientific, but from it not less interesting.

“Imagine that you go on the wood. What it? You come to a glade and you see some structure. What is it? you Try to open a door and to enter into someone`s housing. The door is locked or open? You go further on the wood, you leave, at last, to some reservoir. What will you do farther?“

A you watch interpretation of this projective test now:

- “wood“ - your perception of real life (windbreaks or, on the contrary, everything is dry, clear, solar);

- “structure“ - your relation to accommodation conditions (a sound hut on chicken legs or, on the contrary, a castle in the air on sand);

- “door“ - if is not locked, then your heart is still opened for new meetings;

- “reservoir“ - the lake, the sea, a pond (“at first I will touch quietly a leg“, “I will lap to exhaustion“, “I will be developed and further I will go to look for on the wood mushrooms“ etc.) .

Here to you and the answer concerning your sexual addictions.

From the same point of view, the jump in an abyss, weeds in a dream and other pleasures of a free fall, there is no other than subconscious fear of the individual to bryaknutsya from height of the occupied status. God forbid, the pedestal will download, and citizens will laugh to nakedness of the king!

Other way of interpretation of a persuasive dream also is based on identification of latent desires. Time instincts are distorted on form and content - everything needs to be done exactly the opposite, that is the picture of a dream needs to be turned as if inside out. For example, in the context of the mentioned history: to change a jump to a hasty ubeganiye, a glass with water - on the immense ocean, small pieces of ice - on slightly warmed up water... To read the new version of a dream and to ask itself a question: “What could all this mean?“ The answer will emerge.

At the suggestion of the famous humanist and the psychologist E. Fromm there is one more interpretation of dreams - «is associative - psychological“. The essence of a method is simple: the client writes down or tells all dream as it is. Then segments it, remembers some things, names etc. Also starts up the associative scent in the wake of the large-format memory.

Bright example. The woman of average years throughout long time dreamed one oddish dream. As though it rises in the unfamiliar house by the fifth floor. Passing by the fourth floor, will come across some old woman with porridge., It seems, nothing terrible, but she for some reason at full speed bolts from this stranger.

We begin to sort its dream on shelves: the unfamiliar house - where when saw such. Remembers: in the far childhood to someone went to the same house - it seems, to the girlfriend. We strain further her memory: “What occurred in that house once? “ Hardly, breaking through a smoke screen of own associations, remembers: “Murder“ … Finally, the woman herself understands an allegoric essence of the dream: “If I do not stop the intimacy, - the husband to me will turn off the head“. Here and all horror story.

It is known that the pose in which the person likes to sleep can tell much of his owner too. Here some of them.

The embryo pose (the drawn-in legs, the inclined head) characterizes the person as mental germ. It “the person - the kidney“ which subconsciously does not want to reveal - wishes to remain all life the small child.

The semi-embryo pose (on one side) usually happens to the knees which are slightly raised at the people having quiet character, living in harmony with the whole world. By the nature of, to the tribe they treat clan of people - timeservers: wish to remain in the shadow, especially those who are loved.

The royal pose (the person sleeps on a back, with widely raskinuty hands), naturally, occurs at people sincere, brave, self-assured. Usually they are benevolent with people around though it is more often do of usual egoism.

The arrow pose (partially on a stomach, with one tightened leg) is often observed at people decent, punctual, as a rule, having good health. One but: they very much like to tower over other people, though have for this purpose all reasons.

And finally, on a note all. You should not awake somebody in the period of a phase of a REM sleep (it is determined rather easily - by the fast, abrupt movements of an eyeball). It is better to make it softly, gradually, that the person himself came up from “voobrazharium“: at first a dream, then a dream mixed up with reality etc.

The matter is that during dreams our brain produces special substances - tannins which as if force ours “the biobrain computer“ to sleep farther (only already for processing of information obtained from the outside). Therefore if to wake the person sharply, on a call, during viewing of the next dream (and them there are about 7 - 8 dreams in a night), it is the whole day as boiled will go, - though overslept before it fully all night long. One advantage of such awakening - a dream the companion will remember clearly now!

Means if wants, will be able easily to transform the secret desires to the realized impulses, - besides without any help of the psychologist from the outside …