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The memory which rose from Sobibor. How the most impudent escape from a concentration camp was made?

Are very strong shots. People run, shoot at them, they explode on mines. End. Credits. From 470 running, until the end of war lived about fifty. “Escape from Sobibor“

it is difficult for b to call the movie an art masterpiece. It is rather - artistic realization of a historic fact. Fact impudent and unprecedented in essence. This escape, perhaps, the first blow to strength of the all-European enemy - fascism. Because it is the only case of successful mass breakout from - for a barbed wire.

Whether successful? Everything is relative. Because about 130 prisoners refused to participate in revolt, 80 died at once - on a mine ring around camp. 170 more people were caught almost at once, others until the end of war were given by locals. Only the small part escaped. Including organizer of revolt Alexander Pechersky . After this impudent escape Sobibor was wiped out. All who remained in camp were killed, and just wiped out “shame“. Without a possibility of reconstruction. To Poles who think of the military history very much and keep practically all concentration camps, nothing needed to be done how just to establish a memorable sign.

Sobibor - the place in some way unique. In fact, it is on border of three states - Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Many security guards were “from ours“ - collaborators who at the price of rescue of own life agreed to destroy others.

It was the standard log. Life zone (working and inhabited barracks), storage zone (things of prisoners) and destruction zone. Camp small - I will remind, at the time of escape commission there were about 500 prisoners. In comparison with Maydanek located nearby initially calculated on 50 thousand. the person, and after and on bigger number of the victims, Sobibor was a drop in the terrible bloody sea. However in it over 250 thousand people were destroyed. There could be more if not escape.

… The destiny somehow pardoned Alexander Aronovich Pechersky. In the first months of war leytenantik, among many, was taken prisoner. Had typhus, recovered, tried to run. For two years of imprisonment managed to replace several barracks until in September, 1943 it was thrown in Sobibor. It was the camp of destruction, and Alexander Pechersky perfectly understood that to it with his Jewish roots not to leave live. If only … The thought seemed adventurous, but an opportunity to survive was the price. Remained to time for reflections a little - “bath“ (gas chamber) worked regularly. In three weeks Pechersky together with Leon Feldkhendler managed to organize revolt.

It was planned to neutralize for one night protection, to take away the weapon and to leave in turn camp. But with the weapon the slip turned out, the survived security guards opened fire at people who took to the heels through the mine ring surrounding camp. Arrows, explosions, the falling bodies … On these shots the movie “Escape from Sobibor“ which came out at the end of 80 - x years also comes to an end. Will report about survivors only fast credits.

And for Alexander Pechersky there came other time. Small group it got on the territory of Belarus. There entered guerrilla group. But about a year was a hero - the defender - as soon as freed Belarus, it in the best traditions of that time was suspected of change of the homeland and sent in shtrafbat. And all peaceful life took place later as in the war - suspicions, dismissals about works, mistrust to talk on revolt - the story about revolt in Sobibore was written down by writers, prepared for the publication in “The black book“ , but is not published. At least, during lifetime of Alexander Aronovich. Even on a premiere of the film in 1987 the Soviet power did not let it in America, and in three years of the organizer of escape did not become. The memorial board on the house where he lived, appeared only 17 years later after its leaving.

… And last year the public was stirred up again by a terrible shadow of Sobibor. The citizen of America John Demjanjuk who at the beginning of April celebrated the 90 - the anniversary, any more not once appeared before the court of the different countries on charges of destruction of civilians during war. In 80 - e years even sentenced him to a capital punishment, but after a sentence cancelled behind insufficiency of proofs. And now it became known that the Ukrainian by origin worked for nazis and in Sobibore. And though the only witness did not recognize in him the soldier of death, the end is not put to case of Sobibor`s security guard.