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Why not to the Buddhist mandala?

For memory remain only sand, and in souls of the audience - idea that all real on Earth is changeable, happens such is what it is, and happens at all and not such is, but only how completeness of understanding own “I“ is reached matters. Deep, generally, feelings. And so, Svinarenko says, I thought that our journalistic work - too some kind of mandala. And we something potter about, try, we build, for the sake of that, in fact, that already next day everything remained in the past. So, the main thing for us is a process.

This thought that is called hooked on me for live. Without knowing anything about a mandala yet, I was engaged in strange business during this period. Having been tired of own habit to drive in the head of thought and to invest them with words, I began to cut out multi-colored fragments from old issues of magazines in which it was published, creating from them on a Whatman paper accurate rhythmic structure. Also this occupation not worse than a solitaire tightened me. Relatives thought that I went crazy. Oh, as often we are superficial in an assessment of the relatives! And I, appear, engaged in the most ancient Buddhist ritual. And me it was good.

And what if a little bit to depart from a mandala as a symbol and to think of positive impact of our own rituals which can seem someone a whim sometimes are necessary to us how air?

My girlfriend, the woman of sharp analytical mind, in a leisure-time knits on spokes or a hook something, not giving in to the description. And then all this dismisses, without changing a look, and returns a yarn in a hank.

One acquaintance, the employee of financial holding, studies the song of the Eros of Ramazotti “Piu Che Puoi“ on a guitar in the evenings. The right places on a signature stamp are noted at it by plaster pieces not to forget a paltsovka. How many months I know it - this composition remains only in its repertoire, and it in its execution reached already known perfection. In life it is the quick-tempered and restless person.

Other acquaintance begins every morning with what runs under music on the place, highly throwing up knees, hitting with heels on buttocks. Then individual art dance dances. Then sits down, having opened the relaxed, slightly drooped mouth and, being involuntarily shaken, intensively breathes, bringing itself to the necessary state. Ask at what here it? And I here read in the clever book that it is Buddhist ritual too. Its work is connected with stresses and interaction with a large number of people. That every day to communicate with them, it so adjusts itself, releases the head.

I already am silent about those lucky persons who at a leisure weave gobelins, grow up rare flowers, spin laces with a macrame and burn pots. All these people are united by one remarkable property: they learned to meditate creatively, without “driving off“ from realities of daily occurrence too is far. Creatively it is even possible to approach washing of ware, and the fact that by the evening it will be dirty again, unless does not fill us with something like humility? And what to tell about creative potential “with feeling of an exit“, that is with an opportunity to improvise and create! Process - here that the main thing.

I read in the reference book: “Beholding construction and destruction of a mandala, the person comes to a conclusion that nothing is eternal. Having experienced it at the deep level, people begin to reflect: “For what I live on this earth? Who do I am such?“ Such impulses, signals cannot but generate changes in consciousness of people. They in a different way begin to treat people around, the work, everything. Relationship in a family, among friends, acquaintances changes. In a mandala the spiritual knowledge which transfer, on Buddhist doctrine, is capable to bring compassion and harmony to the world “is ciphered“, and also to present to all who will happen to look at its sand embodiment it is so much blessings how many the smallest grains of sand leave on its construction“.

We are, of course, not the Tibetan monks. But we want too the moments of an enlightenment and opportunity to accidentally find answers to the most important questions. At work, at a leisure - the spirit soars where wants … Here the person provided to himself sits and instead of stupidly looking in the TV, silently it is picked with “mandala“. And in the head of it, no more no less, understanding emerges: “Who such I which is happy today, but was sad yesterday? I which annoyed two hours ago and am gentle now? Who such I, observer of the life or creator?“ Do not touch it at such moments. Envy a serene smile on his face better. Being a good judge of a vanity of any constructions, it is invincible. Such person is necessary to us. With it, as in A. F. Sklyar`s song,

I can sing and laugh fingers to bathe in pearls

It is possible to walk on boulevards

I a network of crafty smiles

It is possible to Catch in maiden eyes

nacreous small fishes

I on a market then of

them on ruble to sell.

Ya here too I think: to sell me the meditative “dynamic pictures“ how the western pragmatism orders, or to destroy out of harm`s way how the Buddhist tradition prompts? Lie so far. And I already to myself thought up a new mandala …