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Why the time - management does not work? Wrong stereotypes of

If we want to recover from a lack of time, to us, first of all, ourselves needs to understand in and to find the true reasons of total lack of time.

Developing ideas of the previous article “Why the time - management does not work traditional “?“, I want to pay your attention to the habits inherent in very successful people again.

the Mistake No. 1

When to these people ask

the question “What Is the Cornerstone of Amazing Success?“, they often give the same answer, like “I took a shovel and began to dig. Dug long. Very long. Then the success and money came“.

Thus, even these successful people who for many of us since the childhood are an example for imitation sincerely consider as the reason of the success “ persistent work “.

But!! If to dig more deeply, then it turns out that the true reason their vital and financial success are everything - the time sense acquired by years ability to be in the right place and in due time , the useful communications created by developed by , creativity , and, undoubtedly, a shred of good luck .

Agree that simply constantly “to torture“ themselves round-the-clock work for achievement of outstanding results obviously insufficiently. It is necessary to include brains, and they very quickly refuse to work in the mode “very hard“.

But the legend already developed, a stereotype “it is necessary to work hard“ firmly “is soldered in“ in our clever brain, and we are forced to follow his tastes. As a result, we get stresses, a chronic sleep debt, depressions, family scandals and stains, and also other delights of workaholism.

Following it to the become obsolete stereotype for a long time, we consider, for example, the highly professional sales manager who, having made a large deal since morning, left happy till a lunch to have a rest home, the ordinary successful idler who does not sit together with others, less successful (or less competent?) colleagues at office also does not play solitaire in “Schoolmates“.

Thus, we urgently should cease to believe that each drop of sweat spilled on overtime work brings closer us to financial paradise sacredly! Brings closer... but only to a hospital bed!

the Mistake No. 2

Stop to estimate the work by quantity the hours spent at office. Stop sticking for 12 hours a day, leaving the house for work early in the morning while your family still sleeps, and coming back late evening when your children already sleep.

Remember for the sake of what you go to work? For the sake of happiness of your family or for the sake of the next gratitude from your chief and prompt rise on a career ladder?

Plan visits of theater or country sorties more often, you spend more time with the family, stop to take outstanding work home. Fresh and well rested, you will much quicker and more qualitatively cope with the most difficult unresolved task! Summing up of

the result

Ya I consider in order that on full to feel taste of life, time should be measured for years and decades, but not minutes and hours. Do not postpone the life for later. “Then“ will never come!

The one who is able to organize the time always is under public disapproval. Be not afraid to be “black sheep“, they also achieve fantastic results in life, sport and business!

High to you flights!