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Updating in a garden? Ekhinatsey and a lavender of

Here at last pleasant spring garden efforts began. The long-awaited time of campaigns on the garden markets and the centers, purchases of any beauty and pleasure came. Every spring in our gardens there are new “inhabitants“, the dream of whom arose in winter cold days and warmed us up to spring.

Well, and for those who did not decide on the choice, several words about my favourites yet.

Surely lodge in the garden to Ekhinatsey purple (Echinacea purpurea) . This very effective plant. Radical leaves dense and rough. The bush can grow more than a meter height, and in the diameter to a half a meter. That it was not filled up, required a garter.

Look what unusual form at its flowers. There are grades with pink and white flowers. The sitting next bushes create beautiful is white - a pink bouquet. Very long costs in cut. It is possible to use for winter bouquets.

Along with esthetic advantages this perennial plant possesses many properties, useful to health. The most important of them - beneficial influence on our immunity. The preparation immunat receive from an ekhinatsea. Scientists found out what ekhinatseya can work as an antibiotic and has the wide range of action against many types of viral and bacterial diseases.

The homeland of this miracle - North America which aboriginals long since used this plant for treatment of various diseases and strengthening of health.

At me ekhinatseya grows in a penumbra though prefers solar places. Breeds very well and crops of seeds in the early spring in soil, and division of an adult bush. The seeded plants will blossom for the second year.

Leaving is simple: watering, fight against weeds. She is sympathetic on top dressing. Begins to blossom at the beginning of July and finishes at approach of frosts. Escapes on one bush happen much therefore when I cut off branches with flowers for drying, it does not disturb appearance of a plant. Escapes should be taken from a bush of two years and is more senior. The land of a branch with flowers in a shadow, then I crush by means of the food processor, I pour out in glass jars and I store in the dark place. It is possible to prepare also rhizomes with roots in the fall.

I add to fragrant tea along with a camomile, mint, a thyme, a yarrow in the winter. Without interruption it is possible to accept infusions and teas of an ekhinatsea no more than 10 days. Therefore it is better to alternate composition of fragrant tea. I drink itself and I treat guests.

The lavender is familiar to us more thanks to broad application in cosmetics and perfumery. Its homeland - the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, India.

Once Romans added a lavender to bathtubs for freshness and purity as already then knew its hygienic and antiseptic properties. The lavender always had great cultural and religious value therefore cultivation and trade in it both earlier, and today, are very profitable and widespread occupation.

This very unpretentious winter-hardy (in the conditions of the South of Russia) the plant forms a bush to 1 meter in height and width. To independently grow up a lavender from seeds very difficult therefore it is better to buy seedling or to prikopat the lower branches and when takes roots - to replace to other place. Except watering and weeding, I do not make any additional leaving.

Plant very expressive. Leaves have is gray - green color, and here as for flowers, here we can observe a big variety: blue, violet, lilac, pinkish, white and even green flowers on thin direct tsvetonosa. Begins to blossom in June - July. I twice during the summer cut off escapes with flowers for drying.

At an unintentional touch to the blossoming plant the cloud of amazing aroma appears. And how many insects gather on flowers! Therefore it is very good to land it also near vegetable beds: the harvest will be provided.

What it is possible to make with the dried-up lavender? It is a lot of applications: lavender bathtubs - fine improving procedure. Full relax. Tones up, calms nerves, gives good mood.

The sachets from fragrant herbs which are spread out in cases will provide pleasant aroma and will relieve of a moth. Winter bouquets will remind of summer days, and the salt flavored by a lavender, sugar, jams and jam will give novelty to habitual dishes.

If in your garden there is no ekhinatsea yet and lavenders - listen to my council, and these new settlers will become your favourites soon.