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To invest or not?!

Simple person: “I want to buy the car …. It is necessary to begin to save!“

Investor: “I want to buy the car …. It is necessary to invest the sum more!“

As you think who will buy the car quicker?

I do not Even doubt what answer at you flashed at the first moment.

Now there is a set of ways to begin to invest, but not all of them assume successful receiving profit. And still, how to begin to invest and whether to begin in general?

As you know, there are 3 main types of investments:

1. Investments into physical assets - real assets;

2. Investments into intangible assets;

3. Investments into monetary assets.

Can invest in real assets not everyone to afford; each person disposes of investment into intangible assets; there is an investment into monetary assets. Give about it and we will talk.

With what to begin? I Will advise to begin

to you with reduction of the finance in an order. It is not necessary to invest the last money in investment. Do not invest money which is intended for your carefree life, think that you still need to live on something. Otherwise you can lose “with a chipped washing-tub“.

So, finance as it should be. How now to invest the money that they made new money?

Of course, the most widespread way of a successful investment of money is purchase of securities, precious metals etc. But, alas, there will not always be time to give these operations and it is necessary to accumulate experience to do successful transactions on purchase and sale. It is natural to risk the blood money there is a wish to nobody.

So if all of you - decided to become more successful in the financial plan, begin with opening of the account at the broker. But also here not everything is so simple. There are brokers with the full commission and brokers with the lowered commission.

Naturally brokers with the full commission offer you the huge range of services, also not a secret that they charge from you quite high fee for providing these services. They are so to speak intermediaries who take from you percent for each your transaction, and these percent quite are enough for them. They are not interested in success of your transactions at all, they have enough percent which you pay them for these services. Reflect whether these services are necessary to you?

With brokers with the lowered commission it is much simpler. They provide you the services, but this type of brokers is suitable rather for independent investors. You have full authority of management of the means, without paying excess services of the broker.

I think, I know what broker you will choose.

The secret of successful investment consists in an investment of money in reliable investment projects. Be afraid of swindlers. Not to fall a victim of fraud there is a monitoring where the list of investment projects and degree of their reliability is provided. Do not come across a hook of deceivers.

So how to choose a successful package for investment?

the Answer is very simple. It is necessary to approach this question very seriously. Probability that you will grow rich, participating only in one investment project it is very small, it is necessary to choose several projects, at least 10 at once. It is the best of all to collect the mixed package and to distribute investments between these projects. Distribution will be the most successful the following: To enclose 60% in the highly profitable project, to enclose 20% in more liquid (for example, share funds of bonds), to enclose 20% in low-profitable projects. This distribution of your means reduces risk many times. I precisely know that your eyes lit up after reading of the word “highly profitable“, but to make all the investments in highly profitable projects I do not advise. But remember, share investments are repaid only at the long period of investment (of 1 year, at least). Also do not wait that on you the monetary rain, patience and once again patience will fall down. Time that your money began to make new money is necessary.

I think at you there was a question: “From what sum to me to begin to invest?“. there is no

anything difficult Here. About $100-150, for a start, quite will be enough for you. Distribute these $100 between projects and wait so far your percent will begin to drip and add an excess zero at the end of a total amount.

And still, what answer to a question: “To invest or not?!“.

And it already to solve to you.