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Amfiprion otsellyaris (clownfish) - Amphiprion Ocellaris

Amfiprion otsellyaris (clownfish)

Amfiprion otsellyaris or Clownfish (Amphiprioi ocellaris) - undoubtedly to a syma big fans of visitors of the Alushtinsky aquarium, and especially children. The clownfish Was the main hero of Disney`s animated cartoon “Searching Mutely“. Their unusual color reminds of a clownish make-up, from here and the name went. Amfiprion otsellyaris - little coral small fishes, carry out the most part of life in symbiosis with a dangerous sea aktiniya (anemone).

Usually Clownfish are small: in environment their sizes do not exceed 12 - 13 cm, in bondage of an individual only sometimes there are more than 9 cm

In habitat Clownfish usually eat different types of zooplankton and the seaweed floating on a current by actinium. Amfiprion otsellyaris seldom swim away in search of food far from reliable protection of “the“ anemone and can count generally only on that. That they will be brought by a current. Voizbezhaniya`s

of exile from the anemone Clownfish remain small. Young individuals for this purpose limit the growth not to attract on themselves anger of the senior relatives. After death of bigger fish, smaller begins to grow to take her place. Amfiprion otsellyaris emit special slime which gains some properties of

fabric actinium, it Clownfish hide the presence. Aktiniya`s

, on the other hand, too receive “bonuses“ from presence Amfiprionov. Clownfish drive away predators, for example crabs, and also clear them of garbage that is very necessary for actinium.

Amfiprion otsellyaris, despite the lovely look, are very aggressive. They bite and pinched, eagerness to fight of the Clownfish just amazing, and their unshakable self-confidence is explained by the fact that at any time they can hide among dangerous feelers sea actinium.

Very inexpensive and very beautiful aquariums are created on the basis of Amfiprion`s symbiosis and actinium, received the name “pass Mutely“ in the people. These systems are convenient even to the people having very modest income and they can be recommended as a starting small fish for a sea aquarium. To support clowns, perhaps, in reef, fish (with not predatory fishes of the comparable size) or a specific aquarium with an aktiniya. Existence suitable actinium gives the chance to see the most natural behavior of clowns though at enough shelters of these fishes it is possible to contain also without actinium.


Quiet and Indian oceans.


Amfiprion otsellyaris throws caviar on any flat surface close, and actinium is better directly under feelers. The laying is protected by a male. A week later there are larvae, emergence is defined by the natural biological rhythm connected with Moon phases. Larvae rise to places of a congestion of plankton where eat and gain weight. A lot of things whitebaits perish during this period. In process of a growing they find to actinium, and in it - food and a shelter.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

Because anemonovy fishes very much of a territorialna, it is better to support them in couples in an aquarium with a capacity from 300 l and more. It is enough such volume also for existence actinium, and for growth of seaweed which along with planktonic invertebrates fishes eat. The fishes living in such conditions will start reproduction over time.

Temperature is 25 - 26 °C; water 1 density. 022 - 1. 025. Water substitution - 20% two times a month, a qualitative penootdeleniye, a filtration with use of absorbent carbon, sufficient for contents actinium lighting is necessary. In the Alushtinsky aquarium eat, both a dry feed for sea small fishes, and pieces of mollusks, shrimps, squids etc.