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How character of the man depends on quantity of the money earned with it?

the Subject is not new, but is interesting. Also because it is senseless to develop the subject “Woman and Money“. Either woman, or money. The real woman in a day will spend any sum of money, I emphasize, any, appeared at it in a purse or on the account. And if the woman needs to stretch this sum for two weeks to a salary, to pay from it for the apartment and to repair leaky boots? Then it is not the real woman. You remember a joke:

- Who such real man?

- That which can earn money more than his wife is able to spend.

- And who such real woman?

- That which found such man.

Therefore I suggest to talk about men and money, more precisely, about dependence of character of the man on quantity of the money earned with it.

the Parasite

Would be an ideal husband and the man if not the main shortcoming - he does not forget to eat, smoke and drink at your expense in spite of the fact that income from it any. For the rest, as a rule, these men are appeasable, lovely, rustle on economy (they have a lot of time free, they do not earn). Indulge your whims - and how, suddenly you become angry and you will not give on cigarettes? Look good - again - because they have time to sleep and guide a luster while you stoop at three works and you earn additionally houses at night. There are, of course, exceptions to the rules when the woman herself so razbalut the man that he and does not bring money to the house, and as the head of the family of considers, but it is already an extreme. In which the Russian women, already entered a legend so often throw the sacrifice.

It is possible to live with the parasite in perfect harmony if you have a good work or rich parents. If such life does not suit you - either leave, or do a knight`s move - quit the job and too you sit down at home. After a while, when the parasite will be starving, he will begin to move and or itself will leave you (it and to the best) or a little - Pomala will find work and will turn into the Supporter.

the Supporter

At this stage should be

attentive, especially if you sit in a maternity leave or earn less than your man. He can try to begin to stand up for the rights and to knock carefully a fist on a table (as the father Fedor from Ilf and Petrov`s work “A gold calf“). This moment should be not missed and fast to knock out all this nonsense of your supporter, differently … differently the nonsense of it it is necessary to knock out long. At this stage of the income the man begins to put on airs and tries to begin to keep account to expenses and the income. Business useful to the family budget, the main thing that he did not try to ask questions: “Where you spent all money from a bedside table?“ and “On what we will live to a pay?“. My what business on what we will live - go, find, kill, steal, only do not ask where to take money. Questions are asked here by me. Wildness what - to ask such indecent things the woman.

It is necessary to convey all this information to your supporter as soon as possible. It is also necessary to inform its data that the one-room apartment, old Toyota and rest in Altai is not a limit of dreams yet. The apartment has to be four-room, in the good area, the car - big and new, it is necessary to have a rest in Europe. And more than once in two years, and is more often. It is necessary to aspire not to a trip to relatives on the South, to the village where at them the private house of all in an hour of walking from the sea, and to acquisition of a country house on the coast of Spain. When you rather distinctly inspire in the Supporter these purposes, he either will run away, or will begin to fuss, will get two job and little by little will turn into the Getter.

the Getter

This stage when money begins to be enough not only for food, payment for the apartment and phone bills. At this stage of the income the man is kind, generous, inclined to broad gestures. From the first earnings the man buys the fountain. Huge TVs, cars and investments in real estate will be then. First of all the proud getter drags a huge ceramic bandura, sets up it in the center of a corridor and sheds a tear under murmur of a stream of water around a plastic grass.

The fountain quickly bothers. Under it there is a wish in a toilet all the time. Guests claim that they associate the sound made by the fountain with a sound of the broken toilet bowl and it irritates. Soon the bulb in the fountain fuses, and it grows with brown ooze and children`s toys which without any respect for this symbol of prosperity are thrown there by kids. However, our Getter to the fountain already grew cold, and begins to get for himself various toys - priborchik of unknown appointment, a sports equipment, devices in the car and so on.

It is impossible to neglect this process! It is a high time to start repair in the apartment, to begin to ask diamonds, furs and own car. Employ two nurses and the housemaid. And that your Getter will relax and still, who knows, will decide that he earns enough money. The man is all the same not able to spend efficiently the money earned with him, there will not be enough its imagination. If you get down to business with enthusiasm, then soon convince the husband that he earns obviously insufficiently - and a tile in a bathroom it was necessary not Italian, but Russian to buy, and diamonds in a ring some small … Poverty, in a word.

Do not worry, at this stage your Getter will not throw you - it works very much, that hardly sorts, where and with whom he lives, whether also life it in general, outside office. Home he comes only to spend the night. Besides, it already enclosed in you, the apartment, children and joint rest very much that it already elementary grieves it to leave all this. It is necessary to remind that all expensive purchases have to be issued on you? Or in joint property? Adjusted by you and own acquired workaholism, the Getter begins to turn into the Oligarch.

the Oligarch

Distinctive quality of the Oligarch - greed. Begins to protect each kopek, to force subordinates to save paper for the printer (however, not only Oligarchs sin with it). Cheapskates occur among people of any prosperity, but greed of the rich person - is the most disgusting.

At this stage it can get out of the man you disfigure which existence you also did not assume in it earlier. Having got into a situation when it is not necessary to work round the clock any more, it is possible to exhale and look round, your Oligarch begins to drink, be dragged for women, to play a roulette and to use drugs. I speak about the most started cases, I hope, before will not reach. Here he will also throw you if he did not throw earlier and did not die from overfatigue, being in the Getter`s stage. Some men and Supporters - that to be do not extend, health does not allow. Therefore, choosing itself the husband, it is necessary to look for a copy more strong and more fine that was quick, bright and active. And with steady mentality - as it still will maintain your whims, working from morning to the night?

To hold your Oligarch within decencies, he should impart a harmless and expensive hobby. For example, hunting, fishing, mountain skiing, diving, jumps headfirst from skyscrapers …

I at this stage to you should change most. Anyhow - it is time to correspond to the treasure. Your weight has to make no more than fifty kilograms, and concerns nobody to how many children you gave birth and how old are you. It is necessary to look expensively, stylishly and for twenty nine years. You will manage on less - a more power to you, in yours - that forty five. Namely there is so much to you years, and it is less in the afternoon, let not according to the passport, and in soul. Because while you stimulated, motivated, persuaded, adjusted your beloved - the Parasite to become the Oligarch, passed much, it is a lot of years. And your youth including.