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How to write texts that material was not only it is easy for understanding, but also is interesting. Copywriting secrets. Part 2


How to keep attention of the reader in the text? How all - to convey the information, the important ideas interesting to thought?

As practice, only shows one that the concept was interesting and important, insufficiently! The form of submission of information is necessary what to begin with how to continue and by what to finish.

Here two texts for comparison. What will interest you more?

Option 1. “The fruit of a banana tree is covered with a thick leathery peel. Thanks to it banana can be bought and eaten directly on the street, without washing …“

Option 2. “How to have a bite on the street in two minutes, without risking to get “an illness of dirty hands“? Very simply - we buy banana, we clear and right there we eat. Under a peel banana is pure and ready to the use …“ by

If choose the second - I will not be surprised as it is competently made. Begins with a problem which concerns and which should be solved. And, just, follows its decision.

Still it is possible to begin the text with opportunities or the reader`s tasks. For example:

“Time - after work needs to take away minute the child from kindergarten, to drop in home, to take a sports bag for evening training … And is - that there is a wish! And so the decision - at the corner in fruit tent bananas are on sale...“

Or, “The working day is finished by

, and there is a wish to use every minute free time with pleasure. If your passion - not cookery, and sport, fishing or communication with friends, then why to prepare? On the run we buy banana, we clear and right there we eat - under a peel banana is pure and ready to the use …“

of the Problem, an opportunity, tasks are those things on which the person is, as a rule, concentrated when looks for for himself information and therefore, they should be brought to the forefront.

Application of the principles 1 and 2. Give

, now we will consider how to apply it in article. Let`s say you write article for future financiers about the principles of an assessment of investment appeal of the company. And material about the indicators used for an assessment, you can present here thus:

“Indicators of estimation of cost are P / E (price to earnings) - the action price relation to the income of an action - and P/S (price to sales) - the action price relation to sales volume of an action.

Coefficient of P/E pays off as the relation of market price to the income of one action and estimates the number of years which will be required to the company to pay back the price of the actions. The coefficient of P/S pays off as the stock price relation to sales volume on one action …

Indicators of profitability is ROS (return on sales) and ROE (return on equity) …“

A if to consider the principles 1 and 2, then the narration can be constructed and so:

“To solve, take shares of any company or not, it is necessary to understand whether the company costs that money which for it asks:

• whether is capable it in reasonable time to pay back investments,

• whether is profitable,

• as will quickly grow.

Ability to pay back investments can be estimated, having calculated how many years are required to the company “to beat off“ the price of the actions at the expense of profit. There are several options of calculation of this indicator. It is possible to calculate the relation of market price of a stock of the enterprise to the income of one action, that is coefficient of P/E (price to earnings). It is possible to take the stock price relation to sales volume on one action, that is coefficient of P/S (price to sales) …

Profitability can be estimated, having found out how high return is received by the company from the means which are available for it. This indicator is counted as the relation of net profit of the company to sales proceeds (coefficient of ROS, return on sales), to the sum of all assets of the enterprise (ROA, return on assets) or to the size of own capital (coefficient of ROE, return on equity) …

Ability to growth is estimated …“

In this case this, information, for certain, will be more available to understanding.

In the third part the PRINCIPLE 3 which helps to transfer difficult, intricate things, the easiest image for understanding will be offered.

To be continued …