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Amfiprion red (the tomato clown) - Amphiprion Frenatus

Amfiprion red (the tomato clown) - Amphiprion frenatus

Amfiprion Krasny or the Tomato Clown (Latin Amphiprion frenatus) - a bright, cheerful small fish, the favourite of aquariums, as the beginning aquarians, and in big reef aquariums. Family Clownfish (Amphiprionidae) - family of little coral small fishes which contains only 2 sorts presented by about 30 types. Amfiprion Krasny meets in warm tropical waters of Quiet and Indian oceans. The Tomato Clown only only on coral reeves lodges.

Amfiprion Krasny is not really aggressive, protects it from predators, and gives a haven in community of a coral reef - actinium (sea anemones) of a type of Entacmaea quadricolor. Poisonous feelers of these actinium are safe for Amfiprionov that gives the chance to exist to the clown with them in symbiosis.

Actually Amfipriona have no congenital immunity to poison actinium, they get the same burns as any reef fish. The tomato clown gets “a chemical camouflage“ gradually, at first processing an oral zone and edges of chest and belly fins, and then - other parts of a body.

from Amfiprion actinium fall intermittently food pieces. Often symbiosis of the clownfish and an anemone vidospetsifichen - certain species of fish lodge only in certain aktiniya.

enter the main food allowance of the Tomato clown invertebrates, seaweed and the remains of the food actinium.

Through the head vertically there passes the white strip with a black fringing.

In a size reaches 10 cm

of Amfiprionovye differ from the close relatives pomatsentrovy with which often they are united in one family. Differences consist in smaller scales and the outer edge of a branchiate cover with teeth. The body of the Tomato Clown has the oval form flattened from sides, on the end of the rounded-off muzzle there is a small mouth. Roundish chest fins are well developed. Amfiprion Krasny is brightly painted, primary color - red, combining also not seldom mixes of red, black and white color.

Amfiprion Frenatus is quite peaceful concerning other fishes and is harmless for invertebrates and corals. This type of the clownfish - not big by the size, is not exacting to the volume of an aquarium and quality of water. And to addition, their symbiosis with aktiniya became the most interesting phenomenon of wildlife studied at biology lessons at schools as an example

of the symbiotic relations.

often occurs At a red amfiprion also an age dimorphism.

Tomato Clowns undoubtedly one of the most popular coral small fishes in the Alushtinsky aquarium.

Very inexpensive and very beautiful aquariums are created on the basis of Amfiprion Krasny`s symbiosis and actinium, received the name “pass Mutely“ in the people. These systems are convenient even to the people having very modest income and they can be recommended as a starting small fish for a sea aquarium. To support clowns, perhaps, in reef, fish (with not predatory fishes of the comparable size) or a specific aquarium with an aktiniya. Existence suitable actinium gives the chance to see the most natural behavior of clowns though at enough shelters of these fishes it is possible to contain also without actinium.


Live on reeves in the western part of the Pacific Ocean including: South of Japan, Java Island, North of Palau, South of the Gulf of Thailand, Indonesia.


Protandrichesky hermaphrodite. Redefinition of a sex of a male happens after death of a female.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

can support In quite spacious aquarium also only Tomato Clowns, and several different types of amfiprion.

Perfectly get on also with other fishes as are reliably protected from encroachments by the poisonous owners. At pair contents Amfiprion Krasny quite often even breeds in bondage. For successful keeping of clowns it is necessary to buy actinium from the sort Entacmaea, Heteractis or Stichodactyla. Temperature is 25 - 26 °C; water 1 density. 022 - 1. 025.

Water substitution - 20% two times a month, a qualitative penootdeleniye, a filtration with use of absorbent carbon, sufficient for contents actinium lighting is necessary. In the Alushtinsky aquarium eat, both a dry feed for sea small fishes, and pieces of mollusks, shrimps, squids etc.