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What “teapot“ needs to know for advance of the website in a network?

Each owner of the website to seek to advance the resource. Someone wants to increase attendance to become readable and popular, and someone to lift the quoting index influencing space cost on the website to earn a little. Below several basic concepts helping to understand to the beginner as promotion a web - a resource works are considered...

That your website rose in a search box to the first places it is necessary to lift “a quoting index“. At Yandex he is called TITs, at Google - PR. It is reached first of all due to quantity of OTHER websites giving the reference to YOUR website. At the same time the higher own TITs and PR of the referring websites, the above rises also yours. That is, if at your website TITs 50 is more correct to post the reference on 5 websites with TITs 100, than on 100 websites with TITs - 20. To learn the or the stranger of TITs is a set of the websites - for example com/.

SEO - optimization is if it is very rough, control of content of the website, headings, tags and metakeys of the website in the way that it (website) “was most easily and conveniently eaten“ by searchers. For better indexation by searchers first of all it is necessary to do the following:

- to create files for the website: robot. txt and sitemap. txt. It is files which “prompt“ to searchers what pages with what frequency to visit and what completely to ignore; what it is more important what are not present; trace “structure of the website“ etc. (how to make such files on the Internet full of articles and even it is a line of generators of such files);

- to isolate most usable “keywords“ for the website (as on what the inquiry in the searcher is specifically made, and adjacent to them) and to build system of headings, subtitles so that to create the high density of PROPER words on the page. Ideally “keywords“ have to be present in meta - tags, signatures to pictures, headings (to h1, h2, h3 and so on) and directly texts of articles at the website.

First of all the searcher pays attention on meta - tags are programmatically - the set keywords in html - a code … Then the robot looks at headings and other. Then on the main contents of the main page. Then - on minor pages. And from this, how many times “keywords“ meet in all above-mentioned - the searcher builds the rating and gives you by search by the first or tenth. (to look how your website sees the robot of a search engine it is possible here, for example: ru/keywords/).

But a task not just to be the found searcher on all possible keywords. It is possible to twist, of course, “headings etc.“ to receive higher rank for as it is possible bigger quantity of keywords, but it is much more important and more correct to choose 5 - 10 keywords on kotoroy visitors not just passed to the website, but became from visitors - buyers. It is possible to begin with article on this subject: seostatus. ru/04. html

the Contextual advertizing is the advertizing of your website which is based on resource keywords. It is a text reference, but not a banner. Advertizing works by the principle of compliance of inquiries in the searcher to the most usable words at your website. Example: in Yandex someone drives in the word “exhibition of cats“. Besides the main result (in the center), in the right column the surfer sees a selection of references with the texts similar to “inquiry“, for example “care of cats“, “the organization of exhibitions of cats“ etc. It is also “the block of a contextual advertizing“. According to such reference from the right column the customer of a contextual advertizing pays the fixed sum of money for each click by the user. Therefore the contextual advertizing is favorable first of all to the websites which are engaged in sales something. On average, on casual banners - references such statistics acts on the websites approximately: 1000 displays - 1 cliques. 1000 clicks - 10 purchases. And in a case with a contextual advertizing the narrowly targeted visitor understanding that he looks for gets out of a wide range of users which following the contextual link to your website, due to probable purchase “compensates“ publicity expenses. It is worth understanding that “context“ as a way of involvement of users and promotion of the large-format websites which are not engaged in sales (which, as a rule, earn from advertizing, but not from sales) - is inefficient.

Except delivery of a contextual advertizing in the right column directly in the searcher, Yandex / Google issues your references on the websites of users. You want that you in the Internet were found on certain keywords. You on the website of Yandex or Google fill an application form, on advertizing GIVING where you register all the priorities and “hotelka“.

I is thousands of the websites which are ready to place someone`s advertizing. These “websites“ fill in applications too, but on PLACEMENT at themselves others advertizing then the code which they insert Into ANY place on the website is given by it.

Yandex / Google knows YOUR hotelka on keywords, finds the websites which contain the similar mere verbiage (which is most coinciding with your keywords) and inserts YOUR exiles to blocks on these websites. That is your references are seen by people who are obviously interested in this subject.

the Contextual advertizing is given the block from several text references. What it will be references, the owner of the website on which advertizing will be posted, does not know, knows only that references will be connected with subject of ITS website. Since for owners of the websites the price for each click directly depends on the number of displays of this advertizing, for them it is more desirable to stir blocks in a visible place.

About selection of keywords for a contextual advertizing We go here: yandex. ru/and here: google. ru/select/KeywordToolExternal

is a selection of keywords for Yandex and for Google (that it was possible to compare). we see

At Yandex, in one column - as this phrase in a month was often looked for, in the second WHAT ELSE words were looked for with such phrase. In Google - approximately also, only there in one column - the average volume of search, and in the second - the number of the competitors who are already placing advertizing for these inquiries. From this we can build the picture, what words and in what combination to group that it turned out optimum (not as at competitors, but in tops by amount of inquiries).

For example, we want the key phrase “business-souvenirs“. We see, it is chtoono not especially demanded, only more than 3 one thousand times were looked for in a month. More often “souvenirs, original gifts, gift shop“, but just “gifts“ more than one and a half million inquiries, just “souvenirs“ - 220 thousand were much looked for. And Google still prompts that density of the order of search “business - gifts“ at competitors - is already very high, i.e. you should not stop on this phrase. And here “gifts for colleagues“ - already 30000 inquiries, mean it is worth working this combination separately.

It is worth getting acquainted with the concept “stop-words“ at once. It words which cut search queries by some additional word. For example, the inquiry “gifts free of charge“ means business that the person is not ready to BUY gifts, and looks for a freebie. So, to us to exclude this inquiry from display according to the phrase “business gifts“ it is necessary as feet - to choose words “free of charge“.

the Text of the announcement for a contextual advertizing has to include keywords, but in “emotional“ giving. For profound studying article is recommended: novoselova. net/my - works/about - direct.

I, at last, the page of the website on which will follow the “contextual“ link has to be simplest in navigation and is informative, but not to load. Capaciously and briefly. That the visitor saw all options of elections, and to several clicks AT ONCE could make purchase.

SMM - Soshial of media - marketing - advance of the website in blogs, forums and social networks. This method is good the fact that advertizing of a resource goes by the principle of a gossip hotline, i.e. from the user to the user, but not from “the advertizing carrier“ to the visitor of the website. In this case it is more trust to “product“, coverage of audience is broader also than raznoplanovy. SMM is reached first of all by existence on the website “havayemy ashes“ news, video, media, references and other content which visitors will want to share with friends. The RSS form, that is simply possibility of addition of “news flow“ from your website in “A personal news feed“ of the user is extremely useful in this case (with an opportunity to read headings, but with obligatory subsequent transition to the website).

of K CMM in principle, it is possible to carry also such opposite thing as “trolling“. I.e. when you it is not simple “you create a subject“ on the blog or a forum, but by means of the “employed“ commentators (it can be also one face under different nicknames) you create “aura“ for this news, i.e. you beat it in an emotional key completely necessary to you, or you create a conflict situation - an intrigue which will draw to a subject attention etc. to

Banner the Internet - advertizing is an advance of the website (besides a contextual advertizing) by means of placement on other websites of the banners of various formats. It is carried out or by “exchange“ (mutual placement of references or banners), or purchase of the spaces on other resources. It is worth understanding that there are two types of payment: poklikovo (for each “tyts“ on your banner) or on time (the fixed price for a certain period).

Mailings is the any information on your website coming to the user directly to e-mail. Fundamental difference from spam that spam comes besides your desire, and the people “subscribes“ to newsletter in strong mind and sober memory. The form of a subscription can be both on your website, and on external service (three the main of them are presented on Puzzles - ru / (see the left column, the middle are slightly lower). Mailing can be adjusted so that each news added on the website automatically will go also on e - mails of popischik. But is more correct and more humane, to prepare mailings independently once a week, or month … for

Registration of the website in search engines and catalogs - a thing for searchers - obligatory, and for catalogs not too effective as the majority of catalogs have not high own TITs and a deep enclosure of pages before your reference. However, if there is a lot of free time, then it is possible to be engaged in it most though exist it - a line the services offering service of automatic registration (both for a fee, and it is free). It is necessary to understand that in most cases catalogs demand placement of a back link.

For a start - will be enough?