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Windsor - the most ancient residence of the English kings. What here it is possible to look at?

If you arrived to England, then cannot but see the masterpiece of medieval architecture which ideally remained till our time - the operating Windsor royal castle.

Approximately in 35 km to the West from London on the Thames River there is one of the most ancient cities of England - Windsor, about 40000 inhabitants and the most glorified lock of England here - Windsor (Windsor).

The city of Windsor is founded by William the Conqueror. The first lock was constructed of a tree in 1066. Stone strengthenings are built there in the XII-XIII centuries. Since Henry I`s government in the 12th century Windsor - the main summer country residence of the British monarchs.

It is possible to reach Windsor from London by trains which depart from stations Peddington and Waterloo, or buses (N 100, 702 or 718 of the Green Line line). From the station Peddington to Windsor of minutes of the 30th driving.

The city of Windsor is the stiffened English classics, everything is imbued with spirit of antiquity, feeling as though you in a dream. And around silence, any sharp sound, everything is silent and very decent. The mass of various souvenirs on all tastes.

Over the town of Windsor the well-known Windsor Castle towers. A modern type of the lock - result of changes and additions which were introduced in it by almost each monarch reigning since then.

The lock took “a medieval form“ as a result of the reconstruction which is carried out at Henry IV. The last restoration took place at the very end of the XX century, after the fire of 1992. The lock is property of the English kings.

It is the best of all to begin a sightseeing in the lock about the Round - a Tower. It is a big tower. Having climbed its 220 steps, it is possible to enjoy a wide panorama of the valley.

Near a round tower the state apartments with furniture and pictures from Royal meetings are located, among them there are Rubens, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Holbein`s masterpieces and others. The most part of halls is designed by the architect Uaytvil including the well-known Waterloo hall created for celebration of a victory over Napoleon.

In the lock remained several halls executed Hugh Meyem for the king Charles II among them there is a magnificent Royal dining room, with a list of a plafond of Verrio representing a feast of gods. Now Saint Georgy`s hall, most of all victim at the fire of 1992 is completely restored.

Halls look very strictly and majestically, in them surplus of luxury is not evident, it makes enormous impression, understand imperishability of the past, something enduring - eternity.

In the top rooms of the lock ceremonial apartments are placed. During official visits to them foreign monarchs stop. In east half of rooms personal rooms of the queen are located.

Saint`s chapel - George (Saint Georgy) is constructed in 1478 - 1511 - one of fine samples of the English “perpendicular“ gothic style. There is Henry VIII`s tomb, his spouses Jane Seymour and Charles I. It was Garter award time, over benches emblems and banners of Knights are hanged out. The ceremony of the Garter is still held here every year in June.

Other chapel where members of royal families - a chapel - Albert`s memorial are based, turned by the Queen Victoria into a monument to the husband prince Albert. Some asceticism and in too time a height are present at everything.

Greyt - park is located to the South from the lock. These are more than 800 hectares of violent greens. In gardens Savile - and - Velli the biggest collection of rhododendrons in the world.

Having passed the Po River to Vindzorsky Bridge, we get to Eton where there is an Eton college, the most known of the English closed private schools founded in 1440 by Henry VI. Windsor and Eton indissoluble whole is a layer of the English history and culture. The royal greatness and greatness of knowledge spliced together.

Eton is a set of the constructions built from a red brick in style of the Tudor dynasty. A schoolyard, buildings of the sleeping case and elementary school are dated the 15th century.

In the same place there is a sports town about which the duke Wellington said that fight at Waterloo is won on sports grounds of Eton.

And today the Windsor Castle - the favourite vacation spot of Queen Elizabeth II where she spends much time. If the queen in the lock - over it develops the Royal Standard. During presence of the queen access for visitors to some rooms is limited.

Windsor and Eton - the public, most beautiful and most interesting vacation spots located near London. Excursions pleasant to you and unforgettable pleasure.