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Active recreation and tourism. Classification of active rounds.

Active recreation - one of the most interesting and mass naprvleniye of tourism in the world. Annually millions of tourists of different age, sex and religion buy active tours of various direction. Presently automation affected almost all branches of human life, depriving of the person of physical activity and by that doing by his involuntary hostage to the laziness. As a result, physical activity decreases, surplus of weight, a disease, etc. of

appear As the considerable part of the life the population of the earth is devoted to rest, at the choice of a type of rest, people care not only for that that new travel was saturated and interesting, but also about that that it brought benefit to health. In this case the part of the population tired of a sedentary mla of inactive work chooses active recreation to spend time with advantage for an organism.

Active tourism, unlike excursion more positively affects a physical condition of the person, carrying out some kind of improving function. In turn Active recreation can be classified by the following directions:

Winter active recreation.

Mountain skiing, a snowboard Of course, the most known and expensive type of winter active recreation are mountain skiing and a snowboard (alpine skiing rounds). This type of rest is familiar to everyone, and is the most popular. For those who at least once in life got up on mountain skiing or a snowboard - it becomes a favourite hobby for the rest of life. It will be in turn fair to allocate such branch of mountain skis as telemark. Telemark arose in the Norwegian province of the same name at the beginning of 19 century. Actually is a technology of descent from mountain descents on skis with mobile fastening of a heel (as on cross-country skis)

of the Safari on snowmobiles. It is less popular, and rather young type of active recreation. Along with it the prices of this rest are not low, hour of hire of a snowmobile costs from 40 USD and above.

the Most specific on the present are ski trips.

Ski trips are very similar to usual campaigns, their only difference that standing you have skis, and to you it is necessary not only to go down on them as on mountain skiing, but also very often to rise uphill, or by the mountain. Recently ski trips found a new synonym of SKI - TOUR (a ska - round) which came to us from English and received quite wide raspostraneniye. There were special skis, fastenings and plastic boots (a good combination alpine skiing and climbing). This new equipment expanded possibilities of ski tourists, having allowed to combine ski trips with climbing ascensions on skis. The top Elbrus of 6542 m of N at became the most popular place for ascension on skis in the CIS. m. Special sk - round of fastening allow to fix a heel on descent, allowing to go down thereby from slopes as on mountain skiing.

Summer active recreation.

Summer types of active recreation are presented more widely. For the best perception it is possible to divide them into water activities of active recreation (a kayaking, windsurfing, kiting, yachting, diving) active recreation on the land (a cycle tourism, campaigns and tracking, spelunking, mountaineering and rock-climbing) and active recreation in the sky (flights on paraplanes, hang-gliders, parachute jumps) We will consider some of them.

of Kayaking - one of the types of active recreation, most popular in the western countries. Thousands of Europeans at different times leave year for the weekend the houses to walk on oars on a coastal strip of the sea, along picturesque steep coast or the beautiful flat rivulet, having admired the surrounding nature. Some even venture to throw down a challenge to white water, being alloyed on rough mountain streams. Gradually the kayaking finds popularity and at us.

Windsurfing is a hybrid of sailing and surfing. Simpler it is the sailing board reminding the small yacht, but with important difference: control is exercised not of a wheel, but a mast tilt angle with a sail, and by means of an inclination of the board from a board aboard. During the windsurfing movement the athlete has to operate holding the cross-piece called by the geek to arrange a sail concerning wind so that on a sail there was draft force.

Kitesurfing - a water type of active recreation which basis is the movement on a water surface under the influence of force of the draft developed by the kite withheld and operated by the athlete (kayty).

Cycle tours and cycle campaigns.

Cycle tours are rather young but very fascinating type of active tourism.

Despite the fact that. that the bicycle was invented still in 19 in, its long time was not used for serjezny travel in view of its technical imperfection.

the Bicycle long time was an urban view of transport.

firms release Now modern and reliable bicycles ready to any service conditions. Now many tour operators who specialize in active recreation will organize cycle tours in various corners of the world.

of Advantage of a cycle tourism:

Mobility and weight of the bicycle. The bicycle weighs about 20 - 25 kg, at the same time it with ease can be shipped in the train, the car, in difficult places to transfer on itself.

the High speed of movement in combination with small power expenses. Bicycle pedvizheniye speed under equal conditions is 5 - 6 times higher than at the pedestrian, at the same time the cyclist spends the number of calories comparable to movement on foot.

High passability. The bicycle takes the second place of honor on passability in the list of vehicles after a horse. The prepared cyclist is able to pass practically on any relief. In many countries the cyclist is the third participant of the movement. In the center of the cities and on a perefiriya bicycle tracks, and tunnels for journey of bicycles are laid. The list of the most bicycle countries includes such countries as Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.

Advantage for health. Prescribe many people with injuries of joints to which loadings are contraindicated cycle trips. It obusovleno as the fact that sitting by bicycle joints work with bigger amplitude, in the conditions of smaller load of body weight of joints, t. to the cyclist sits on a saddle, but does not walk.

of Feeling. The cycle tourist derive the mass of pleasure and impressions of control of bicycle, passing at great speed technically difficult sites which can cause difficulties even in pedestrians.

the Combined rounds.

The combined rounds are a good combination of various types of active tourism (a kayaking, the bicycle, tracking, rock-climbing) of

of Advantage of the combined rounds:

Kinds of activity alternate, replacing the friend - the friend. Every day it is not similar to previous. Thanks to change of types of activity, menyayutya routes of rounds and regions of their carrying out.

Work different groups of muscles. It allows to avoid discomfort in case of excess load of adaptation stages (for example after a trip by bicycle many people are hurt by muscles and a linking of a basin, to them often, next day it is very heavy to get on the bicycle again). In this case after bicycle day of participants of round will please tracking.

Informative factor. The combined round combines not one type of active recreation, and a little (rock-climbing, a cycle tourism, tracking). Participants of such rounds have the maximum opportunity to try many types of active recreation, and to receive the mass of positive emotions.

Author: Evgeniytrostyanetsky