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7 rules of communication

If you feel lonely among people if you feel like “derelict“ and to nobody necessary, then these recommendations will be useful to you:

1.) Learn to joke really ridiculously and to competently apply humour in conversation with others. It can learn to be done by means of really ridiculous movies, series and transfers. Watch them for the purpose of self-education in the field of satire and humour, and write down the most interesting and ridiculous jokes that then “flash them in society“.

Alas, the majority of modern programs will not teach you to anything, except trite and “toilet“ humour, therefore, they are absolutely unsuitable for study.

P. S. Remember that the sarcasm, as a rule, offends people.

2.) Expand the lexicon.

It is much more pleasant to b to communicate with the one who possesses an extensive lexicon.

In the States for this purpose people try to remember values several new words in day (they even have special dictionaries for this purpose). You can use the dictionary of synonyms, including online - on the Internet there are fine websites which will instantly find for you the necessary word, similar in sense.

3.) Try to concentrate on search of a new circle of contacts . Most likely, it will be difficult to you to convince the old acquaintances that you changed - they perceive you such what you were. But, naturally, do not throw old friends and do not refuse those who will want to communicate with you. With such advanced technologies as the Internet, you will not make special work to find to itself friends on interests. Try to pay special attention to those who live near you; after between you it will be tied more - less strong acquaintance, invite them to meet in reality.

4.) Talk as much as possible - it will help you to become more self-assured and not to be afraid to begin conversation by the first:

- Ask questions to passersby on the street, beginning from “What time is it now?“ and “How to pass on Lenin Street?“ (such street and in your city has to be :)); - Be interested in

in health of people around you: the set of cases when incidentally paid attention of the passerby saved life is known, pay attention to those to whom it is bad or sad, unostentatiously offer the help;

- Greet sellers of shops, neighbors in an entrance and in the yard and consult about their affairs; - Take

for the rule always to tell “Thanks“ in response to service.

5.) Read notes from the Incredibly, but Fact series - it not only will broaden your horizons, but also will make you the interesting interlocutor.

6.) The most important governed: be not afraid of other people . People feel fear, hostility, envy, pride and vanity of others and begin to behave as appropriate. Treat others the same as would like that treated you.

7.) Get to yourself the diary in which you will fix the changes happening to you, both positive, and negative. The negative result is result too - it will be necessary for you for an objective assessment of your acts and actions. Besides, you can always make a correction of mistakes of :)

By the way, you can create to yourself the blog : thus, you will be able to get comments and advice of people online and to quickly make corrections to the plan for transformation into the Master Obshcheniya. In what I also wish you good luck :)