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How to decorate a personal plot?

the Question of that as well as what to decorate a personal plot with, often are quite difficult. Especially if the site is small, and owners have no special talent to grow up flowers. However it does not mean at all that on a site only sad potato or beet beds have to last. Even the tiniest plot of land which is available at your disposal it is possible to decorate by the principle “cheap but good“, having made it graceful and original with a minimum of labor costs and practically with zero financial.

It is possible to begin, for example, with the same kitchen garden. Who told that it surely has to be sad and uninteresting? Pay attention as the tops of vegetable of beet or carrots artly looks. It is enough to put several pieces in ceramic pots - and the bed will completely change the look. Pots can be installed on racks, and it is possible to drive partially in the earth, such placement will give to a kitchen garden originality.

Also beds can be decorated with flowers. One - two lilies directly in the middle of beds - and a kitchen garden becomes elegant. The small patch with the Turkish carnation. Several poppies. A rose (only not trudging - having expanded, such rose can occupy considerable part of a bed). Bush of peonies. Several dahlia or asters. And instead of boring rows of carrot you receive almost a work of art.

On the one hand beds can be made a flower border. It is worth choosing the simplest and unpretentious flowers, for example, a calendula or barkhatets. They will not demand special leaving. At desire it is possible to surround a bed with a border from all directions - undersized flowers do not prevent weeding.

It is possible to create on a site that call small architectural forms, for example, a decorative pond. Of course, if the site is small, the pond will be small too, but nevertheless, even the tiniest vodoyemchik gives unique charm. At the same time, everything that will be required, it to get plastic preparation (are available on sale) the necessary size to drive it in the earth and to decorate at the edges. For ornament it is possible to use stones which you will find at a vskopka of beds.

And if you had a semicircular stone of the solid sizes, then at your twig the swan can quite lodge - enough only to paint a stone white paint and to thrust the metal pipe (small diameter) bent by “a swan neck“ to the earth. Such swan can be made also of the crane on a site, then you will have also a charming fountainlet.

Magnificent decorative beds turn out from a wattled rod. For this purpose it is necessary to establish wooden support on perimeter of future planting of flowers (rather thick branches of trees, a shtaketnik and so on approach). Height of support is the that height at which your flowers will grow. After support are established, they intertwine the rod cleared of knots and leaves. As a result such wattled “pot“ in which soil is filled will turn out and flowers land. At desire “pot“ can be painted.

Also “pletenka“ from a rod can serve as a decor for a bed. Establish them in key places (on perimeter, in the middle, with edge - depending on the size and a form of a bed), and the general view will strikingly change. It is also possible to make a rack for flowerpots of a rod and to establish it, for example, on the platform for rest. And even the tiniest platform will become much cozier.

Dream of many - the Alpine hill or rock arias. However the real Alpine hill demands careful selection of plants, care of them. If you have no opportunity to nurse the bed, and to have it nevertheless very much there is a wish, then it is not obligatory so to aspire to “a mountain nastoyashchesta“. The quite good “Alpine hills“ turn out from pansies, daisies, primroses. All this flowers unpretentious, not demanding special leaving.

The main thing - not to be limited to planting only of undersized flowers, and to add to a charm bed by means of high plants. Several bushes of flowers, several spread-out stones - and you receive almost Alpine hill. Let and not initial, but it will decorate your landscape at all not worse.

There are more imaginations and a little work - and you will have an elegant site of which it is possible to be proud. Besides, when it is beautiful, on it it is simple to have a good time. And even weeding of a kitchen garden stops being such boring occupation if this kitchen garden is appropriately decorated.