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Work without stress: how to choose?

Happen what you feel at work so intense what here - here you will explode? Some professions force employees to endure a stress almost daily, but is also such which allow you completely not worse to relax and feel, than on the tropical island. And the tranquility of your work will not influence your income - the salary can be very attractive.

So, we present to your attention to a profession with the smallest level of a stress. That them to define

, it is necessary to pay attention to those working factors which cause tension in you. What they can be?

A stress - a factor: “Help! I hate the chief!“

If work on the chief - the tyrant constantly enrages you, look at the following alternatives:

1. The owner the business / Businessman

Than it is convenient?

you will not never complain any more of the chief as the chief - it you are. Beginning the business or opening the business, you are responsible for the welfare and provide yourself.

I though there will be a lot of work, according to the researches of an index of wellbeing published in the Wall Street Journal, owners of own business considerably surpass representatives of all other professions in feeling of satisfaction with work.

The salary depends on what business you will choose, but your income can be higher, than you think.

Training: business - administrations you can study bases on the MBA programs.

2. The massage therapist

Than it is convenient?

Most of massage therapists work independently and independently, they are not attached to the accurate schedule so you will not need to worry about friction with the administration if it simply is not near. Plus, at your disposal always the weakening music and the comfortable atmosphere which renders on you the same weakening effect, as well as on the client.

Training: having completed massage courses, you study how the human body is arranged, and basic technicians of work with it.

Massage therapist`s salary: many massage therapists work for a part-time so their salary can vary considerably, but those experts who have experience earn about 3500 UAH, according to the www portal. job. ukr. net.

A stress - a factor: “I am just killed by daily trips for work and back.“

If to you to death bothered to get stuck in traffic jams, or to spend on an hour and a half for a trip one way, you should pay attention to those professions in which you can be engaged from the house.

1. The

programmer Than it is convenient?

you can be engaged in development of the software from any point of Earth where there is a connection to the Internet. Besides, given the last researches of labor market, programmers have the most advantageous position in respect of employment - demand for them remains steadily high.

Training: the majority of vacancies are intended for experts at least with the bachelor`s level, however sometimes it is possible to begin career, having only the certificate of courses.

The programmer`s salary in Ukraine strongly differs depending on the region, besides, many IT - experts work with the foreign companies. But average values are in the region of 8 000 UAH, according to the website www. developers. org. ua.

2. The teacher or the private tutor

Than it is convenient?

Communicating with children and students, you feel vysa a little bit more young and more cheerfully. Besides, tutors work according to own schedule, and can check tasks even from the house, by phone, Skype or e-mail.

Training: the diploma of the expert or master in that discipline which you intend to teach is necessary.

A salary of tutors in Ukraine: as a rule, the Stress - a factor begins from 80 UAH in hour

: “I want that my work was more creative!“ you Feel

that you choke in the office corner? Study those specialties which allow you to realize the creative potential.

1. The animator

Than it is convenient?

Is considered that when you are engaged in some creative process, it helps you to resolve the internal conflicts and to understand the emotions. If to you to liking this idea, then creative specialties can become excellent option. Of course it is not obligatory to undertake with running start animation - you can draw comics and be engaged baud - an art and to paint walls by a children`s holiday and to do portraits to order, and business is not limited to it.

The artist`s salary in Ukraine will depend first of all on that how fascinating portfolio you have.

Training: you can choose the corresponding art courses, proceeding from the purposes.

2. A web - the designer

Than it is convenient?

Studying a web - design and creation of the websites will help technicians to recover from a creative itch. Though work on projects, as a rule, has accurate deadlines, the majority a web - designers loves the work because it allows them to create something absolutely new from nothing. At the same time, work at office allows to count on a stable salary and that is not less important, you will not need to worry about the following order.

Training: quickly developing technologies in a web - design led to formation of a set of the training programs where you can choose that which most answers your purposes.

A salary a web - the designer in Ukraine: the skilled expert can earn about 8000 UAH, according to these www. jobs. ua.

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