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VARICOSITY CAN be CURED by means of the LASER?

the First attempts of treatment of such disease as a varicosity by means of electric energy began more than 30 years ago. Then a vein the electric conductor was entered, and heating of a vein was carried out. About 10 years ago on the basis of this method professor of Proebstle with coauthors from university clinic of Mainz (Germany) developed laser treatment diseases. Today a varicosity it is possible to treat by means of energy of a laser beam, fast and minimum traumatic procedure which does not leave postoperative hems and allows to return to usual life immediately.

Now endovenous laser coagulation - EVLK (EVLT- endovenous laser treatment) of such zavolevaniye as varicosity - the most modern alternative to traditional operations on veins.

Laser operation is more difficult technically, demands the expensive equipment and specially trained personnel which passed special professional development. It causes the high cost of similar treatment.

So why “to overpay“ for treatment when it is possible to win against varicosity also by traditional methods.

of Advantage and feature of laser treatment:

- treatment is carried out without

coal mines - lack of traces on skin from remote varicose veins

- fast restoration: next day after treatment the patient can come to work

- treatment is carried out under local or regionarny anesthesia. The general anesthesia is not required.

- almost total absence of a pain syndrome

- high medical effect

Intra vascular laser treatment allows to avoid such complications and states as: - a travmatization of the nervous terminations and lymphatic vessels passing near a varicose vein

- a travmatization of the fabrics surrounding a venous vessel

- a pain syndrome

- partial loss of skin sensitivity in a remote vein

- postoperative hypostases

the Main reason for which we even more often recommend to patients laser treatment - the maximum safety for the patient and restoration after such operation occupies

1 - 2 day. It was appreciated by the people leading active lifestyle.

As is carried out treatment.

the Surgeon punktirut a vein and enters the flexible laser light guide which coagulates blood into its gleam and obliterates a vessel gleam. The patient is written out or in the same day, or next day.

Advantages of laser treatment:

• Treatment is carried out without cuts.

• The maximum safety for the patient.

• Treatment is carried out under local or regionarny anesthesia.

• Short period of restoration (1 - 2 day).

• High medical effect.