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Whether giving is necessary to the sane citizen? A dive the head in a hole with sewage

Gladiatorial fights on a pitchfork and secateurs of thetas - and - thetas with the enemy - there is more to come that waits for the poor fellow - the summer resident. There are even more global problems. For example, the person owns the earth, and does not wish to be engaged in it. Here also the Russian land grows with a weed! The tall weeds a dark cloud hangs over many country possession. Also there are no people to move apart the condensed thickets that the distressful earth of the sun of throats involved... So, real problem.

5. Unwillingness to work with the earth

When you go on ill-matched country cooperatives, are surprised what huge number of sites with houses is cost thrown, not well-groomed. In some lodges are broken out. Nobody hurries to correct them. According to one chairman of garden association, about 10% of sites - “dead“. On paper owners, it seems, are. And so that to look after the property, there are no persons interested -. The chairman is indignant: “Well, you do not need the earth, do not look after, do not go - so sell to the one who will travel about to the earth, to care for it and the house. So is not present! To neither, nor people!“.

So, do not wish the earth. A burden it of And giving all one - monetary ballast . Pay land tax, for roads - pay, - pay for a land surveying. Electricity, replacement of columns, wires, water pipes and other - pay for everything. One family, the husband yes the wife, found - application to the seasonal dacha which got to them by inheritance. They put nothing. Employed Tajiks, those dug over all site. Owners set all with a decorative grass. Also began to come for the only purpose - to mow a grass.

That is, go on traffic jams, then will leave with lawn-mowers atilt and all site “under a hedgehog“ will tonsure. Beautifully? He agrees. But any more nothing is done. Pokosili, collected stock and again left to Moscow. Well, at least so. But nevertheless for part of the population giving - not used ballast. “A non-core asset“ as speak in business - community. In other words - one more headache. Here so the earth becomes excess freight which nobody wants to contact.

6. High traumatism

On a picturesque hillock of a cemetery rises an orthodox cross . From the photo of a tombstone watch eyes naughty once at the world. A look - that cheerful and is dead more than their carrier, so to speak.

The man at the dacha a chandelier got somehow in 46 years to hang up. Instead of the boss with a bulb. Wanted painted, cozier to make. In good time cut down traffic jams. Long ago wanted to make a handrail and hands all did not reach. Climbed up the second floor with a chandelier in a box. Wanted light and stumbled on a step and failed down. By the head in a corner from all move it was thrust, killed. And the chandelier broke in a box. In a second a family at the dacha lost the supporter. “Light in a window“ (the man often joked, and house nicknamed him so). Giving turned off a next world forever.

With a speed, mad for traffic jams, the ambulance car on the filled country highway flies. Cannot break - everything is hammered. “Schumacher“ the driver drives. But - will not be in time. Traffic jams. Carry the woman who was bitten by a snake on her seasonal dacha. The woman went to compost it was not pleasant to throw out a bucket with slops - a snake that with slops her rookery is watered. Short throw and sting. No, will not be in time to a bolnichka now. Traffic jams. The same summer residents captivated all roads. Will become one more cross one cemetery bigger.

the fingers Torn by a leg nail, cut off by “Bulgarian“ which are chopped off by the brush axe swelled from a sting of bees or a wasp of the person - all this in large quantities happens on dachas.

One man went to repair the bearing beams of a rural nuzhnik. The part of a hole is covered with a board. The man pottered nearby, the tool prepared. Also saw here that on a roof of a nuzhnik the bright UFO lies. Its kids - the daughter yes the son - cried a week ago that froliced with her and lost. Good plate, diameter powerful. Also the man on a roof got that pleasure children`s to get and return to the little son with the daughter. It was forgotten, on a board rose. That under weight also cracked plaintively … In a moment the man in shit appeared up to a neck, and, in direct, but not figuratively.

Any traumatologist will tell you - to a summer season in flocks there are people with injuries. Someone is not taken. The doctor is already not necessary to someone at all. Giving is sometimes not simply dangerous. It - kills.

7. You financially support strangers

Everyone who has giving in garden association, handed over membership dues. The accountant accepts them. Pro forma these “old pepperboxes“ - bookkeepers, have a notebook of 48 sheets. All debit - the credit is consolidated to three columns: 1 - I am number of a site, 2 - I am a surname of the owner, 3 - I am the handed-over handed-over sum. There is all tax law. The cash flow is found room in these three columns.

Do not forget that besides contributions to board it is required to sprinkle roads. Nearly all the year round! Probably, in the center of Russia strong seismic activity. And in areas of various garden associations strongly shakes, and, are expensive. Why the last are showered, and crushed stone goes to splits of crust and the chairman with the bookkeeper again need money for adding by gravel.

Pipes water also, it seems, are required to be changed constantly. Decay the moment. The chairman even scientifically explains everything: “There was a steel earlier! And today not metal is poured - plasticine! Decays, rusts - at once! Chemical process!“. I once joked at meeting that it is time for us to order water pipes from the titan. Also added that only space technologies, seemingly, will help us to overcome metal corrosion specifically in our garden cooperative. The offer was nearly put to the vote! I spoke almost in all seriousness.

So, having giving, all of you time bear money to foreign, in general, people. But what persons and dimensions have the chairman of SNT and its accountant! Probably, they only on a kartokha sit yes fast macaroni. And why a weight more they for two kilograms on 280 will have? Their kids - idlers in paid higher education institutions study though neither the chairman, nor the accountant constantly work with 9 to 18 anywhere.

Thus, rejoice: having giving and paying the numerous fees, you carry out noble, in general, mission - support a narrow circle of pensioners (the chairman and the accountant) and the growing change - their children, paying their education and visits of night clubs. Well, we, summer residents, big humanists!

8. Fatigue of souls... Izmotannost of muscles...

In principle, giving as that part of the life where spend days off, has to bear relaxation, rest. Five days a week the toiler “plows“ in the city, and on Saturday and Sunday God ordered to have a rest.

What is surprising, giving practically does not give such chance! Always on it there is some business. To dig up a bed, a grass be lop-sided, to beat the fallen-off board, a rake to clean foliage. The cloud of the most different types of works guzzles vacationers on their sites. And what these vacationers in the lawful days off show to the world and heaven? Correctly, the bum!

Get accustomed what cloud of the people, having bent, digs in beds in garden cooperatives! Only, I apologize, everywhere “the fifth points“ stick out - of bushes, of a grass . One grandfather so really crooked when weeding potato that “ambulance“ was called. And several people admitted that on arrival from giving to the city, to the apartment, they do not feel like holidaymakers. Absolutely!

On the contrary: “I from giving arrived! I cannot move and I will not go anywhere“. Or: “I from giving. Like a dish-towel“. Or: “I from giving. Muscles all hurt. I cannot get up“. Or: “I as though otpakhat three changes. And only at the dacha with a kitchen garden helped the mother-in-law. Dug, pulled weeds“. Here what responses go after visit of the country place that it is urged to relax a body and soul, it seems. Then giving exhausts many people more, than their main work.

However giving is not only tears and pain, but also surprising piece, however. About it is in final part.