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As Shalyapin to crafts was trained in

the Father sent Fedya to the doctrine to the shoemaker Tonkov who was to the boy also the godfather, and not just the master, the teacher.

Shalyapin remembered this time in years:

“I happened at Tonkov earlier, visited it with the father and mother. Very much it was pleasant to me at the Godfather. In a workshop there was a glass case, and in it on shelves shoe blocks, skin are spread accurately out. The skin smell very much attracted me, and blocks there was a wish to play. And everything was very entertaining. And especially I liked Tonkov`s wife. Every time when I came, she treated me with nuts and mint gingerbreads. It had a tender voice, soft and strange merged for me with a smell of gingerbreads; she speaks, and I listen spellbound to her, and it seems what she not words tells, and fragrant gingerbreads. Later, when I came to Kazan, being already an actor, meeting this woman and talking to it, I tested from her rich voice the same feeling air mint gingerbreads.

Giving me to the shoemaker, the father inspired:

- you Will learn to sew boots, a person you will be, the master, you will earn good money, and to us from you the help.

Ya went in shoemakers willingly, being sure that it is better, than to learn the multiplication table moreover not only one after another, and and in breakdown. And here still mother sewed to me two aprons with bibs! I Remember

there was a fall. There were frosts when I with mother went down the street barefoot, going to a workshop. On me there was a new apron. I thrust hands for a bib, properly to the real shoemaker. There were I and all looked around - as the Kazan people concern to me? The people, on primordial indifference to historical events, probably, did not concern to me in any way, but I was sure that all people think:

“Aga, here still was at us the new master!“

… I was accepted for good reason very jealously, but, to my surprise, business at me was not argued. At first masters did not pay attention to me, but soon began to be scolded!. But all - in the first day I was not beaten. I learned to Stitch

rather, than to roll out a waxed thread, but, of course, not without encouragement with clips. It is good still that the owner was a Godfather to me. Masters a little bit reckoned with it. But the destiny did not judge to me to become the shoemaker. Soon I caught a cold and got sick. I remember, I lay on the hot furnace, but it could not be warmed in any way … Then I came to be at home, and as in the sleep, I remember, went with the father on a cemetery. The father bore on a towel through a shoulder a coffin. In a coffin the brother Nikolay lay. And then I remember myself in hospital and near me, on a bed, my sister lay. At me legs terribly burned, precisely someone burned down them with fire. Some black person sprinkled on legs from a spray, and while it did it, I felt pleasure, and will cease - and legs burn intolerably again.

Mother, sitting on the sister`s bed, spoke to someone:

- What you, unless the person can cut a throat?

Before me everything shook, flashed. My head was full fog, but I all - guessed that the throat is wanted to be cut to my sister. It did not surprise me. There are not robbers, and hospital. Means, so it is necessary - to cut a throat. But mother did not agree to it, and the sister died. The turn was for me.

But I began to recover. Only skin descended from me, as from a snake. I tore off it big shreds. Then painful appetite was, I could not be sated in any way.

approached me the student Once and asks:

- Well, the brother what to you to allow to eat? Here we have cutlets, pearl barley soup and chicken soup. Choose something one.

Ya chose chicken soup, in calculation that will be at first - soup, and then - chicken. Also it was bitterly disappointed: brought me a bowl of soup and in it a small piece something. I ate soup and I ask:

- And where chicken?

- What?

- And told me …

- Ah, you thought, you the whole chicken will be given? Well, the brother, it is not …

It is a pity that does not happen!.“

When Fedya absolutely recovered, the father sent him to training already to other shoemaker - as considered that the Godfather indulges the boy - the father understood so that without cruel beating there will be no science.

Alas, old times, wild customs … Began

a sheer hell about which Shalyapin will write in the book “Pages from My Life“ later:

“At the shoemaker Andreyev I got to a vice at once … here I was forced to wash the floor, to put and clean samovars, to go with the hostess to a market, dragging behind her a heavy basket with provisions, and in general - penal servitude began. Beat me ruthlessly … I am surprised how they did not mutilate the boy! I think that it happened not on a lack of diligence from their party, and on the fortress of my bones. the Owner fed with

not bad, but I very often lacked time to eat to satiety.

A here still was very unsuccessful order: Russian cabbage soup moved in the general bowl, and all had to sup at first empty Russian cabbage soup, and then when the man on duty the master struck edge of a bowl with a spoon, it was possible to drag also meat. Needless to say that it was necessary to hurry to get pieces more largely and more often. And when big noticed that quickly you chew pieces, or swallow their nedozhyovanny, the man on duty the master hit on a forehead with a spoon:

- do not hurry, the bitch!

the Skilful person and a wooden spoon can put a solid tumor on a forehead!“

Before “study“ at Andreyev, after scarlet fever, the father still sent Fedya “to the doctrine“ to the turner.

I was bad too. In - the first, fed nasty. In - the second, work was heavy, excessive for the boy: “The owner often took

me with himself on the market where bought birch long poles, vershoks of two and three by thickness. I had to drag these poles home. I repeat, I was thin. At me bones stuck out everywhere. And I was only ten years old old. Once I dragged a tree and before became exhausted that, having thrown a pole, nestled on a fence and began to cry.

me approached some boring mister and asked why I pay. And when I told in what business, it took a tree, and accompanied with me, incurred it, and, having come to a workshop, became, to my amazement, to strictly tell off the owner:

- I will prosecute you! - he shouted“. That listened to

silently, but when the kind person left, cruelly beat the boy, keeping saying:

- You to complain?! To complain?!

A ten-year-old Fedya Shalyapin also did not complain at all. Just told mister that cannot bear a tree and is afraid to be late in a workshop.

Here so trained in crafts in those days … the Answer to the monarchists glorifying the tsar Nikolay and all that “arrange“ to


At any era - the skeletons in the cupboard.