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What does the youth do not know about us?

That we know, the senior generation.

That the generation gap, in general mutual understanding of generations costs many thousands of years. Still ancient Romans reproached youth almost literally the same as it happens now. However, Rome fell.

We know a set of vital and even philosophical concepts, at the same time I mean only the intellectuals. It is popular wisdom also blood comes over the years through pain, and, sometimes. And other rural grandmother is wiser than the novoispechyoeey engineer.

Main subject.

We, under the word we, I mean people of middle-income, or even below what is hunger, and that the family of money for ice cream has only an once a week. Though then did not die of starvation any more.

does not know Youth how to live in a communal flat, or in a barrack. Generally - it is bad. Though there were remarkable exceptions when people did not want to part to different areas. I lived in a communal flat where 52 families lived. There was also a mutual aid, and ukorot gave to the subdrinking neighbor.

Youth the fatherlessness does not know the word. It not a consequence of depravity, though it was, and just after Stalin repressions and terrible war - men, even disabled people, was not ENOUGH. The statistics can be found in the Internet.

The youth does not know that we misbehaved too and fought. But fights were only to the first blood, though went a wall to a wall against other yard. And, if cruelly joked on the angry teacher, then if who offended the favourite teacher, especially the teacher - did that dark and beat.

it was possible to Walk then to it is dark even to GIRLS, and parents did not worry.

We knew by sight our militiaman in the beat Nikolay Stepanovich and respected him though he also distributed clips to us - rascals. Also worried when he was wounded. The criminal, by the way, through the third parties was handed over by code-bound criminals.

At school, happened, children smoked though for it the beating at the director relied. But all little girls did not smoke. And came to lessons sober who to us beer will pour

- absolutely unfamiliar uncles here could flog. And “wheels“ then did not play about that to catch a high, about syringes and heavy drugs I already and I do not speak. It was not necessary to sob to the parents reading - overdose.

Used foul language, of course, but only quietly and among themselves, and also words which pour Zhirinovsky and others were considered as a mat. If who is forgotten and matyugntsya on the street, ANY adult will give a clip.

should not be explained WHY there is no it now - will hammer.

of Missile defense prompt falling of Quality of education is necessary separate research and a series of articles. I will tell only that in the senior classes of high school taught Logic and Psychology.

A here did not teach Ethics. As would tell Blame Down - ethics as honey, or it is - or it is absent. Ethics are cultivated from the first words of the child and further all life. There are exceptions, but I that all our teachers would be “New Pigmalionami“ doubt.

Ethics is when the father conducts the son, and gets up in the end of turn on buses. Then there were turns, but not crowd and passed without turn of weak.

Such case was remembered. In December, 1978 we were in business trip in Leningrad.

Business trip was difficult, worked with 8 30 to 21 30 when removed stress. It was necessary to run time in shop, to buy food for dinner.

Somehow colleagues went shopping, and I remained to smoke on the street. The dry old woman as it seemed to me even before revolutionary “pouring“ approaches me low growth. And here it issues the phrase which remembered, perhaps, not completely. “The young man, sorry, please that I tear off you, you could not do me huge favor …“. Somewhere by this moment I already morally ripened from such introduction to transfer it through the street. Here it finishes “if it does not burden you - to tell which now hour of time“. I, naturally, told. Received so florid official message of thanks, and, trying to return into place a jaw, began to think. The conclusion to which I came together with friends - is rather simple.

Not for me specially she learned these phrases, it was JUST BROUGHT SO UP.

I of course is interesting vision of young people on the future - “at first institute, then I will work …“.
I do not Even know, whether stereotypes are hardy, whether is a new trend.

without getting into statistics it is possible to tell that experts with the higher education more than 10 - 20% of the working population are not necessary. And the higher education not end in itself, but means to become the high quality expert and to receive an adequate salary.

By the way, decline in quality of education is not instant process. One of the first who sounded the alarm in 1976 was, the now deceased Nobel Prize laureate, the academician Ginzburg.

So argued all decent people presently.

It is possible to assume how, perhaps, considers youth that we embellish and presently water was mokry, and air - vozdushny.

It`s not true, they - water and air, were just PURER.

Conclusions. Actually you can do to

them. But there is one interesting fantastic story of G. Garrison “Absalom“. I recommend to read - it short, but instructive. In this story the father limits the son as envies his abilities. It - is abnormal.

Each normal parent is glad to progress of the children.

Now financially you live much better us. Here, however, all foreign toys smell slightly of the Russian oil. And, as if noticed Blame - oil, as well as honey, tends to come to an end.

I am a disabled person, but for some reason - I to you, youth, I DO NOT ENVY, and it is a pity.