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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 10 - 11, 2010? “Fight of titans“ and not only

To these days off on screens of Russia arrives new party of novelties. Party not really big (only 7 movies, are less than usually), but well completed. This time the following participants were a part of premieres: one absolute hit - the fenteziyny Hollywood blockbuster in 3D, three full dramas - Russian, Ukrainian, Greek and one - with comedy elements - American, the French criminal fighter and the detective thriller of coproduction of Canada, Japan and Brazil.

1. “Fight of titans“ (Clash of the Titans) - the Unambiguous hit and the favourite of this week (and maybe following, considering that soon 3D novelties are not expected). About a remake of the picture of the same name of 1981 of a lot of things it is already told and written. Hastily made a copy on modern technology, Louis Leterye`s tape it is rather sure the beginnings the hire of the American hire a week ago, having taken the first place boxing - office with the sum of 61,4 million dollars. The audience ambiguously accepted the movie, as from a point of visual special effects, and a plot position. Nevertheless, this week abounding with numerous serious drama works, “Fight of titans“, in fact, the only full entertaining movie. However, I would not become all - to a message on this movie of children. It is the fairy tale, but the fairy tale for adults, with big abundance of battle scenes and frightening monsters. I will remind that in a picture many Hollywood stars, including Sam Uortington (“Avatar“), Liam Neeson (“Hostage“), Ralph Fiennes (“Reader“) and the performer of a role of the villain Le Chifr are involved in “the Casino the Grand piano“ Mads Mikkelsen.

2. “Blindness“ (Blindness) - I do not know why some movies get to a wide release 2 years later. But I think that most of the domestic viewers are hardly aware of the fact that the tape the Brazilian director Fernanda Meyrellish left in world hire in May, 2008. Considering development of information technologies, I believe, those who wanted, already watched the movie. But we will leave questions of expediency of the letting-out CP Classic company. As for a plot, it bears to me to the popular fantastic novel of John Uindem “Day of the Triffids“ a strong resemblance. Only without participation of alien newcomers. In the huge megalopolis epidemic … a blindness suddenly flashes. People, one behind one, lose sight and become absolutely helpless. Only who kept an opportunity to see is a main character performed by Julianne Moore. Also Mark Ruffalo (“Shutter Island“), Gael Garcia Bernal (“Babylon“) and Danny Glover (“The deadly weapon“) are engaged in the movie.

3. “22 bullets: Immortal“ (L’immortel) - Apparently from the original name, 22 bullets are for effect. That the name did not get lost against the others especially as now not Soviet period and the French movies in hire do not cause a stir and turns in film cash desks any more. What can attract the potential viewer in movie theater in this case? Certainly, the main character - the gangster Charles Mateille performed by charismatic Jean Reno. Around the world Reno is considered the main French “the hero of fighters“ for a long time. This rank to it was rejoiced by Alain Delon and Jean - Paul Belmondo. And, the French actor equally successfully manages to embody on the screen as positive (“Leon“, “The crimson rivers“, “Wasabi“), and negative characters (“Mission is impracticable“, “Collector“). On a plot, the character Reno - one of godfathers of the Marseilles mafia, decides to depart from affairs and to retire. However mafia is not civil service, and the pension is given only once and lead here … Having survived after attempt at the life, the gangster decides to revenge cruelly the to “bewitched friends“. For all 22 bullets that was taken from his body.

4. “Greenberg“ (Greenberg) - the Drama with comedy elements from the director Noya Baumbakh is actually new treatment of “Oblomov“. History of Roger Greenberg who experiences whether crisis of middle age, whether an attack of impetuous laziness at the same time both is ridiculous, and is sad. It is unusual to see in a leading role of one of the leading comedy actors of Hollywood - Ben Stiller. However, we will not forget that Stiller, except roles of fabulous morons (“All it is crazy about Mary“ and “An exemplary male“), has also quite serious characters. For example in the picture “Eternal Midnight“ where he played the writer fighting against a drug addiction. However to the mass viewer everything is closer Stiller amusing therefore comedy tapes with his participation steadily become cash hits (“Night in the museum“ 1 and 2, “Soldiers of failure“, “Acquaintance to parents“).

5. “One war“ - the Russian military drama. The director is the famous actress Vera Glagoleva for whom it is already the third experience as the director. A genre - the drama. The plot tells about very difficult life situation - on one of the islands of Lake Ladoga several women with children live. The problem is that all children in these families are given birth from Germans - invaders and, despite the protection existence all living on the island live in dread of possible repressions. In one of leading roles Alexander Baluyev, and also Vera Glagoleva`s daughter - Anna Nakhapetova acted in the movie. It is natural that from the point of view of hire a drama genre - one of the heaviest. Nevertheless, there is a wish to wish good luck to the only Russian debutant of this week.

6. “A melody for a street organ“ - One more strange visitor of the list of novelties. Strange for the same reason, as the movie “Blindness“ as Kira Muratova`s movie last for today was released in free floating on various film festivals in 2009. And in film bases the picture in general is dated 2008 - m. But, I believe that these nuances will solve nothing in rolling destiny of this movie. As well as rather interesting cast of a tape - Nina Ruslanova, Renata Litvinova, Oleg Tabakov and the former participants the comedian - Masks - Show groups Georgy Deliyev and Natalya Buzko will not play a role. All problem is that Muratova`s movies are created for chamber viewing or display at festivals and reviews. They were always in very limited demand among mass audience. So it is possible to assume with full confidence that not each movie theater will decide to include in the schedule so an art - a hausny show.

7. “Canine“ (Kynodontas) - the debutant Last for today. Before us again a certain overdue release - the drama of the Greek director Giorgos Latimos appeared in the world slightly less than a year ago. Last year the tape was even managed to be noted in Cannes - the award “Special Look of the Cannes Film Festival“. Plot rather interesting - history of a family of five people (mother, the father and three children) living in voluntary alienation from other world. By itself, the word “voluntary“ concerns only to parents because children also do not know that outside a fence there is other reality. The only contact with a civilization is a girl - the security guard Christina who carries out special mission, satisfying sexual needs of the eldest son. Children will be able to leave the parental house only when at them the right canine drops out. However that this significant event will hardly take place “forgot“ to tell children … to

It is obvious that the lion`s share of the sold tickets is necessary on “Fight of titans“. Any of beginners of week will not be able to compete in this question with a large-scale Hollywood three-dimensional attraction. And how abused the movie of criticism, a mass shaft of the viewer on a new fenteziyny action it will not stop. The only tapes which can partially fill up the pockets on this background it is the French fighter with Jean Reno and “Greenberg“ with Ben Stiller. Cash potential of other tapes is almost equal to zero or owing to “neformatnost“, or from - for very serious delays with release.

Long “Fight of titans“ will manage to last at Olympus top hardly. Next week there are two strong contenders - the comedy “Mad Appointment“ with Steve Carel and a new picture of Mathew Vaughan “Fuck-up“. And by the end of April two long-awaited heavyweights - a remake of a legendary “Nightmare on Vyazov Street“ and the kryshesnosyashchy sequel of the superheroic comic book “Man of Iron 2“ will appear in time.