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How Shalyapin got acquainted with music?

Rural round dances, songs of women in the winter evenings, behind a yarn … Yes, all this, of course, left the print on Shalyapin`s love to music.

But was and still something. And “something“ belongs at the right time when Shalyapina already moved to the city.

At the householder, the merchant, one of daughters played a piano. Fedya was shocked by music - though first thought, hearing heavenly sounds that the maiden grinds a street organ. But soon the boy learned that the merchant daughter “beats out music fingers“.

I it often thought - here to learn so most!.

Suddenly as if on pike command, someone in the yard suited a modest lottery - was played an old harpsichord. Shalyapin remembered years later: “… the father with mother bought for me the ticket in 25 kopeks and I - won a harpsichord! I madly was delighted, sure that now I will learn to play, but what my chagrin when the harpsichord was locked, and, despite my humiliated requests was, did not allow even to touch it. Even when I approached

the tool, adults strictly shouted: - Watch

- you will break!

But when I got sick, so fell down not on a floor any more, and on a harpsichord. Sometimes it seemed to me: what if to open a cover yes to try - can, I already am able to play?

Ya long reclined on a harpsichord and it was strange to me: it is possible to sleep on it, and it is impossible to play! Soon the bulky tool was sold for 25 or 30 rubles“.

One more history from Shalyapin`s childhood was connected with music, singing.

Fyodor well remembered the cheerful smith to whom he helped to inflate furs, and for it the smith shaped to the little boy iron tiles for game in the grandma:

“The smith did not drink vodka and very well sang songs … When the smith began to sing the song, washing mother, sitting with work at a window, tightened to it, and terribly it was pleasant to me that two voices sing so harmoniously. I tried to adjoin them, and too carefully sang along, being afraid to confuse the song, but the smith encouraged me: - Drag

, Fedya, drag! Sing - at heart will be more cheerful. The song as a bird - let out it, it also flies!.

Though at heart at me and without song was cheerful, but - is valid - happening on fishing or lying on a grass in the field, I sang, and it seemed to me that when I become silent, - the song still lives, flies.

Once I who was seldom going to church, playing in the evening on Saturday near St. Varlaamiya`s church, came into it. There was a night service. From a threshold I heard harmonous singing. It Protiskatsya closer to singing... I noticed that boys hold razgraflyonny sheets of paper in hand; I already heard that for singing there are notes and even somewhere saw this ruled paper with black flourishes which could not be understood, in my opinion. But here I noticed something already absolutely inaccessible to reason: boys held in hand though graflyonny, but absolutely white paper, without black flourishes. I had to think much before I guessed that musical signs are placed on that party of paper which is turned to singing. I heard choral singing for the first time, and it very much was pleasant to me.

Soon after that we moved to the Cloth settlement, to two small rooms of the basement floor. It seems, on the same day I heard church singing over the head of myself and immediately learned that over us there lives the regent and now it has a practise. When singing stopped and choristers dispersed, I bravely went upward and there asked the person whom even badly saw from confusion - whether he will take and me in singing? The person silently removed a violin from a wall and told me: - Pull

behind a bow!

Ya diligently “extended“ several notes behind a violin, then the regent told:

- the Voice is, the hearing is. I will write you notes - learn! He wrote to

on lines of paper scale, explained to me what is a sharp, a flat and keys. All this interested me at once. I quickly comprehended knowledge and through two night services already distributed to choristers of a note on keys. Mother terribly rejoiced to my success, the father - remained is indifferent, but all - hoped that if I well sing, then, maybe, I will earn extra though Rublyovka in a month to its poor earnings.

And left: month I sang three free of charge, and then the regent put to me a salary - one and a half rubles a month“.

In “Pages from my life“ of Shalyapin a set of such here most interesting, vital stories. Perhaps we will turn over them once again?.