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Occasion of celebration of Easter of

What the holiday Easter is?

It comes from that time as Israel left Egypt । When Israelis were in Egypt - Egyptians had them in slavery । They suffered, but the Lord was with them । It supported them and at them more children, than at Egyptians were born.

And what further? God predetermined Moisey for liberation of Israel. It gave them the Prophet. Generally, some affairs went further (murder of the Egyptian, Moisey`s charge by his relatives and other).

What was then? Then God released the people from - under the authorities of the tsar of the Egyptian and his people.

Let`s learn in more detail what image is represented to us and will draw conclusions.

What such considerable for us (Ukrainians, Russians and other) in liberation of Israel?

It is an image of our release.

Let`s look at this image and we will tell what image Egypt had and its tsar.

Egypt - it is the world in which we live (it does not mean the planet, and this world - dissolute, guilty, dead in a sin), and the tsar Egyptian - this is a Satan.

Now we will substitute as an example which I gave at the beginning, our life.

Before Christ`s acceptance we were in enslavement at Egyptians and at the tsar (the world and a Satan). What was then? Then God granted us Moisey (that person who told us about Jesus Christ, that is the pastor of church), and then he brought us to the desert (our life) and we entered the promised land (we accepted Jesus Christ the savior).

Here so. But you ask: Israel had no Christ » before;. Yes, was not. But they went to the promised land in order that will meet Christ (Christ Redeemer).

Up to Christ people were exempted from a sin by means of the innocent person earlier (that is, sheep). All Israeli people put a hand on the innocent person without defect and then he was killed and eaten.

But came the Messiah and at once one victim forever atoned for our sins - last, real and future, original sin and sin of ancestors.

But it does not mean constantly to sin and live the flesh. If suddenly (incidentally) we sinned - when we repent and we call a name of Jesus Christ, God as just, forgives us and sins already does not remember ours.

Here what we were given the privilege. We praise the Lord and our God.

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