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Love triangle. What it - once to learn about change?

the Love is inconsistent and whimsical, not for nothing say that love not for something, and contrary to. The great force adjoining on madness capable to present the pressing happiness and to cast into the abyss of confusion, it blesses one on feats, and at others exhausts vital juice. Still none of great wise men found it exact definition, it is possible because it is impossible to understand it, it is only possible to experience, having forgotten about reason and following the dictates of heart.

She is sometimes fancy and goes on a thin edge of morals, forcing to forget the victims about the standard norms, provoking the deep internal conflict. How many crimes violent lovers for all the time of existence of mankind committed - it is impossible to count. One of its whims - a love triangle, the similarity of a geometrical figure sung in literature and art. What fascinating drama will be able to do without collisions of a love triangle? But one business with a sinking heart to watch destiny of literary characters or to sympathize with filmstars, and another matter independently to prick about top of this design.

Of course, participation in a similar performance to everyone is prepared the. It is possible to begin to see clearly unexpectedly once, by means of compassionate people around having found change of darling, or will of a case, having given to feelings, to create an own triangle. The third option assumes inversion of the first when earlier hidden marital status of one of participants becomes known. But happen also exceptions when all three perfectly know about existence of each other it at all are not weighed, trying to obtain a peculiar harmony.

But to you it is not necessary to confuse a triangle to ordinary change when the spouses tired with monotony seek elsewhere transient entertainment, without wishing to pull down a family. Or if you happened to cast in the lot with unruly nature which without love fleeting petty intrigues just withers from melancholy. For such the concept of a family is sacred, the wife / husband - the friend and a constant, and an assembly of mistresses / lovers is urged to strengthen a self-assessment and to brighten up existence. It will be necessary only to reconcile to such state of affairs or at one stroke to cut the Gordian knot if the concept about freedom of love is too unacceptable. An obligatory condition of our geometrical figure - two of the involved characters have to love the third. They can not know about existence of each other, but they are connected by the general feeling.

A triangle always the center of the conflict, originally one of the parties, the initiator of construction, receives the dose of adrenaline, decking himself life. Well and quietly only to the one who remains in ignorance, not for nothing is considered that ignorant sleep better. To live on a powder keg waiting for exposure - a difficult thing, even the most artless and ingenuous ninny can reveal foreign secret absolutely incidentally. And what the lover tormented with the choice when equally Liouba both parties of a triangle whereas one of them without fail has to be offered are also expensive.

Literary heroes from a hopelessness preferred to commit suicide and not only literary. It would seem, the triangle has no future, writers, poets, directors spent a set of gloomy paints, endeavoring to convince of it. But the paradox is that the unsteady figure delivering so many unpleasant moments to all parties is hardy illogically. Constantly there are people, voluntarily and selflessly drawing it on sand of own life. They are not stopped by lack of the love stories which came to the end with general tripartite prosperity. Not for nothing popular wisdom claims that superfluous third always. And love not vodka, you will not think for three.

What moves us, perspicacious and wise, to look for adventures, to deck life geometrical patterns? Everyone seeks to meet the love and that for the rest of life, dreams of it at night, looks for meetings. And here you already two, you with love look each other in the face, the sun shines only for you, the world around turned into a canvas on which the artist - destiny accurate dabs outlined your multi-colored love. Things are easy - it was necessary to carry by this feeling in years, having never given in to a temptation or not having appeared as the victim of circumstances.

Maslou, the genius of psychology, output once five main aspects moving people. Two of them it is sex and need to be to someone necessary. Only when the one who will share pleasure and grief, that with whom even comfortably to be silent is near who with we understand treats your shortcomings and does not provoke a low self-assessment, the feeling of happiness and harmony is possible. Quite so also happens when two love each other, enjoying every minute of communication.

But after a wedding time does not moderate run, life and routine tighten in a whirlpool of gray everyday life, and former ardent lovers sometimes forget that once they weaved fancy patterns of romanticism and did not allow to go out to passion fire. The fatigue and small disorders provoke house scandals, spouses move away from each other and become almost others. And once he or she crosses line to shake from himself catalepsy and again to feel taste to life. The spirit of adventurism and thirst of new push on feats, and so there is a wish to feel again exciting feeling of love and to see a rainbow.

If all of you - became one of the parties of a triangle of own will, then you should make a choice sooner or later. The earlier you will understand the feelings, the better for all participants. And your indecision does unfortunate two at once. Of course, Donna Flore and two of her husbands in Jorge Amado`s retelling represent the happy tripartite alliance, only do not forget - one of them all - was reduction, let also playful. But the little hostess of the big house from Jack London`s hint preferred beautiful death, actually, as well as Anna Karenina who got lost in darkness of love.

For some reason in life boiling of passions, jealousy look not so convincingly and melodramaically. Real triangles of an aura of romanticism and all are deprived in the majority here. These are authors put pathos graceful speeches in lips of the heroes, in realities the opened triangle is followed by ordinary scandal with tears and charges, slopping of pain and offense.

What it to be deceived in the best feelings once and to learn about change? Statistically, most often men are inclined to adventures on the party, but not always their intrigues are something serious and considered. Women, true by the nature, seldom go further flirtation, they are more far-sighted, are too dear to them a family and children that on a whim to destroy own fortress. Certainly, it is from outside much easier to argue and moralize, than in collision with a real problem, not to give vent to the gushed emotions and not to arrange a rough rating with the subsequent divorce then to be depressed and experience all subtleties and nuances of position of the party deceived and offended.

But nevertheless it is worth remembering in time that life does not share accurately on black and white, and division into right and guilty is especially subjective. So, God forbid, but once, having learned about presence of the third party, you should not arrange immediate punishments at all and to place all points over and . First of all, it is necessary to deal with himself and to come to internal consensus in questions of right possession - whether it is expensive to you guilty. If the desire to keep a family and darling is stronger than thirst of a revenge, then it is worth understanding a situation. To analyse the events from the objective point of view, to recognize nevertheless part of fault, nobody will voluntarily destroy own happiness.

The love triangle is similar to the “Bermudas“, it is dangerous, but is charming. But there is a way to avoid this test. It is necessary not only trust each other, to cultivate mutual respect and support, but also to avoid authoritativeness in a matrimony, and the most important - to be able to listen and hear each other. Never you should hope that you will be understood and so, hiding own discontent in a destructive look. Talk with each other, do not leave unresolved problems, do not hide the head in sand, avoiding unpleasant subjects.

And the most important - you give each other romanticism and protect your love, the finest that is in the person.