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The most “effective“ Advertising on the Internet of

In the majority people, having learned about a contextual advertizing of Google AdWords and other similar platforms, first of all at once throw in system big or not big but nevertheless money and start the advertizing campaign on all time.

In the majority this strategy allows to merge quickly the money in only several hours of days or at best weeks. But the situation can and be corrected, having spent all advertizing budget in several hours, not having got sense any profit.

Use these councils I strongly recommend, and your advertizing on the Internet will become even more “effective“ (and quotes it is not casual here). These are the checked recommendations, money really merges instantly, and visitors of the website not only completely not target, but also are insolvent and absolutely useless.

Council 1: “Even do not think... “

Even do not think to define the target audience. It is the last century. A modern method - to pick up and throw to itself on the website of all without analysis, as in the grocery cart! Than the audience, especially “effective“ (and quotes it is not casual here) an advertizing campaign is wider and more various. What the doctor registered.

Even do not think to spend 30 minutes to sit down and make a portrait of the target person, to try to understand what he wants that he reads, than is interested. Of course all this is absolutely useless and will only spend your time and will surely lead to the fact that the scanty number of people will click your announcements. You need the return, “crowd of jobless plankton“.

Do not forget about students - they click according to announcements with a speed of a sound and of course they are very target.

Council 2: “One Cliques and Million as a gift“

the Key to advertizing of the website or any other the resource Internet, the evident and bright announcements. It is as much as possible attractive words, will bring on your website as much as possible idlers, fans free of charge - free and just not far people.

Obligatory words in “effective“ advertizing and phrases such as: highly paid and simple work, it is free, for free, big money, click everything, I will give everything free.

A now a secret “The most ideal announcement looks so“:

One Cliques and Million as a gift!

It will be just the notice, is guaranteed!

Council 3: “Thousands of keywords of various subject“

Thousands of keywords of various subject use them all! Surely: names of alcoholic beverages, mobile phones, names of celebrities or world resorts and of course the phrase, directed to the anxious people, of course for our students it is necessary to include couple of hundreds of words too.

Use the word “tank“. 100% a guarantee, will help. Still I do not know why, but helps. Always to remember the main thing, words on subject have to differ from your target audience completely.

Do not forget about the phrase “highly paid and easy work“, in crisis and after it it is especially actual.

Council 4: “To dot Targeting Is not present, the Whole world here our answer!“

does not need to be operated a flow of visitors, that is to choose, the one who and from what country or the city is necessary to you. It is very convenient if your clients, visitors or readers are from you on other end of the earth or speak and read in other language.

We accurately know that any person can learn a foreign language and for the sake of your product or article of course will make it.

Council 5: “Not it is necessary begin with several cents“

the Price for click has to be more. What difference money will be merged for nothing, so why to save on trifles. As much as possible you pay for click, the more you will be fallen in love by the Finance Director of Google, announcements will turn on high positions for everyone, the budget will be exhausted during a moment of an eye.

It is not necessary to experiment and begin with several cents for click, at once begin with several dollars. The success will be provided.

Council 6: “Do not try to get profit“

This council the most important and without its observance nothing will turn out. It is not necessary to spend time for increase of the knowledge and experience. It is better to merge hundreds of dollars in the “supertarget advertizing campaign“, than to give them for invaluable experience and knowledge.

More than it is enough this article in my understanding to learn to work in the most inefficient way though I am convinced, the most part of advertizing figures act according to these councils. I can only congratulate owners of such campaigns they good fellows we think remove in a full tandem.

And finally we will sum up, the main thing not to try to get profit, the analysis of the actions and optimization of an advertizing campaign not ours of a method. We beat from a gun sparrows and very much we are proud of it.