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Own house

the Own house is not dream of everyone? The house is a complex for rest, for conducting the activity, also for sport. Here it is necessary to take location of your lodge into account. It is especially very important that it was built in the woody district. Very many do not understand on how many all narrow-minded air in the big city which it is impregnated with toxins from cars is harmful. And ordinary conditioners actually will not rescue from all soaring harmful substances in such big city complexes.

A the lodge constructed outside so poisoning district of the city will promote beneficial influence on your organism and in many respects to promote its clarification. You will increase blood circulation and you just feel all force of natural influence.

is known to All that wood involves bacteria in air and carries out a filtration. Therefore it is necessary to consider it first of all and at construction of the lodge it is necessary to consider need of use of construction materials of strictly wood origin.

of the Plate of OSB LDSP are one of the most modern building materials just made from a tree and which are the most useful to a human body as prevail an origin from wood of hvoisty breeds.

can Also note also need of an arrangement of a lodge near reservoirs, in particular lakes which give tranquility the constancy and silence. Thereby you will have a whole fortress surrounded with the most various conditions promoting not just feeling of pleasure beauty of the natural district but also to the fullest increase of your health.

the Woody district has an effect at once. All of us when we stop by in the wood, we feel a cool and begin to involve air, we will not captivate them lungs completely yet. We feel a smell of a fir forest or a smell of berries which already in ripe juice. And here we understand as the nature is fine. There is a desire to remain here, but not everyone is able to afford to live in such beautiful places. Work forces us to be restored to ordinary life where the movement reigns.