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What from us is wanted by women?

In one recent movie there was such scene where the man asks the girlfriend what is wanted by women. And it gives it terrible secret which, it is impossible to disclose at all. Having moved to it, she in a whisper admits - “Ourselves do not know what ourselves want!“

Of course it not so. Each woman in a couple of minutes can outline the list of treasured desires. If it is correct to ask questions, then it is quite possible to systematize requirements and wishes which the woman would like to show to the man.

You love bucks? All love bucks! And it is normal. To devour, live tasty in big own house, it is better than the one-room apartment. To have a rest the abroad, it is better than in the Crimea or at the dacha.

Any woman wishes stability. When there is a prosperity then the love it seems is. The husband`s task - to provide prosperity. As to make it - everyone chooses itself, depending on the imagination and opportunities.

It is not prestigious to work as the administrator, the teacher, the milling-machine operator. Why it is not prestigious? Yes because easily can dismiss and so on …. To not the owner and income so-so. Far better to have prestigious work and the impressive income. The impressive income (or not absolutely big, and so, about hundred thousand rubles) in the majority is connected with business.

Business - a thing unpredictable. Nobody knows what side he will turn back tomorrow. I have an acquaintance. Or perhaps there was an acquaintance. And so it, began to work on the Internet, first, nothing without understanding it. Then, affairs went well. Then, absolutely well. Then, had problems with tax. Yes such problems that lost everything and remained not that on zero, and in big minus. Slightly less than a year got out of debts. Was chosen. Now again “on a horse“. Also does not complain. And is engaged in such action which can suddenly grunt.

I will ask a question to ladies who are eager for security, etc. You could love such guy (if properly he to you is nice)? You would agree to guzzle caviar and to understand that in any fine day you, can appear not simply with anything, but also with debts? To live and understand what “terrible“ can suddenly occur?

No. It is not necessary to answer. And it is so clear. You do not agree to it.

And what to do? Bucks that hotsets.

Therefore option only two.

The first - to love milling-machine operators at plants, the programmers who are just serving and other hired

of slaves.

- to be moved the second on bucks, at the same time soberly to realize that from these bucks there can be not only an emptiness, but also big minus.

There is no stability in the nature! There is no stable hired work. There is no stable business. Businesses collapse. Discharge from offices because it too, someone`s business.

Phrases, concerning security and stability, very much amuse me. The whole world is a chaos which we try to order. At someone it turns out better. At someone - it is worse.

Business can grunt. To the apartment the plane can fly. If does not fly, then the car on the street will bring down. If does not bring down, then friends will bring. Or the bank will burst.


It is pessimistic? Yes, it is pessimistic! Perhaps not money is important, not financial security. Real estate. Accounts in banks.

Can something is important another! What is wanted from us by women?

As you think?