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Spring melancholy, depression, fatigue... How to win against the gray monster?

in the Spring when all nature wakes up, a human body sometimes begin “to strike“: all of a sudden the fatigue leans, thoughts become sluggish and sad, all literally falls from hands, and people around irritate and seem awful bores. It it came - spring melancholy .

It is possible to wait just patiently this strike of own organism, there will pass several weeks, and all will be adjusted, life will enter the habitual course, there will be an opportunity to correct all subquality work and defects allowed during spring melancholy, to restore the reeled relations, etc. But it is possible and it is necessary, actively to struggle with a spring depression, the benefit, at desire to win against it is not so difficult.

For a start we will try to understand what a misfortune such - spring melancholy. In principle, scientists placed all points over “i“ for a long time, having defined its main reasons. I will not try to place them on the importance, probably, for specific people they are shown in different degree, and even in general pass imperceptibly.

The most known reason of spring melancholy - banal avitaminosis, just is not enough for an organism vitamins, their quantity in vegetables and fruit from - for long storages considerably decreases by this time. Our state is influenced also that the organism begins “to be reconstructed“ on summer internal clocks, and, different systems of an organism do it on the, not especially seeking to coordinate the actions with “neighbors“. It is natural that harmony in an organism is temporarily broken.

By spring in an organism the fatigue connected with a lack of the movement, a hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), less active lifestyle at more plentiful food just collects (one New Year`s vacation gives an overload for few months). The most noticeable this fatigue becomes spring when is in an obvious conflict with the wakening nature. Necessarily we begin to pay more attention to the state, understanding that we became through chur sluggish, irritable and sleepy.

By the way, drowsiness is quite natural to this period. The light mode already changed, day became longer, and melatonin (sleep hormone) in an organism still continues to be produced on winter norm.

Scientists call also other reasons of spring melancholy, but not they are of to us bigger interest, and ways of a fast exit from this state. As one would expect, they are quite simple and banal, only it is necessary to get it together, to correct a day regimen and food. At the same time need for pharmaceutical drugs and biological additives, as a rule, does not arise.

First of all - vitamins and saturation of an organism oxygen. How at the minimum expenses to receive with daily food, vegetables, fruit and berries all necessary for an organism in spring time vitamins, it is recently already published on “ShZh“, I will not repeat.

To allow an organism to inhale spring freshness simply. Force themselves to make daily at least half-hour walks. If with it there are problems, just extend the way for work and back. For this purpose it is enough to pass 1 - 3 stops on foot, but not to pass on public transport, whenever possible choosing a route away from the streets loaded by cars. Always it is possible to find 15 - 20 minutes at the expense of a lunch break to walk or sit in a public garden, being heated on the sun, it so was not enough in the winter.

If there is opportunity, be engaged in fitness, visit a gym, buy any simple exercise machine which will allow to give itself(himself) physical activity of the house at any time convenient for you. It is useful to remember morning exercises, doing it at an open window leaf or on a balcony. If since morning to make small jog or to pass 1,5 - 2 kilometers a fast pace, and then to take a contrast shower, there will be enough charge of cheerfulness at least for half a day.

By the way, physical activity if it not ultraboundary, not only gives a cheerfulness stock, but also improves mood as promotes production of the endorphins which are positively influencing an emotional state.

Pay attention to the food. Refuse a winter habit to plentiful, greasy and high-calorific food. It is possible not to adhere to special diets, simply to introduce into a diet there are more vegetables, fruit, fish, dairy products, various porridges. By the way, it is possible to adhere at least partially to a spring post which exist in many religions. The main thing not to overdo, not to exhaust an organism, and to give it the chance to have a rest and start up energy which it spent for digestion of heavy food, for other purposes.

Fish and seafood, at least sea cabbage which are rich not only vitamins, but also minerals, in particular with iodine which, as a rule, is not enough in the spring for an organism are especially important in the spring. Do not forget that the food has to please, positive emotions are so important in the spring. There is the whole range of “pleasure products“ which treat dark bitter chocolate, bananas, a citrus, a fig, dates, a persimmon, strawberry, bitter red pepper, tomatoes, cheese and sheep cheese. Do not forget about spices and spices which can impact to the simplest food refined relish. Try to drink more natural juice, compotes, the tea with medicinal herbs promoting immunity strengthening.

Food - one of ways to derive pleasure. Do not go in cycles in calculation of calories and you do not choke with porridge if it is opposite to you. Always it is possible to make the menu so that the food brought joy and increased mood, without striking artful blows to an organism. In spring time it is necessary to indulge as often as possible himself, darling. And which of us does not like to eat well? Do not forget that the situation can turn the most usual dinner into something emotionally raised, and for all this the corresponding laying, candles and flowers on a table, a glass of good wine or champagne, pleasant music are only necessary.

Surely make what was long postponed for later, referring to lack of money and time, unwillingness to stand in a queue or somewhere to go, etc. You descend in theater, at cinema, on an exhibition, in the museum, spend evening at restaurant, buy something what dreamed long ago of - a fashionable accessory, spirits, cosmetics, new thing, ornament. If there is opportunity, go to a tour. It is possible to use a weekend tour which are offered now by many tour operators. Invite guests or you descend on a visit to people who are pleasant to you. In the spring new impressions, meetings, feelings which will help an organism to be reconstructed quicker in a new way are necessary.

Change of a situation, and, in literal sense helps to overcome spring melancholy. Rearrange furniture in the apartment, hang up bright curtains on windows and the exotic picture on a wall, put new knickknacks on a shelf, etc. Consider that bright light and color kill melancholy, it belongs also to own clothes.

In fight against a spring depression important not only desire, but also activity. As if you passionately wished good mood, having settled at the same time on a sofa, it is improbable that it to you will come. Change a rhythm of life and a food allowance, add physical activity and walks on air, look for new impressions and feelings, please yourself more often, then it will be possible to forget about spring melancholy, for it in your life just there will be no place left.