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City of Naberezhnye Chelny. Whether we know everything? In spite of the fact that Chelny Emb. seems to young people, the city the rich historical past has

. According to archaeological knowledge, already in 3 - I eat century BC in those places there were settlements of srubny culture, a bronze era. However, Yar Chally we can carry annalistic mentions about the basis of to later time. At the request of the famous mullah Mirkhadzhi Nakkar in the chronicles of Bakhsha Iman in one thousand six hundred vosmedesyaty notified on the beginning of history of the city in one thousand hundred seventy second. Later, in the 14th century Yar Chally becomes for those times quite big center of the Yarsky region of the Bulgar kingdom. Reached us that in 1367 brothers Frantsisko and Domenico Pizigano on the card the city was designated by the Italian merchants as sounded at the Bulgar not Yar, and Heat. In eight years in 1375 the same name of the city could be found also on the Catalan atlas. In Slavic chronicles of record about the Emb. Boats are dated one thousand six hundred twenty sixth. A certain Fedya Popov at the head of a community of peasants of Yelabuga passed the Kama River to found the settlement on other coast, having given it the name Chalninsky of repairs. After it called Coastal, Careful and already then Naberezhnye Chelny. At the time of the Volga Bulgaria places at which modern Boats and Tukayevsky district are was part of this state. There is the main version of such name that on Bulgar the word ChAL designated the STONE, and on - Turkic ChALLY-STONE FORTRESS. In 1650 - the ohm by order of Alexey Mikhaylovich in the place where Chaln`s river flows into Kama was put to year the Cossack town. Entered its purposes defense against the Kalmyk and Nogai attacks. In these times in this district there were inundated meadows and many lakes rich with a game and fish. By the beginning of the nineteenth century. Boats become rather big and significant trade village where there was a large pier on Kama. The decision of the Central Committee of Communistic Parti CC and Council of ministers in one thousand nine hundred shestdesyaty year about construction in Naberezhnye Chelny of Kama automobile plant for release of cargo cars KAMAZ was the most significant event in the history of the city. Parallel to construction of the auto giant the Resolution CM of the Soviet Union of June 9 one thousand nine hundred seventieth years “About measures for a city building Naberezhnye Chelny“ was approved Now in Boats there live more than 500 thousand inhabitants, are the second city in in Tatarstan on number of the population and take the thirty first place in Russia. In the city representatives of many nationalities comfortably get on: 90 percent of Russians and Tatars in identical shares and desyatprotsent of Chuvashs, Ukrainians, the Bashkir, Maris, a mordva and Udmurts. Exist and work 17 national - cultural communities.