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how to learn a telephone scam of 2

I do not know as whom, but my environment, and personally I was already got by fans of telephone stains. Recently called, reported that I won the next home theater. From experience of communication with flimflammers it is possible to reveal several signs on which it is possible to draw a conclusion on reality of a lottery. Scam signs.

Quite often call with mobile, allegedly it was easier to phone. Ask from what region call, and then check whether really number belongs to this region (gather in Yandex “to punch telephone number on base“ you will find the list of regions there. Dial number in line of the specified region, he clearly will eat there or not. Though it is possible more simply, having just called back, and posmoter how many money from balance wrote off. For example from Samara to Moscow minute costs 7 rub. If was written off less, means disturb local or at least lie. Worse if was written off more - double divorce - also number paid means, the type if money is not paid, so for chatter we will write off!

To inquire as much as possible information. But it is quiet, allegedly out of curiosity that those did not prick up the ears.

- As is called the company which carries out a lottery. And as is called legally (like “Tehnosila“ really JSC Nakada, etc.)

- its address and the

index - What model of movie theater.

- On what website information is provided more detailed

They have to is assured to answer, you is sure will call the address. Sometimes they call

nonexistent models or as in my case told that this model for 120 thousand rub, and on the Internet it 70 costs. On the website which they will surely call we come and we check information. It is possible and call back there. Reaches what is told by them from Moscow, and the company really is in St. Petersburg. (prizes from the Amtel company)

If there is no Internet, to call back to a porosita from city number, having honestly commented “Suddenly you are mosheynik, call back with stationary, at me it to be defined, I will punch number“ If number not to be defined, or to be defined as short - most likely a scam, Short also will be paid.

Mosheyniki in turns of speech NLP actively use. If Through the offer the word “vyygrysh, money, the sum of a nachilen to take away the prize“, etc. polyavlyatsya

it is worth pricking up the ears. Besides speak very quickly and many or repeat the same words and phrases as robots, involving the interlocutor in a rhythm.

Taxes and anti-recessionary actions. Without having waited for your answer, will report that it is possible to take away a money equivalent, at the same time taxes the company - the organizer undertakes. What generosity! It is necessary to dopatit Vega 3% and to transfer them into the account of the company, specifying number of the cash card in requisites, or virtual purses as “WebMoney“, then even the declaration it is not necessary to fill, the company for you will make everything. Remember, the deklartion is given by the taxpayer and subscribes in it. Or makes out the written power of attorney, with own signature too. No “Samsung“ of it has the right to do! From any prize cost over 1 thousand. rub, it is necessary to pay taxes, and a gemor on submissions of declarations nobody will undertake.

Prize-winning will come the translation “Blitz“ or to others. If you insist, to pay a tax through savings bank, flimflammers will hint that it long and boringly. Or will give the natural person for the translation that it is also illegal. If the action is carried out by the legal entity, then and it is necessary to transfer something into the account of the company, all the rest telephone divorce. Give money to the uncle.

It is possible to check when the purse where it is necessary money is created it is necessary to transfer. And complaints on it. All this is checked on the Internet.

Call time. Usually ring days off or holidays, early in the morning, when people in good mood, and trust in the best, besides it is more difficult to check information.

Saving of time. Ask decisions to accept quickly, Pip reach the device of mobile payments, be registered. For this purpose it is for some reason obligatory to put the sum on the phone not less than 500 rub moreover through Yandex money or other payment service providers. To sgeniroirovat a personal code, etc. Ask in this case, “and the smaller sum is not suitable for generation of a code?“ They will tell that they are not present. Then precisely scam. And it is necessary to make it exactly today, and that the prize to another will leave. Solid offices if contacted the winner of a competition, will provide it time to understand everything. And will hardly transfer another a prize. And suddenly the first meticulous will appear, on vessels will wear out!

And in general, as a rule, if you did not participate in an action, you in winners will not be chosen. Exceptions make actions by the chaotic choice, then about it has to be written on the website of the company and capital letters! And it is simpler when flimflammers start conversation on money which you have to list, tell that you have no such sum. Whether will call back then?