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Dark segment of the Network, or you would Buy the child a service pistol?

Think, the answer is obvious. Then why with quiet soul we buy to it the computer (as option - we start up for the), without having taken care of the minimum safety … Is not present

, I do not mean our hotly loved “electronic friend“, I speak about the child who uses it.

is A little about our children

All or almost all know that the computer needs to be protected from viruses, trojans and other evil spirits that he did not get sick and long time pleased us with an opportunity “to sit on the Internet“, to communicate to friends, even to perform part of the work of the house, sitting in an easy chair, near the TV.

The fact that the child (and ourselves) should be protected not less, and maybe is more, it seems too all understand. But as threat is intangible, is not obvious (not the gun, eventually), not many think of it or further talk business does not go. Many just buy the computer to the child as a payoff, if only daily exasperating requests stopped. On it parental guardianship comes to an end, just over time we begin to notice the changes happening to the child.

In one of articles read by me on Internet open spaces, the author told that she would prefer the Internet - dependence any other. I cannot agree with it. Dependence what noble purposes would not be covered, remains dependence. It is impossible to hope that over the years everything will pass. Some addicts recover too, but the bulk …

this problem began to interest Me not so long ago. Several months ago.

Wash 6 - the summer son as usual climbed to me on knees during my “sitting on the Internet“. Everything was as usual. I looked for something there, he quietly sat and observed. What was farther for certain happened not only to me. He asked what is done the uncle and the aunt on the screen - over there in a corner. It was shock!!! Having gone deep into searches of necessary information, not always you notice where conduct hyperlinks … How to explain 6 - to the summer boy that this process by much is pleasant, and some on it make money? But I have also a daughter whom 12.

Whether you tried to play “spies“ sometime and to observe what your child when he is online looks at? Open “magazine“ of the browser and look (if, of course, the child does not clean it) on what - such resources your child “hangs out“? I think, you learn a lot of new about the hotly beloved son (daughter). Having thought over it, not indifferent parent will come to a conclusion that it is necessary most to be able to block the courses and openings in “a dark segment of a network“.

One more example. So-called free online - games which in actual fact are not so free. If it is java - game, then an opportunity to get some infection (a trojan, with all that it implies …) to themselves on the computer increases many times. In other cases “purchase“ of some abilities, opportunities, the weapon etc. for electronic money is supposed.

We too played in due time “war game“ and “knights“. But it was not associated with pools of blood and the meat smeared on walls. Now and it is necessary to represent nothing - everything very colourfully “lives“ on the computer screen. And children very often “sit down on... game“, in any case the children who quite took place adults spend precious time and money for games. But the last though earn.

is A little about ourselves.

If to take the Internet as the phenomenon in general, then the perfect analogy to real life is looked through with the naked eye. All signs of both the good, and bad phenomena are present in full. There is both a theft, and greed, and the passion going all limits, murders and treacheries, diseases and epidemics there.

Gaming machines cleaned from streets, but in the Network where look, suggest to play everywhere. Not important, in cards or in a roulette to do some fighting or grow up a kitchen garden (of course, it is easier to process a virtual kitchen garden, than real). Almost free of charge. Only does not make a reservation in rules that through a small period as soon as you sit down on game, it will demand from couple of rubles to hundreds of dollars a month. And even it is more, depending on what you will play. Which - where in mass media speak about it, but it is a voice crying in the wilderness.

Computer diseases (viruses, worms and many other things) if not to begin to divide them into categories, affect not worse than some “bird flu“. But … Made a noise, talked and calmed down. Formatted the winchester if could not cure, and all. And who will cure the broken children`s souls?

If to you the phone bill where it will be in black and white written comes: to pay negotiations with Ivory Coast, and you not that could not speak, but do not even represent where it is, will be revolted up to the depth of soul and will not begin to pay. But at the same time, having the unlimited Internet and paying only its speed, hardly you will be strongly upset if once it turns out that the lion`s share of your traffic leaves in the unknown direction. And it is not so simple to learn it, without having some skills.

You, communicating in some chat, you control as to whom you speak, but whether it is possible to be sure that your child does the same? Opportunities and ways to get at the child personal information 10 times more than at the adult. You constantly warn beloved “kid“ not to communicate on the street with unfamiliar. And when he is online?

It is no secret that by means of advertizing sell goods, form public opinion, our habits and desires, put stereotypes of behavior and views. It while on television and radio there is an any censorship. Though it is possible to argue on its quality long. Present how many opportunities appear in the Network where everything is uncontrolled. I will tell at once: I am not a supporter of total control (not we live in China). Therefore rescue of drowning - is farther you know …

there was a set of sects and clubs as in what well-known prince Florizel participated. Children get who just for fun who from “good“ life there. They are attracted by a unique opportunity to put “on game“ the destiny.

This article not the appeal to the authorities to strengthen network control. This address to parents with a request is slightly more attentive to concern to the children. To forbid is the worst that can be made in this situation, and to manage to check - an urgent need. Look narrowly more attentively at the child. Try to see and understand that disturbs it, pushes away and vice versa that very much attracts.

If all of you - bought the child (gun) the computer, learn them to use and to be protected, and teach the child, having explained to him that on the Internet almost like in life - there is a lot of bad, but also good there is a lot of.

Main - not ability to pull the trigger, and the nobility, where to aim.