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To pay for the guy or not to pay? The Girl pays

for the guy...

Pays to cinema... Pays to cafe... Happens, pays even in the subway...

What it from the guy - excessive thrift, avarice, greed, or cunning? An illness or “dexterously settled“?

Perhaps, for a family such thrift - not bad quality... maybe not good, but not bad, it precisely. Such person has every chance then, after creation of a family, to drag everything to the house, in a mink. Would be what to drag. Practice shows that the people who got used to live at the expense of others and to count on others in itself are not well-founded.

Whether it is worth holding such gentleman? Controversial issue. On the one hand, the answer depends on feelings which the girl has for it. On the other hand, it is necessary to find out and take into account that after all moves the guy - avarice, cunning or circumstances. By the way, the last is not the softening reason, and as soon as drags on - turns into cunning.

Over excessively economical gentleman it is worth working... But only in case there is no best candidate... And if there are feelings. To leave it never late... The main thing it is enough not to make investments and time in it by then not to hold it from - for enclosed.

A situation when the girl systematically pays for the friend - in cafe, in theater, in the museums - in a root not correct. And it is the fact. Still it would be somehow possible to understand system of “equal payments“ when everyone pays for himself or accounts share equally. Such system is considered the normal phenomenon, and is even welcomed, in the West. But we have in Russia other mentality. So it developed that the normal, respecting herself and knowing the own worth girl will consider offensive to pay for herself and especially, to pay also for the man.

On the other hand, the real man does not ask money from the girl, not to waste time on trifles, pays for himself and for the girlfriend and if for her there are not enough means, then looks for, to earn as if. It qualities of the husband - the getter. Otherwise, he is not fit for anything.... in life it is difficult with it.

A situation with money - a character indicator. She will tell you about much. For example about the one who, in case of creation of a family and the child`s birth, will be sent on a maternity leave and who will provide a family at this time. Who will care for funds for new furniture and repair, and who will sigh for an occasion of unsuccessful work and eternal crisis...“ Well, anything... Happens worse... It is good that there is a darling, and that though she with work was lucky.“

But that can be even worse, is that our fan of a parasitic way of life actually just cunning and lovkoustroivshiysya the impudent fellow, but not the gawk - the loser incapable to apply brains and to earn money...

And in this case, leaves, he just uses kindness of the girl, in other words, uses it... And here, at least two slippery moments - very painful and dangerous. One of them is an understanding that you were “had“ that in itself it is offensive and unpleasant as forces to feel like the swindled foolish woman. The second moment is that there will be a danger of treachery from the unreliable friend. Finally it will surely leave as soon as finds a feeding trough more generously, and the girl it will be necessary to count with a wet nose moral and loss of property.

So if nothing not suspecting girl is banal use, it does not do well the girl any more, even to the guy... Still Oscar Wilde told the gold phrase: “The self-sacrifice has to be pursued under the law. It will demoralize those for the sake of whom go on the victims. “

How to arrive in such situation, to solve only to the girl. Only she one is able to glance in depth of the heart, to weigh all pros and cons, to count financial costs and... with quiet soul and without any regrets to send the hero wherever one wishes.