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Than the cosmetics is harmful during pregnancy?

Pregnancy - a surprising gift from God and the nature. Accepting it, maternal instincts are already informed on much though it seems that the knowledge comes suddenly. What is useful and what can do much harm to future child? The Wednesday surrounding us bears the mass of various information. Let`s say the favourite skin for washing will be harmful to your kid. This question is rather difficult and demands serious consideration. Scientists, investigating a problem, first of all, note that all substances which it is expedient to you to avoid can be divided into several big groups:

of K of the first to group belong the substances breaking work of endocrine glands, - they can break normal process of course of biological processes and cause neurologic, behavioural and reproductive defects.

To second - the substances remaining in environment. Thus, they do not break up during the long period of time and keep the properties, including, and negative.

A groups are included into structure of the third bioaccumulative, collecting in our organism and capable to pass from father to son.

the Reagents exerting negative impact on an organism surround us everywhere in our life,

however to try to protect as much as possible themselves from contact with them, it is necessary to know where it is possible to face potentially dangerous substances.

according to scientists, the first risk group are made by cosmetics and perfumery. In particular, shampoos, soap, deodorants, perfumery waters etc. Business in volume, their feature consists that they contain the preservatives and other additives causing allergic reactions such as eczema and asthma.

But the greatest concern cause:

1. Parabens . Results of the conducted researches, according to Women`s Environmental Network, show that parabens easily get into skin.

Exists several kinds of parabens. The main objective of use of parabens - as long as possible to keep the validity of a product. Parabens can cause a breast cancer, also exert negative impact on reproductive system.

2. Phthalates . Unambiguously the pregnant woman should not have them in the use from - for the toxicity and negative influence on a fruit. They, unambiguously, should not be used by the pregnant woman owing to the toxicity and negative influence on a fruit. Perhaps, in the summary to cosmetic you will also not find in composition of phthalates, but, for certain, they are present there if at production of this means such fragrances habitual to us were used Is proved that even they can cause premature birth and make an adverse effect on sperm.

3. Fragrances . You should not forget that this name belongs to more than 100 potentially steady and allergichny components.

4. Salicylic acid . It is a part of many anti-aging creams and lotions, and also the special means created for fight against such problems of skin as spots, callosities, warts, rash, psoriasis. Salicylic acid is the main component of aspirin. Try to avoid it.

5. Metiliezotiazolinon . By scientific neurobiologists, for example, it was proved that such widespread ingredient of many shampoos and hand creams which is used as means of fight against bacteria and preservative of new generation can work great mischief to health of future child. Scientists claim that this chemical, getting into nervous cages of a fruit, perniciously influences his brain. According to the American neurobiologists, antiseptics metilizotiazolinon (MIT), being a part of many shampoos and other personal hygiene means, possesses ability to break formation of nervous cages of a fruit. Cosmetologists speak - not harmfully, and here doctors and scientists approve the return. The researches conducted by researchers of University of Pittsburgh proved that if the pregnant woman uses shampoo, or the lotion containing even microscopic quantity of MIT, then it is enough this quantity in order that, having got into blood, to cause irreversible violations of development of nervous system in her child.

make the Second risk group washing and cleaners. It is necessary to distinguish from the most dangerous substances which can be found in production of this group.

1. Triklozan . This is the antibacterial agent who is added to some pastes, cleaners. At the same time is the element polluting environment.

2. Alkylphenol ethoxylate . According to experts, contains in some laundry detergents, means for removal of spots, hair-dyes, detergents and means on care of hair, spermatotsita. At the same time this element is known for the property to break work of endocrine glands.

3. Quickly evaporating organic compounds (VOC). Today they are widely applied in products of household chemicals. However experts note that products with these substances are harmful not only in use, but also at storage. And distinguish from quickly evaporating substances:

Tuolen. It is dangerous that causes risk of the birth of the child with neurologic disorders and problems of development;

Ksilen . According to scientists, it is capable to cause congenital defects. But, despite it, contains in the majority of aerosols and air fresheners.

of Special attention deserves that fact that if the pregnant woman often is affected by VOC substances, then at it, according to Washington Toxics Coalition, the quantity of headaches increases by 25% and for 19% the risk of developing of a postnatal depression increases.

belongs To the third risk group repair and gardening. Starting repair or having decided to be engaged in gardening, you remember that paints, solvents, preservatives, pesticides, oils, varnishes, materials for consolidation - all contain toxic elements. And also especially quickly evaporating organic compounds. by

during pregnancy it is necessary to choose very carefully and carefully goods necessary for you, preferring the products containing as much as possible natural components. To use natural and if to be more exact, organic cosmetics. It will allow to keep both the health, and health of the kid. Such cosmetics will be ideally suited for future mother caring for herself and the future child.