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How to the woman to glorify Misters? Maria Sibylla Marian`s history

I was always occupied here by what fact. For the man to be a figure, the creator, in that specific case the artist - as though it is organic. “Muzhchinnost“, belonging to the stronger sex is not accented in any way when we speak, for example, about Titian or Van Gogh, Constable, Repin, Rubens... But if the artist - the woman, this fact though the art critic though the simple viewer will not fail to note!

It is clear, at various times the public morals ordered different norms of life for the woman. Let`s tell, these norms could dictate to ladies an ustranennost from occupations though crafts (except for “ladies`“: a kruzhevopleteniye, zolotny sewing) within family tradition (the smith`s widow who made an armor for Heath Ledger from the movie of “The knightly saga“ is remembered about it), though arts.

Especially women would have to take offense at “our everything“ - the dear friend Alexander Sergeyevich who in “Onegin“ gave out: “Do not allow me to agree god on a ball or at travel on a porch with the seminarist in yellow a chalet or with the academician in a cap“. Of course, not about arts here the speech, the sun of the Russian poetry of an opportunity did not allow for I will allow to go in for sciences.

Well, God to it destiny, and history of both the Russian, and world culture disproved long ago the thesis. However, if the speech about the personal choice of Pushkin - I grazed: tastes differ, especially in views of women.

On me, so neither talents, nor strength of the personality depend on a floor. Other people, all the same - men or women, reconcile with foreign will, with what they prefer to consider as the destiny. And others choose to themselves a way, overcome obstacles, do the life.

Here Maria Sibylla Marian (1647 - 1717) was such strong personality . She is not a regal person, not the hetera, not the warrior. Botany, entomology - here the sphere of its interests. And still she is an artist. And the talent was placed by it at service to the scientific occupations.

Maria Sibylla`s father was an artist. Her stepfather was an artist also. In a peculiar circle of artists and handicraftsmen to the successor of Merianov as was not to choose the same field? By the way, here to you the excess proof that not the word is the education tool, and a good example of parents.

Mother said to the girl that her destiny dictated by laws of a floor - household chores, housekeeping. And the example of the father, then stepfather specified: this is the real work pleasing to both God, and soul.

However, there was also a maternal example (but not words!) housekeeping: Johann Sibylla held a workshop on production of silk - and the daughter in that workshop looked after caterpillars. Perhaps it was defining in formation of the relation of Maria Sibylla to “disgusting creatures“ - to caterpillars?

Maria Sibylla`s father - the Frankfurt burgher of Matthaus Marian, the draftsman, the engraver. It is known most of all as the publisher. Died early, in 1650 - daughters then there was the fourth year. Over a year later the husband of the widow Marian became Jacob Marel, the painter, the master of flower still lifes - here it - that and was the real teacher for the young stepdaughter.

But to be engaged simply in painting, drawing and an engraving for Maria Sibylla appeared a little. Attracted its not hereditary craft, not an opportunity to fix the nature, its events. Attracted a way of the researcher, scientist. The scientist, generally, - in that sense as its activity was understood those years. She became the recognized master of so-called botanical drawing and created creations, faultless on graphics and picturesqueness. In combination with the accuracy of an eye of the observer and the analyst`s brains the result was magnificent.

Seventeen-year-old Maria Sibylla married the artist Johann Andreas Graff, in 1668 gave birth to the daughter Elena, in 1678 - Dorathea Maria. Concerning a child-bearing it is necessary to specify that in the biography there could be only pregnancies which came to the end with birth of the viable baby unsuccessful (still births, abortions) biographers had the right to disregard.

Ioagann Graff`s family changed the residence - settled in Nuremberg, in Frankfurt am Main. But material difficulties were constants. Maria Sibylla between the hobbies began to paint cloths - and “composed“ paints resistant for this purpose.

In 1685 actual “travel“ of family took place. The husband returned to Nuremberg, the wife was included into religious community of labadist and lodged in Frislandiya, the northern Netherlands province. In 1691 it arrived to Amsterdam. In this city she also happened to meet the end of life, she died on January 13, 1717.

All this is only chronological points. Between them the maintenance of life appears. Not private events, but having common cultural value. There are books with its drawings: in 1675 it is published 1 - I am part of “The book of flowers“, in 1677 - m - 2 - I; in 1679 - m - 1 - I am part of “The book about caterpillars“, in 1680 - m - 3 - I am part “Books of flowers“ and “The new book of flowers“, in 1683 - m - 2 - I am part of “The book about caterpillars“...

In 1699 Maria Sibylla is the elderly woman hardly differing in the twilight of life in magnificent health, goes to Surinam! Two years` travel crowned the edition in 1705 of the book “Metamorphosis of Surinam Insects“. The second editions of books about flowers and about caterpillars are published...

Tells such fact about popularity and the authority of the Netherlands artist and the researcher of the nature. The Russian emperor Peter I got for the collections drawings, Maria Sibylla Marian`s water colors, her book.

“I wanted... to present a divine miracle to glorify God as the creator of these smallest worms...“ - Maria Sibylla Marian so explained an essence of the work and meaning of life of the. Do not consider it ridiculous. Everyone chooses for himself a measure of responsibility to himself, society, before God, service forms.

Again I will return to “The knightly saga“. To the main message of this of the hokhmovy, generally, movie. What, I so understand, was the following: “Be to yourself an owner! Do the destiny! Do not obey conventions!“

Here who is free and courageous - only this way and can!