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Whether the man of iron will be able “2“ to win against “The dark knight“?

come back on April 29, 2010 to big screens Tony Starck, Pepper Pots and other characters of “Iron Man“. Continuation of story about the next superhero carries the artless name with serial number 2 and suggests the viewer to plunge into the witty and eccentrical atmosphere of comics again.

Also there are all bases to believe that collecting the sequel will establish a new cash record.

Even Starck, despite the lack of charges of false modesty, is hardly able to afford so loud statement. But, nevertheless, this forecast is really feasible.

According to just published polls which monitor spectator expectations from future premieres the second part of the marvelovsky franchize from the director John Favro can brag of just amazing results. All statistics are spoken with confidence that “The man of iron 2“ can surpass achievement of “The dark knight“ of biennial prescription. Let`s remind that the well-known movie of Christopher Nolan meanwhile is a champion on gatherings of the first Wick - an enda (158,4 mln. dollars - without inflation) and deservedly it is considered a role model in a question of “removal of cream“.

We will remind also that the second place in this rating is taken by the third (and the last today) part of adventures of the Spiderman (151,1 million), and an honourable third step of a pedestal - at the sequel of a youth vampire tape “Twilight. New moon“ (142,8 million). As you can see, all of the three first places are taken not by originals, and continuations. Moreover, in the top ten in general only two movies which are not the sequel or a trequel. It is recent “Alice in Wonderland“ (6 - y result - 116,1 million) and after Tim Burton`s fairy tale very first “Spiderman“ settled down (7 - e the place - 114,8 million) .

And here “the lord of cash desk“, James Cameron`s “Avatar“, in this list occupies only 29 - e the place with modest financial result in 77 million. However, as history showed, sometimes stability presents much more impressive indicators.

“The dark knight“ started to three-day July Wick - and 2008. The first picture about adventures of Iron Man left the same year, but slightly earlier, in the spring. The character for the viewer was new and unknown for the main part of audience. A movie star Robert Downey Jr. only - only began the dizzy return to Hollywood (then there were “Soldiers of failure“ and “Sherlock Holmes“ who finally approved the actor in the status of the superstar). And the director John Favro to “Iron Man“ had in career of nothing remarkable (who remembers that “Zatura: The space adventure“ is its child too?) .

And, despite all above-mentioned, the first days off “Iron Man“ carried out very surely - 98 mln. dollars (15 - e the place in a rating), and as a result collected more than 318 million in native hire.

However nothing prevents the sequel to pound this figure in powder. And it in many respects thanks to Robert Downey Jr. as the demographic analysis of polls shows that participation in the movie of this actor attracts huge female audience (from 20 to 40 years). Also great interest to the movie shows also the man`s population (from teenagers to 40 - summer men).

All these figures speak about much, but the most important is the general atmosphere of expectation which cannot be estimated material indicators. So, for example, at last year`s meeting of Comic Con in San - Diego, the presentation of the movie collected enormous audience that happens that you knew, time in several years. The release of trailers “The man of iron 2“ nearly undermined normal work of the YouTube service.

And according to data of one of studios - competitors, “Iron Man“ is in the list of the most popular franchizes of Hollywood, along with “Spiderman“ now. Even the fact that in 2 last years ticket prices surely grew cannot prevent this fact. However, it is unlikely it will help the “flat“ sequel even to approach improbable figures of the last year`s 3D blockbuster of Cameron close.

Nobody argues - it is impossible to compare financial records to creative breaks. “The dark knight“ all - became a cultural phenomenon. It was adored by critics, the viewer loved, and fans recognized as the best movie about the superhero of all times and the people. Whether will belong to “The man of iron 2“ also - will show time.

Anyway, the combination of high expectations, excellent casting and competently thought over marketing campaign quite can uplift continuation of “Iron Man“ on the top line a hit - parade. By itself, not forever - eventually, “the Batman 3“ already not far off.