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Whether there is an advantage in a condition of sexual excitement?

Sex is useful to health and beauty? Yes, and once again yes! This statement more than once proved by scientists, psychologists, physicians and cosmetologists continues to be discussed hotly on broad lands of the Internet, on intim - the forums and forums devoted to beauty and health in many scientific and not really articles and just in the companies of adherents and in a circle of close friends.

For a start let`s give accurate definition to the concept “sex“. So, what will be told on it by Wikipedia:

Sex (Latin sexus - a floor) - in a broad sense, the activity of an individual directed to realization of an instinct of reproduction, a reproduction. In narrow sense, set of mental and physiological reactions of the person, the experiences and acts connected with aspiration to show and satisfy sexual desire. For the first time the use of the word “sex“ in value koitus is registered in 1929.

Agree, this definition not especially inspires and here does not “smell“ of romanticism. Does not smell also of feelings of excitement and pleasure, not to mention usefulness of sex for health and beauty. Of course, except for advantage of “reproduction“ and “satisfaction of sexual desire“.

And all of us know, more than once tested in practice, more than once proved the return that sex - piece very pleasant, allowing to express the feelings to the partner most to receive a lawful share of pleasure, to discharge the accumulated sexual energy, to practice physically, at last, to test a new pose from “Kama Sutra“ and just to kayfanut.

Besides, during this fascinating process in an organism of its direct participants rough biochemical reaction, not similar to anything, begins. The cortisone - the glucocorticoid hormone, the second for the importance, stimulating a metabolism and providing the person with feeling of boundless happiness is as a result allocated.

Add to the aforesaid powerful emission of adrenaline - the main hormone of brain substance of adrenal glands which forces to work with absolute efficiency all human bodies. Here also receive very pleasant occupation with elements of considerable advantage to health of the person.

But there is more to come! Thanks to sex and sexual excitement:

1) it is lost just improbable (from the point of view of weight loss!) number of calories;

2) amplifies blood circulation;

3) decreases the content of glucose in a liver;

4) become more active all power reserves;

5) decreases cholesterol level in blood;

6) is normalized a blood pressure;

7) is developed immunity against flu;

8) blood is enriched with oxygen;

9) relax bronchial tubes;

10) is carried out prevention of a heart attack of heart;

11) is stimulated work of a brain;

12) becomes aggravated a scent;

13) is treated caries!!! (I give to readers an opportunity independently to solve, at whom exactly of partners);

14) shakes a bottom at women;

15) are eliminated back pains;

16) occurs balancing of hormones and their activization;

17) is added to hair gloss and growth of nails becomes more active;

18) a face is cleaned from eels;

19) are smoothed wrinkles;

20) is removed a depression and stress;

21) decreases aggression;

22) increases speed of reaction;

23) is treated prostatitis and cystitis;

24) improves mood;

25) lasts life!

Actually this list can be continued endlessly. Physicians are not tired to prove advantage of sex and nearly in each news put forward the new theory proving this fact confirmed with numerous researches, polls, figures and the facts from life.

It is sure what many readers already begin to poyerzyvat on a chair, to knock nervously fingers on a table-top and to guess what they spend time for reading of some article, but are not engaged in “business“?! Here it is also worth noting that sexual intercourse, and how many a condition of excitement is useful not so much. Therefore even presence of the partner with which it is possible to indulge in “improvement“ and “complexion improvement“ is not especially important. It is important to find the object of adoration causing in you the corresponding emotions.

No, do not think, I do not call you for abstention and long-term stay in a condition of sexual excitement (it will just bring a certain discomfort). Just try to prolong this intriguing and erotic feeling, at times expectation of “holiday“ many times surpasses “celebration“.

And how exactly you will derive pleasure and advantage - to solve only to you: independently or with “assistant“, in a pose of “lotus“ or “missionary“, times a week or each 3 hours, in a bed or on a kitchen table …

the Choice for you, misters! Health to you, youth and beauty!