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What mystical connection between a portrait and the person consists in?

They say that a portrait - a window to the soul … Also say that each portrait is a conscience.

What is a portrait? It is only a question of other question. Portraitists, representing the muses on canvases, try to distinguish their essence, to see their soul and to represent it, but not a corporal cover. Each work is somewhat a self-portrait.

A portrait, from the scientific point of view, the image or the description of any person or group of the people existing or existing in reality including art means.

Similarity in a portrait - result not only right transfer of appearance of portrayed, but also truthful disclosure of its spiritual essence in unity individually - the unique and typical lines inherent in it as to the representative of a certain historical era, a nationality.

But what this mystical property of portraits to influence destiny of represented is connected with?

of History is known many cases when portraits changed destinies. Generally it is of course historical events with the tragic end that is natural, human memory surprisingly carefully stores tragedies.

It is worth taking in an example the most surprising and the picture concerning mankind, “well-groomed“ rumors and legends throughout long centuries - Mona Liza - the owner of a languishing look and charming smile.

Leonardo da Vinci worked on the next picture when in his workshop was messir which made very interesting proposal to the artist: to write a portrait of his wife, certainly, for high payment. Next day “heroine of the occasion“ also came to a workshop together with the husband. Mona Liza was then twenty four years old and she was madly beautiful … Four years Leonardo worked on a portrait, but did not manage to finish it. Its muse died, and, and under what circumstances - it is unknown. More precisely in this respect there are many hypotheses...

Similar, quite tragic history happened in 1996.

One of the richest people of that time, Alfred Higgins decided “to immortalize“ themselves and the family. In total in a month the picture already flaunted on a wall in a chimney hall: Mr. Higgins, his wife and two charming daughters - twins onboard the yacht. The picture was executed in bright color, a hand of the remarkable portraitist Mark Quinn. As it was already noticed above, history ended tragically: did not pass also weeks as Mr. Higgins died from internal hemorrhage, and then his wife from severe psychosis was hospitalized. Said that it occurred because of the artist who painted a picture, allegedly he sold soul to a devil and painted pictures a devil brush. But as presently sceptics prevail, we will reject these conclusions.

Between the person and his portrait also the writers inclined to esoterics were interested in mysterious communication.

In the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray“ Oscar Wilde described mystical Dorian`s communication and his images on a canvas. In work the guy, considering the portrait which is just finished by the artist Basil, without knowing that, concludes the bargain with a devil and “from now on it finds immortality and eternal youth, and his soul on a canvas will grow old and incorporate all sins of Dorian“.

Edgar Poe in the story describes history of the artist painting a portrait of the beautiful wife and when the portraitist having heaved a deep sigh, cleans a brush and screams, looking at a portrait “Yes it is life! “ at last turns a view of the wife. It was dead … Some religions, for example, Islam forbid

writing of portraits. One of precepts of God says: “Do not do any image of the fact that in the sky above and that on the earth below and that in water is lower than the earth“.

Art critics claim that similar happens to artists with special, very strong power. Representing a muse on a canvas, it selects at her all her internal energy, embodying it in a portrait. They explain these the movement of a hand of the aged man in a picture which is stored nowadays in the Edinburgh museum which name of the author nobody knows.

Besides, claim that the picture can affect destiny portrayed how the artist treats it. Unfortunately, it is also noticed that the more close relation between the artist and a muse, the more dangerous to a muse creation of such portrait.

Igor Vagin - tanatolog - considers that the portrait is the biopower information phantom of the person. In an anger fuse the wives thrown by husbands (or on the contrary) tear photos incorrect, subconsciously wishing to cause them the same pain. Portrait stronger in this regard structure.

the Voodoo doll also has some relation to this subject as the doll is an embodiment of the person.

But whether it is already all about power of the creator? Psychologists also assumed that pictures badly influence the person and kayy - that in the way change its destiny from - for spatial proportions which depress mentality of the person...

From this it is necessary to draw a conclusion that it is necessary to treat portraits extremely carefully that this peculiar tradition did not affect also us …