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What does Austria attract tourists with? Salzburg - great Mozart`s city of

Salzburg keeps glory of one of the most beautiful cities of Europe long ago and by right. In the city there are always a lot of tourists. They are attracted here by beauty of the city and vicinities, mass of sights and the museums. Not least interest in Salzburg is connected with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born here and carried out youth.

In the city carefully store memory of the great fellow countryman. In Salzburg in the middle of the 19th century the monument to Mozart is established, two museums in houses where he was born are created and lived, the set of churches and buildings in which it executed the music is connected with his name.

It is better to begin survey of the city of Mozart with the monument to the great composer established on Motsartplats. The bronze monument was opened in 1842 in the presence of the composer`s sons. The sculptor Ludwig von Schwantaler, creating a monument, did not strive for portrait similarity, considering that it is more important to transfer spirituality of the composer. On the square several times a day it is possible to hear as bells of church of the archiepiscopal residence vyzvanivat Mozart and Haydn`s melodies.

The following object connected with Mozart`s life is nearby, it is the Old residence of archbishops. Now in it the big art museum. Here in the hall of Conference six-year-old Mozart participated in the first in the life concert. From the residence it is possible to pass to the Cathedral in which in 1756 christened Mozart. The beautiful cast font remained, it can be examined. By the way, it also is a historical relic as it is made in 1321. In this cathedral young Mozart repeatedly played on the organ, executing including own works.

From a cathedral nearby to the main shopping street of the city - Getreydegasse. On it there is a Museum - the apartment in which on January 27, 1756 in a family of the vice-conductor of the archiepiscopal yard Leopold Mozart future composer was born. The museum occupies three floors of the building. There is not a lot of original things connected with the composer`s life in the museum, but in it the typical situation of that time when there lived Mozart is recreated. Here it is possible to see several violins and clavichord which young Mozart, and also original letters, scores, family portraits played.

Museum expositions acquaint with works of the composer and features of his life in Salzburg. In this house Mozart of veins approximately till 17 years, however, often left on a tour, at first under the leadership of the father, and then and independently.

Subsequently the family moved to other house on Makartplats in which now the museum is created too. It is possible to reach it on foot minutes for 10 - 12, having passed on the bridge the small river Zaltsakh. The house is interesting that since 1711 in it parties of dances were given for what the big dance hall was equipped, from - for it the building received the name “Tantsmaysterkhauz“. During war the house seriously suffered from the American bombardment. Actually, in it only the dance hall which by miracle escaped, all the rest, including the apartment of the composer is original, it is recreated, however, very scrupulously.

In the museum the interesting exposition devoted to Mozart`s creativity and development of music in Salzburg is a lot of original musical instruments and home decoration of that time. For survey of the museum it is possible to use the audioguide.

Near the museum the former central cemetery of Salzburg on which there is a family grave Motsartov is located. But Wolfgang Amadeus is buried not here, and in Vienna on Saint Mark`s cemetery in a common grave of poor people. Now in Vienna on the central cemetery near graves of great Austrian composers and musicians also Mozart`s grave is issued, but his remains are not in it.

In Salzburg carefully store memory of Mozart, having made it, in fact, the main brand of the city. Even the local airport bears his name. In city shops it is possible to buy the candies, liqueur and spirits called in honor of the great composer, various souvenirs and records of his music. By the way, if you are going to buy Mozart candies, I advise to take them not in company Mozart little shops, and on the Market square where they just the same, but are much cheaper.

Salzburg became one of the centers of musical life of Europe for a long time. Annually in January “Week Mozart“, and in the summer the Salzburg festival for which the best performers traditionally gather is spent here. Concerts take place in the grandiose Palace of festivals, in dvortsovo - a park complex Mirabelle plums, in theater Makartplats, and on many scenes and the open areas on all city.

It is sure that the handsome Salzburg among which magnificent architecture great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart`s music continues to live for a long time will remain in memory of all who come here.