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The female friendship of

Is not invented story, and the real history.

Female friendship... what after all deep meaning is enclosed about this phrase. When I very much believed that the female friendship exists or I just wanted to trust in it. When I studied at school though it was not so long ago, all that 2 years ago, us was 4 girlfriends. And it seemed to me at that time that as will separate nothing us. as I was mistaken. Though, life such piece that you should not blame someone for it also I and I do not blame. After leaving school all of us as that ceased to communicate, all had some cares, all of us matured also all of us any more not those that were earlier. Here only among these 4 girlfriends there was with me only one, on the present the girlfriend, a support in my life, never swore... and as though someone maleficiated. Once in the summer everything changed, the female friendship lasted to the first guy who was pleasant to both of us. though is not present, not at all so, it liked my former young man whom I at that time as did not meet a year. There now probably she so long suffered and waited for that moment when they are able to be together and waited. I if honestly was even delighted that it had a guy, I then had already a groom and I practically had no time for the girlfriend, I was with the groom all the time. and it became easier for me when learned, as at it appeared what now - certain, but care. here only their relations lasted only a month and they left and after that it very much exchanged. Broke on me when we saw each other and at once just stated everything that it appears was with it on the evil to me. It became very painful to me and any more not for itself, and for it is offensive, well, it seems, then reconciled and there passed absolutely small period when she as broke loose. And I did not begin to be silent, quarreled and did not talk any more. If it is honest, I thought that everything will manage, but then I learned as she dismissed about me rumors and it already on the present touched me. Already nearly a year as we do not communicate. Will seem to some strange that a year later I still think of it... well it is logical, it not the stranger and I cannot forget everything as if the nightmare which dreamed me at night. Hard and sadly from the fact that there is no that support which it gave me that there is no person in whom could trust, and there was only an unpleasant deposit, nostalgia on the past and grief, grief, grief... I for myself decided that the best friends are not necessary to me more. I have just friends who at a difficult moment always nearby which support me, but I them do not call the “best“, just because, probably lack of this word removes any obligations. But at heart I lack it very much and I very much reproach myself with the fact that I could not just keep silent that evening and everything would manage, let it was not right, but I could just keep silent. but now all bridges are put off and to return already nothing will turn out. I have such secret motto: “Everything that does not become, all to the best“.

On that we probably and people to make some acts, and then to be sorry about them very long.