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Homeless child. Criminal or victim?

in the country exist Now a number of actual problems which cannot and societies should not remain unaddressed. It is possible to carry problems of drug addiction, alcoholism, toxicomania, a low standard of living of people to the most topical. The problem of homelessness and neglect of teenagers does not lose the sharpness and relevance.

It is no secret that position of children is an indicator of moral health of society. In 2001 the Security council recognized that children`s homelessness and neglect bear threat of national security of the country and public stability. This threat clearly faces modern society. The number of children - orphans grows, at the same time drug addiction, alcoholism, children`s crime prospers. Street children are easily involved in criminal activity. The underworld uses street children in the purposes: corrupts them, turns into juvenile criminals, kills.

The main responsibility for the high level of homelessness lies in the country on the dysfunctional families which are not engaged in education of the children. Millions of street children are the children who escaped from the parents - the unemployed, alcoholics, addicts, bums, people of these or those social reasons which fell to force. In these families drunk parents ruthlessly beat the children, do not feed, do not monitor their education. Crisis of a family is demonstrated also by the high level of stains therefore thousands of children annually are left without one of parents.

And also on the state which poorly finances the solution of problems in this sphere. Falling of a standard of living, increase in number of dysfunctional families, loss of moral principles, an unemployment of the population led

to the fact that children are often forced out on the street, join in street fight for a survival in the absence of the educational help of adults and the normal children`s environment.

In a word, the homeless child is a tramp, either the accomplice of a crime, or its victim. According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, now in Russia there are more than one million homeless children. But true scales of the Russian homelessness are known by nobody.

Certainly, first of all, the problem of the childhood has to be solved at the state level. Attention degree to children, old men and disabled people is an indicator of civilization of this or that country. Only the state can approach the solution of this problem in a complex, considering as the economic, social, and moral parties of this problem. The purpose of our society - happiness of people, and one of its major composed is a healthy, strong family, it raises and brings up new generation. Therefore, the state has to pay more attention to care of a family: increase of the real income, social benefits and privileges, housing security etc. Speaking about improvement of a standard of living, development of economy it is impossible to forget about spiritually - moral education the citizen of Russia. It is also the beginning and result, sense and the main resource of social and economic progress of society. , of course, responsibility is not relieved by

From parents. In many respects depends on them what the child what will follow the rules will grow up. The senior generation on own example has to teach young people to love, to forgive, do good. It is necessary to understand that family happiness - not a godsend, this work of spouses, their mind, kindness, humanity and love. The mutual respect, care of education of children is the main moral principle of a normal family.

Coming back to a homelessness problem, there is a wish to note that only one measures calculated on fight against consequences, but not the evil reasons not to solve a problem. But to begin with what - that is necessary.

If in the social sphere continue to place emphasis on orphanages as a form of existence of street children and orphans, but will not strengthen a family, will not provide finding by these children of a family and the house, then very many social problems connected with protection of the childhood, protection of teenagers, will not be solved. Agree that no orphan establishment can replace to the child of parents what comfortable conditions would not be created. We constantly speak about demographic developments, we develop special programs while lives thousands of children - the teenagers who as the fates decree were on street among cruelty and violence, the evil and cold indifference in the eyes break up.

“Children - life flowers!“
- officials from a tribune often shout of it. But, as we know, they need heat, care and attention which have to be shown not only on paper and in words, but also in concrete acts and actions. Happy children - the happy future.