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As Shalyapin learned to read

... It happened so that, having fallen, the father dislocated a leg and it is so serious that hardly limped home. Mother came to despair - the father was a getter in a family, working in “justice“, rewrote some papers and earned by that a living.

Mother invited sorcerers who rubbed the dislocated and swelled leg with some smelly medicines, even fire cauterized. To sense from their sorcery there was a little and the father of future most great singer of all times and the people long time could not get up.

this case forced parents to leave the rural lodge and to move to the city - closer to the place of work of the father. Little Fedya only was six years old.

Fyodor Shalyapin remembered later that he did not like noisy and dirty city life. All five - two brothers, the sister and parents - huddled in a small room. Mother left to earn too - washed the floors at people, washed clothes. All day long children sat, locked in the room. Hibarka, all from a tree, could burn down, happen the fire, in only a few minutes. And children, of course, would burn down in a flame.

Whether destiny stored, whether resourcefulness of the elder brother - Fedya Shalyapin. He managed to pull out part of a frame in a window, and all three ran away on fresh air, on the street, without forgetting to return by the evening, before arrival of parents. Future actor and the singer accurately put a frame into place, and everything remained “shito - it is covered“.

I all the same, long lasted minutes or hours before arrival of mother (it came back before the father). Some gloomy stories, and here still unclear noise outside, strange rustles behind a door were remembered … Children were killed under a blanket, and lay, despite a summer heat, being afraid to move.

Of course, awfully rejoiced when mother`s hand quietly unlocked the door lock.

The door conducted in a dark corridor. Something like “rear entrance“ to more representative apartment of the general`s wife. by

Once the general`s wife, having met the kid in a corridor, tenderly started talking to it, and asked whether it is competent. Having received the negative answer, told Fedya that her son will train it in the diploma.

Study went surprisingly easily, Fedya quickly learned to read, and even read to the general`s wife aloud in the evenings. But here - that also began something really strange: having read the page, the boy could not think in any way - where to turn it. Shifting several times, it was confused, and again began to read to the general`s wife already read.

Having received an explanation where and how to overturn, began to read again and, having reached the last line, for some reason again turned the page back. Once the general`s wife so became angry to it “deja vu“ that she in a fit of temper cursed Fedya. But also it did not help

, Shalyapin remembered years later: “… Having read up the page up to the end, I all - did not know where to turn it, and bitterly burst out crying. It seems to me that earlier, after I did not cry so sadly. These tears, probably, touched the general`s wife, and she told me:

- is Enough to be read!

Since then I ceased to go to it“.

It was pleasant to read to Fedya, despite such history, very much even. He was enough any printing paper which caught sight, and greedy read. Once he took a remembrance and read there:

“About health: Iyeraksa, Ivan, Eudoxia, Fyodor, Nikolay, Eudoxia …“ Nikolay and Eudoxia - it is clear to

, the brother and the sister. Fyodor - he. Ivan, Eudoxia - too it is clear, parents.

A that for the word such - Iyeraksa?.

the Word seemed to Fedya terrible. The robber was represented or, it is worse than that, the sorcerer … further Shalyapin remembered

O in the book “Pages from My Life“:

Having taken courage, he asked the father who is Iyeraksa? the father told

I so that it was remembered well:

- Till eighteen years I worked in the village, plowed the earth, and then went to the city. In the city worked everything that could: was a water carrier, the janitor, it was soiled at candle plant, at last got in workers to the stanovy police officer Chirikov to Klyuchishchakh, and in that village at church there was Iyeraks`s sexton, and so he also learned me to the diploma. Never I will forget good which he it did me! Do not forget also you people who will do good to you - not much they will be, it is easy to keep in memory!.