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How my Persian cat survived?

When we take an animal in the house, we together with it take the responsibility and for his life. The longer there lives a being in your house, the more it becomes dependent on you. It grows old and is ill, as well as we, it becomes more and more helpless, its vital forces leave. But at the same time it all understands owners better, completely it is necessary on us and as it paradoxically sounds, all are stronger hopes for us. And whether we equal his hopes?

I will continue history which wrote three years ago. Now my Persian grew old and passed into a rank of “signori“. But not everything at us was smooth. The last 4 years he was ill.

Began with what usually happens at all cats at diseases of urinogenital system (I ask forgiveness for details, but without them the story will be not full): blood in urine, and the farther, the is more. Ultrasonography of kidneys was not clear: one kidney was visible well (a small fasolinka), another was some muddy, was looked through badly.

The doctor forbade to feed a cat with something, except medical forages, forbade to take out it on the dacha to prevent possible injuries. The cat quietly treated treatment, allowed me to give to it injections, did not escape, swallowed from a spoon of medicine and vitamins. But blood went still. At the same time he drank much. Explained to me that it is necessary to pay attention to it: if the cat drinks much, he has an inflammation inside. Also it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

The change came almost in a year, likely, the destiny interfered. I bought not that medical forage - mixed marking small letters. The cat was full, and in several hours he began terrible bleeding. It is good that I had near at hand both a styptic medicine, and an antibiotic, and I was well instructed. By the morning the cat was cheerful, vigorous and hungry, bleeding stopped as if it never also was.

On an ultrasonography session the doctor with relief sighed. On the monitor one kidney was still visible, and the second just was not. It collapsed, but with it also the inflammation left. In what there was a reason: some trauma in the childhood, pathology or not quite correct feeding in the first years (we fed up it a crude liver)? Prescribed us a constant forage and let go in peace. Peacefully we lived two years. The cat looked absolutely healthy. Wool, however, was not such long and from any more - for age, and from - for the fact that in medical sterns there are no additives for improvement of quality of wool.

But once began to feel sick a cat. The state quickly worsened, dense saliva went, blood appeared again, swung it, spasms began. Hardly took to clinic, and there the doctor and two nurses quickly gave to it a X-ray, several injections, took temperature, took analyses and put a cat under a dropper. Analyses were awful, the cat died.

The doctor told: let`s fight. Week we brought it to clinic, and till some hours I held it that he did not escape from - under droppers. In it poured in liters of drugs and physical solution. In total his four thin pads were spoiled with needles, temperature did not fall down, he became thin, wool went shreds, but - survived. Diagnoses put: pyelonephritis and couple more of less terrible, at the same time any urolithic illness. Doctors came on it to look, and I understood that they counted a cat hopeless at once, and now marveled at miraculous healing.

Finished the cure of his houses: pricks 2 times a day, the sea of drugs. The cat was demoralized so that he shouted when in him stuck the next needle, on receptions in clinic it increased temperature. Prescribed it lifelong reception of very strong human drugs, but than further, that it was more difficult to enter these drugs into it. Pricks, of course, stopped, and he or spat out drugs, or tore him from them. Tried all ways of feeding: a pipette, the syringe, hashing with a forage, with top dressing by honey. Passed to herbs, but he also refused to drink them.

I went to the websites of aelurophiles, at what cats similar diagnoses. Also it was terrified because people torment the cats for years. Same it is necessary to oppress so an animal that it silently suffered these infinite sufferings - pricks, droppers, feeding from the syringe! I understood that I will not be able so. If he is fated to live, he will survive. If is not present, then... I am near. Doctors did not understand me, but I understand them and infinitely is grateful to them.

There passed nearly a year on a veterinary diet and half a year without drugs. The cat acquired a fat, wool at it smooth, healthy, systems function normally. There was it, however, a little whimsical and similar to ordinary cats: shows curiosity, some fearlessness, desire to steal something tasty (it is clear: it is heavy to cat to live on a bezbelkovy diet). Begs, hangs around where it is not necessary, learned to mew loudly. But it already affects age - breed comes to naught.

Sometimes I pour in it “Bifidumbakterin“ (4 doses to myself that did not vanish, one - to it), is more rare - I give a piece of the chewed tablet of beer yeast to help his only kidney to clear an organism. Both he loves, especially for the company. And that is pleasant: he became absolutely, absolutely to trust me, not from natural shyness and calmness as earlier, and it is somehow quite conscious.

What I can advise owners of elderly Persian cats, proceeding from own, sad and not really, experience? To feed only them with qualitative sterns for this breed and corresponding I will increase. To keep in the house as they are not adapted for street and country life. Not to frighten, not to allow stresses (lack of caress for them - a big stress). To look after them it is constant: to brush, wash daily when it is necessary (and it is better to clean wool dry shampoo), to wipe eyes and ears. To watch closely their behavior and how kidneys and intestines function. At the slightest deviations to see a doctor at once. And once a year even if a cat externally healthy to make tests of urine and blood. It you will save also yourself and the pet from many troubles.