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Whether it is possible to sell the Moon? About dusty footpaths of far-out planets...

Dennis Hope are the Head of the Moon and the Governor of Mars, the author Lunnoy and Martian Constitutions, the owner of 53 objects of Solar system: planets, their satellites. Broad soul of people - he sells sites of the extraterrestrial grounds at incredibly low prices, having earned from it already nearly 10 million dollars.

What makes the life miserable of the largest land owner of Solar system?

Not everything is so smooth

in life of the founding father of extraterrestrial real estate agency. First of all, against world an economic crisis of the price of alien real estate ceased grow and demand for them reduced almost to zero.

Houp should spend more and more funds for judicial proceedings with competitors - imitators. So far he asserted the rights, and on the basis of the law on protection of copyright, but not from - for violations by competitors of the property rights to the territory of the Moon and planets, but two competitors intend to have legal proceedings with it further. These are the Lunar Registry companies, trading in sites on the Moon, and Buyuranus. com selling, respectively, sites on Uranium. And Lunar Registry in cooperation with society Lunar Republic Society and the Kennedy II Project project also apply for becoming owners of the Moon and even to separate as the certain state from the terrestrial authorities. Besides, there were companies reselling the sites of the Moon which are already bought from “Lunar embassy“ and divided into smaller.

But the main care of Dennis Houp are representative claims against “Lunar embassy“ in vessels of Germany and Israel where he is accused of violation of the international conventions, fraud with real estate and causing moral damage.

However the owner of Lunar Embassy keeps surely and is full of plans for installation on the Moon of flags of the company, to carrying out video filming of the lunar district for confirmation of the property rights to it, and also preliminary sale of tickets for the first space excursions at unusually low prices. But it is already other history. whether

And property it?

After announcement of national concepts of space exploration by the countries - osvoitel mass appeals to the court citizens, considering themselves as legitimate owners of a lunar surface, with requirements of compensation of moral and material damage are expected if the lunar or Martian station is constructed on their site. Similar letters already began to come to NASA. Special claims of “owners“ are caused by intention of Americans to extract minerals on the Moon, and it is already regarded by them as drawing a direct loss of a private property.

However NASA is going to respond to similar statements adequately. On one of ancient laws of times of colonial development of America, the allotment which was not processed and was not visited by the owner more than 12 years is subject to confiscation. Therefore to owners of the Moon or Mars can just suggest to visit the site. If they do not make it, their claims can be recognized as unreasonable.

However when business reaches development of the Moon, interested countries anyway should sort out the relations with owners of lunar real estate. Perhaps, to them will be to join enough the Agreement on activity of the states on the Moon and other celestial bodies of the December 18, 1979 offered, by the way, by the Soviet Union, but signed only with nine countries. It is specified in the Agreement that “ the surface and a subsoil of the Moon and other celestial bodies or their natural resources where they are, cannot be property of any of the states, legal or natural persons “.

What we, all - bought?

according to experts in international law, any property right is guided by the legislation of the concrete state. It is impossible to become the owner of a site of the Moon in principle as within the international agreement on space any state has no right to extend the sovereignty to a space. And specialists of the Russian market of real estate consider that buyers of “Lunar agency“ got no more than amusing souvenir. However, on the certificate on purchase of an extraterrestrial site and it is written - “souvenir“.

But if all of you - decided to be among the lucky possessing such unique real estate or to make happy your relatives with so original gift, you should consider that:

• there are at least three more other companies trading in sites on the Moon: Lunar Registry, Moonestates, Lunar Estates. Each of them keeps the register of owners, and there is a feeling that the Moon is sold already several times, at least, some of its sites;

• with acquisition it is worth hurrying - can happen that this type of sales will be forbidden. For example, in China where are going to construct by 2023 on the Moon constant base, such ban is already imposed;

• if to buy several sites of the Moon from its individual owner and to agree with him about exclusive rights in a certain territory, it is possible to open embassy or consulate in the city or the settlement and to become the representative of the Moon, and even all planets of Solar system - sounds, isn`t that so?

• as confirmation of the property rights of owners of alien real estate is not excluded and purchase of pieces of the Moon can bring in the future quite good dividends from mining, it is worth thinking of transport... it seems, we should address inventive Dennis Houp again?