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Whether it is possible to sell the Moon? Are on sale Mars whether Venus and other planets at the similar price of

you want to get the Moon piece? Very favorable purchase: does not spoil, does not become outdated, does not bother, always with you - just raise the head. For or as a gift to someone. Is not present? There can be then a site on a surface of Mars, Venus, Mercury or Io - the satellite of Jupiter? You only think, such acquisition is eternal - nothing threatens these celestial bodies in the closest several thousands of years therefore the site can be descended. Who sells


Who sells

, you ask? Dennis Hope is the Head of the Moon and the Governor of Mars. Yes, imagine, in one person. It agrees Lunar and Martian Constitutions. Ah, you also did not hear about such documents? Well, whether you know, your lack of information exceeds legal, by all means visit the website of “Lunar embassy“ and read as Dennis Hope, the U.S. citizen, found out that in the Convention of the UN on external space accepted in 1967 it is said that any country of the world has no right to proclaim the Moon and other objects of solar system the territory, but there nothing is told about individuals. And according to laws of California to become the owner of neutral property, it is enough to submit the application and to inform the persons concerning this object.

So also made Hope. He registered the rights in court San - Frantsisko and sent messages to the leaders of the countries which are engaged in space exploration and also to the UN, that it takes in the property planets of Solar system and their satellites, except for Earth and the Sun. Dennis did not receive answers, and under the Californian law on November 22, 1980 its application found validity.

The happy owner of alien real estate at once registered the Lunar Embassy company ( of The Lunar Embassy ) and began sale of sites on the Moon surface to natural and legal entities from many countries of the world on 100 dollars for 177,7 acres - a site of 100 football fields in size. However, years ten Hope received more sneers, than money, but in 90 - x, with development of the Internet of business quickly took a turn for the better and when NASA reported about intention to construct the space base on the Moon, sales flew up to 1500 sites a day. “ C 1980 - go for 1996 I sold only 3500 acres of the Moon, and from 1997 to 2007 - hundreds of millions of acres “, - tells itself Hope.

Today the Lunar Embassy company opened official representations in 35 countries, including in Russia, and also founded the authorized sales outlets of space real estate in Germany, the Baltic States, in Israel, Ukraine. And Dennis Houp`s income by 2009 made 9,5 million dollars.

What is on sale?

rectangular sites on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Io Are on sale. In the USA the acre of the Moon can be bought for 19 - 38 dollars, in Russia the average price of an acre of extraterrestrial grounds of 99 dollars. Such difference is explained by sellers the cost of delivery of documents from America and the free market relations. All lunar sites - overlooking Earth. However, it is impossible to choose a site voluntarily.

Sites of the darkened half of the Moon and sites on which there are spacecrafts, moon rovers and places of landing of the American spaceships are not on sale. On them Denis Hope is going to make national parks in the future. It is quite reasonable as otherwise astronauts who the first stepped into a satellite surface can declare themselves owners of the Moon even with the big basis, than itself Hope.

The buyer of a site on the Moon receives the Certificate on the property right, the Constitution of the Moon showing thin sense of humour of Mr. Houp, the map of the planet with his site noted on it and is entered in the register of owners. On each document it is written that the transaction is approved by Committee of realtors of the USA. However, what the committee and in what relations it consists with National association of realtors of the USA is it is unknown. The similar set is provided for owners of a piece of other planets of Solar system and their satellites.

Except these important official papers for an additional fee it is possible to acquire the passport of the citizen of the Moon for a period of 25 years (unique - on two personalities at the request of the owner), the Moon globe on which it is possible to note coordinates “personal“ spaces, the telescope thanks to which both romantic, and pragmatic lunovladelets can admire the property, the passport of the Researcher of a space, a unique souvenir banknote in 100 lunar dollars, photos of surfaces of the Moon, Mars and other planets, caps, hats, t-shirts and other variety of accessories.

Ah and! And still very much, very beautiful wooden frame - hardly an unimportant element for such gift, however, for additional 45 dollars. Who buys


With unusual pride “The lunar embassy“ reports that among more than two million newly made owners of extra planetary property there are American presidents, heads of the largest world corporations, stars of cinema and art. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Mick Dzhegger, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Nichole Kidman, Arnold Shvartsenneger, Ronaldo, Oleg Basilashvili, Semyon Altov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Yury Shevchuk, Yury Stoyanov, Ilya Oleynikov, Ilya Lagutenko, Artemy Lebedev, Valery Meladze - whether they made the decision on acquisition of lunar ranches or received them as a gift? According to sellers, it is the best gift for those who have everything. Nevertheless, this long list serves “Lunar embassy“ as convincing advertizing. And here to choose a site is closer to some eminent neighbor it will not be possible - representations do not possess such information, all information at Mr. Houp.

Today the majority of sites on the Moon, Mars and Venus belongs to Germans, the second place is taken by Swedes, they are followed by British and Poles. About ten thousand Russians own extra planetary property. The majority of them received such real estate as a gift. “ Present to darling or the person who is just respected by you a site on the Moon or Mars - today it is the most romantic and original gift “, - “The lunar embassy“ appeals to you. And romantics, in the majority men, easily leave blood 99 dollars to strike originality the half on New Year`s Eve or on the St. Valentine`s Day.

our buyers are ordinary people, as a rule, fans of a fantasy, romantics. Usually buy gifts to relatives - to spouses, children, parents. More rare - to friends, chiefs. Celebrities, generally to themselves do not buy, usually close friends present them such property as a gift. And it occurs rather seldom... Perhaps among them it is not enough romantics? “ - one of representatives of “Lunar embassy“ argues.

What to do with such acquisition?

the Most obvious application of such purchase or a gift - contemplation of the piece of the Moon in the telescope or on the website of NASA broadcasting the picture from the satellite flying over the Moon. It is possible to give an original gift to that who already has everything. In principle, the site can be resold, the demand truth in the secondary market is not present extraterrestrial real estate yet. And the property right to so exotic real estate raises doubts (about it is in the second part of article). Therefore, perhaps, the best that can be made with the Moon, - to present it entirely to darling or darling and to admire it together in the romantic full-moonlight nights.